Two attacks on students within a few days in a district of Kiel, a Hammer for uncertainty in the population. Early on the Morning of 7. January is said to have attacked according to police sources, an unknown male offender, a twelve-year-old in the vicinity of a forest track. The offender grabbed the girl who was out walking his dog, on the jacket. The student was able to break free and the attacker to escape it.

keel: the Second attack on students in a few days

On Tuesday morning (15. January) it came also in the district of Kiel-Hammer in the immediate vicinity of the Uwe-Jens-Lornsen school to a similar RAID. As the competent police announced on Facebook, was detained for eight years, was on the way to school in the morning at 7.00 a.m. on the satchel. Their own power can the victim is not free. Only the Intervention of an unknown stroller allowed the boy to escape. The Kiel criminal police has started the investigation and does not exclude a connection between the two acts.

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Posted by police of Kiel and Plön on Tuesday, 15. January 2019

announced As the Kiel police on a star request, have been reported in the past few days, very many citizens with Clues – both to the offender as well as to the sought – after witness who rushed to the eight-year-old to help. One reason for this is also a call in the social media. All the messages from the population would now need to be systematically evaluated. In addition, the police has declared that its presence was increased in the environment of the affected primary school. The patrol car would be in the vicinity of the school and in the Kiel-Hammer move.

The Kiel criminal police receives information under the phone number 0431-160 3333 and informs on their Facebook page about the investigation.

source: Facebook page of the police of Kiel and Plön