After the arrest of two suspects to return to the days by flying drones crippled London Gatwick airport back to normal operation. “Our runway is open and we aim for Saturday a complete plan of operation,” it said in the Morning on the website of the airport. A few hours earlier, the investigation of the targeted drones had led-disruptive actions to the arrest of two suspects.

Of the flight cancellations and diversions as a result of dozen times the drone sightings on the airfield were down 1000 flights, or been diverted. An airport spokesman confirmed to the German press Agency. Of the serious incident, around 140,000 passengers were affected accordingly, and in the middle of the peak travel time before Christmas. Gatwick is Europe’s seventh largest airport and the number two in the UK after London-Heathrow.

a major operation with helicopters and snipers

According to police, considerable forces were mobilized to make the drones and the perpetrators behind the interference actions. However, the interference went, despite a large operation with helicopter, sniper, and special unit of the army.

Although could be taken on the Friday morning of the flight operation after 36 hours of downtime, in the evening, but was discovered again by a drone. Again, the flight box was locked – only this time for a little more than an hour. After that, there were some take-offs and landings, but still not really normal flight operations.

a man and a woman arrested

The investigation by the authorities for “criminal use of drones” eventually led to two arrests on Friday evening, shortly after 22 o’clock local time (23 h CET), the local police announced, in the County of Sussex. It was a man and a woman “had been adopted in the area of Gatwick,” reported the British news Agency Press Association, citing police. For more information on the process of the assignment there was not.

“All the runs of the investigation will be pursued until we are sure that we have mitigated any further threats to the safety of the passengers,” it said in the police statement. You try to to make any more drones over the airport grounds, places and harmless. Eye-witnesses and other whistleblowers should contact the police.

Gatwick airport gives the all-clear

in The Morning the all clear was then followed, on the part of the airport. Nevertheless, it was said on the Airport website, passengers would have to expect, despite the objective of a return to full flight schedule with flight delays and also the individual deletions. Travelers should check with their respective Airlines for flight status before heading to Gatwick. Security was still a “top priority”. 757 flights, with more than 124,000 passport had planned on Saturday to act, said a spokesman for the airport of the DPA.

From a terrorist Background, the authorities were not considered so far. There is also no evidence to suggest that a foreign government had its Finger in the game, said a police spokesman on Friday before the announcement of the arrests. Not, the investigators wanted to exclude at this time that it could be radical environmentalists.

Airport CEO, Stewart Wingate, spoke of a “precisely planned activity that was designed, the airport paralyze and bring maximum disabilities in the run-up to Christmas”. For the aviation industry and authorities, this was a warning shot. “It can’t be, that drones are an essential part of our national infrastructure this kind of cripple,” said Wingate. “This is obviously a relatively new technique, and we must work together to ensure the right solutions are to think that such a thing can not happen again.”

sources: Sussex Police, Gatwick Airport, press release, Gatwick CEO

tkr / DPA

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