two suspected Islamists have been arrested Westfalen house searches in Hesse and North Rhine -. It was 26-year-old married couple from the Raunheim, Hessen, informed the Frankfurt public Prosecutor’s office.

you should be traveled in November 2016, together with her two small children in Turkey and unsuccessfully tried to get “jihadist purposes,” in one of the terrorist militia Islamic state (IS) controlled territory in Syria. They were taken according to the figures, in Turkey and after Germany deported.

The searches in the Morning were reported against a total of twelve Accused persons in the age between 22 and 33 years with a German or German-Moroccan nationality. Determined will is harmful to this, on suspicion of preparing a serious state crime of violence or aid.

The accused to leave the country is trying to or have helped, to Syria, to fighting and attacks by Islamist terrorist groups. Against the couple need a warrant, was inside the Prosecutor’s office said. The demonstration in front of the investigating judge was scheduled for (today) Thursday.

About 200 police officers were in Rüsselsheim, Raunheim, Germany, Biebesheim in Hessen and in North Rhine-Westphalia in Kerpen in use, such as the Prosecutor’s office reported. Searched 15 apartments were. Ensured cash was in the lower five-digit amount, and knives, as well as documents in written and electronic Form.