In Russia two Su-34 are colliding Jets during a training flight in the far East of the country. The Ministry of defence confirmed in Moscow. To 8.07 PM, it came, therefore, to the collision. One of the machines was brought down between the island of Sakhalin and the mainland into the sea. The two pilots would have been able to operate the ejector seat. As the Interfax news Agency reported, could be rescued of the Pilot of the downed machine is already alive. The Ministry of defence, said that his condition was “satisfactory”. After the second pilot is still being sought.

The second Su-34 was able to return to a report by the news Agency Tass, in spite of damage to the air weapons Churbe in Komsomolsk-na-base-on-Amur. The reason for the collision could be a pilot error, according to sources of the local authorities.

The still Soviet times developed Bomber Su-34 is ground targets far behind enemy lines to attack. The Russian air force uses the aircraft in Syria.