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refugee boat off Lesvos capsized at least six Dead (8.35. P.m.)

salvage of shipwreck in the Danube river in Budapest started (7.45 PM)

the Federal Agency is preparing to increase in the short-time work (5.45 am)

Southeast Asia fears of African swine fever (5.05 PM)

California is to deport illegal migrants to free health insurance (4.25 PM)

Aldi required in the future for plastic bags for fruit and vegetables a Cent (1.52 PM)

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+++ 8.35 am: a refugee boat off Lesvos capsized at least six Dead +++

in Front of the Greek island of Lesbos, a boat carrying dozens of migrants capsized. 57 people were able to rescue the rescue forces from the flood. They discovered six dead bodies, including two children, as the state radio (ERT) reported, citing the coast guard. The boat was stung by the Turkish coast near Ayvalik in the lake, BelTA learned from circles of the coast guard. Since the beginning of the year, according to the UN refugee Agency have made good 9700 people the dangerous journey from the Turkish coast of the Aegean to the Greek Islands. 2018 came in the Aegean sea 174 migrants killed or are now missing.

+++ 7.45 am: salvage of shipwreck in the Danube river in Budapest started +++

Almost two weeks after the fatal boat accident on the Danube in Budapest, the Hungarian police began on Tuesday morning with the salvage of ship wrecks. According to police, it is expected to last for six hours, to raise the sunken ship with a special crane from the water. In the meantime, it will be investigated the wreck again and again by divers. The boat trip was on 29. May encountered a tourist section of the Danube in the city centre of Budapest, with a much larger river cruise ship. The small boat with 33 South Korean passengers and two crew members on Board sank within a few seconds.


By boat tragedy: Two more bodies in the river Danube

DPA +++ 6.10 PM: the Green challenge found “strong words” to the Yemen of Abu Dhabi’s crown Prince +++

Before the visit of the crown Prince of Abu Dhabi in Berlin, the Greens call for a clear message from Germany to the United Arab Emirates to the war in Yemen. “Federal President of Germany, Steinmeier should be able to find clear words and the crown Prince unmistakably clear that Germany and Europe expect a fundamental foreign policy change and an immediate end of the Yemen war,” said Bundestag Vice-President Claudia Roth of the German press Agency. The Emirates in Yemen broke the international law, should not go unmentioned and without consequences, even if currently the semi-standing conflict with Iran at the center. The crown Prince, Sheikh Mohammed bin Said Al Nahjan is expected this Tuesday in Berlin. He will talk to Federal President of Germany Frank-Walter Steinmeier, and on Wednesday German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU).

+++ 5.45 p.m.: Federal employment Agency is preparing to increase in the short-time work before +++

Given the worsening economic Outlook, the Federal employment Agency (BA) is preparing for an increase in short-time working in different industry sectors. “We are investigating (…), whether we would be able, if necessary, in the short term is very much short-time work to pay the money,” said BA CEO Detlef Scheele, the “Augsburger Allgemeine”. This primarily concerns the manufacturing sector. Short-time working allowances to prevent job losses in times of poor economic situation. If an operation must be decreasing due to a lack of orders, the working hours, the BA short-time working money to the workers and employees. So the loss of earnings is partially offset and a dismissal can be avoided.

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News on the Whitsun week-end

helicopter crashes into Manhattan skyscrapers

DPA +++ 5.05 PM: Southeast Asia fears of African swine fever +++

In Southeast Asia, concerns about a further spread of African swine growing plague. After the outbreak in China countries such as Vietnam and Myanmar in fear of the neighbor, the high-infectious causes of Virus infection you severe damage. On the instructions of Vietnam’s Communist government have been culled since the first cases in February, more than two million animals. Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc urged the government: “The fight against the African swine plague how the battle against the invaders.”The virus infection is dangerous for people, but usually fatal for pigs. A vaccination, however, is not possible. In China, grass of the excitation magnetized since August of last year. There are more than a Million animals were slaughtered. Experts estimate that the disease could reduce the Population in China of 440 million pigs until the end of the year by 30 percent.

+++ 4.25 PM: California is to deport illegal migrants to free health insurance +++

As the first U.S. state to allow California illegally and adult migrants free access to the health system. The measure is to be decided this week in the Wake of the next budget. Therefore, in the country illegally migrants are in the age between 19 and 25 years of age in the national health insurance medical for low-income people be included. The Democrats ruled the state expects a cost of nearly $ 100 million (88 million euros) over the period of a year. Therefore, could benefit from the measure, approximately 90,000 migrants. Possible the Opening of the health insurance for illegal immigrants traveled through a record budget surplus of the Federal state of more than $ 20 billion.

quadruple murder in the USA

The barrels of corpses of Bear Brook since decades, the puzzle – parts of which are now solved

Finn, Rütten +++ 3.15 PM: fighting dogs hurt 15-Year-olds in Leimen, heavy +++

In baden-württemberg, Leimen, a 15 has been falling Year of two fighting dogs and seriously injured. The 15-Year-old and two other Teens drove past on Monday evening on bicycles at a 16-Year-old was with two leashed fighting dogs on the road, the police announced. The dog handlers held the animals, according to police, two American Stafford Mix at the collar, as the young people drove past. As he let go of the dogs, ran after this but the bike riders and attackedn at the age of 15 -. The dog handlers managed to separate the fighting dogs only with “physical violence” from their victims, said the police headquarters in Mannheim. The victim suffered severe bite wounds on the face and body and had to be transported to a hospital. The police are now investigating against the 16-Year-old because of negligent bodily injury. The dogs, belonging to his brother, were seized.

+++ 2.05 PM: expert: “Salvator Mundi” is on the yacht of a Saudi crown Prince +++

The most expensive paintings in the world – Leonardo da Vinci attributed to the image of “Salvator Mundi” – could be on a luxury yacht of the Saudi Arabian crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. The art dealer Kenny Schachter wrote on Monday on the website “”. Accordingly, in November, 2017 for the record sum of $ 450 million auction of Jesus painting was brought in the night, in an aircraft of the mighty heir to the throne, and then the luxury yacht “Serene”. Schachter two relies on several sources, including that involved in the sale of the image. He admits at the same time, such information are always fraught with uncertainty: “In the murky waters of the Middle East, nothing is crystal clear.”

+++ 1.52 PM: Aldi demands in the future for plastic bags for fruit and vegetables, a penny +++

Aldi, customers will in future have to pay for the thin plastic bags for fruit and vegetables a symbolic price of one Cent. The measure should be announced on Tuesday, reported the “Süddeutsche Zeitung”, citing company circles. Aldi Nord and Aldi Süd are responding to criticism of the many plastic in the shops. According to new Figures from the Federal environment Ministry, were consumed in Germany last year more than three billion of the so – called nodes or shirt pouch. This corresponds to an average of 37 units per consumer. This is slightly less than 2017, but more than in the years 2015 and 2016. Reason is, among other things, that customers pack their purchases in the free node bag, since plastic bags subject to a fee.

+++ 0.33 at: USA have Iranian threat back +++

The US has rejected threats by the Iranian foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif in a Meeting with German foreign Minister Heiko Maas (SPD). “We are not impressed,” said the spokeswoman of the US state Department, Morgan Ortagus. Threats of “nuclear blackmail” to pronounce and “to terrorise other countries” was “typical behavior of the revolutionary regime in Tehran”. Iran had a choice: He could act like a “normal country,” or watching its economic basis. Sarif had been accused of on Monday at a Meeting with Maas in Tehran, the United States, to conduct an “economic war” against Iran. The supporters of this war could not remain to expect, “sure,” he warned.

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