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85-Year-old is hit by a car (13: 07)Pope: child abuse, such as “human sacrifice” (10.55 PM)in East Germany for asylum seekers of dangerous (8.35 PM), Afghanistan: record number of civilian casualties (7.19 p.m.)Ten back to the poisoned end up with carbon monoxide (5.41 PM)

The news of the weekend in the star-Ticker:

+++ 20.22 PM: Romanians demonstrate against government and for free justice +++

thousands of Romanians have been demonstrating for a uanbhängige justice. In the capital, Bucharest, about 10,000 people went, according to an estimate from media to the street, smaller demonstrations in at least ten other cities. On the occasion of the protests of the recent Ordinance in the social liberaen government, according to critics, the political independence of the judiciary is impaired.

+++ 19.52 clock: Freiburger vote for the construction of a new city district +++

In a referendum in baden-württemberg, Freiburg has a clear majority in favour of the construction of a new city district. According to the provisional final result, 60 percent of the participants voted for the construction of the so-called Dietenbach district. 40 percent voted for it, to till the dietenbach area. The new district, which should help to dampen the shortage of housing in the University city. It is intended to provide housing for 15,000 people. Freiburg is in the living room as one of the most expensive cities. The opponents of the project cited environmental aspects. The participation in the referendum stood at 49.6 per cent. The question, “Should remain the dietenbach territory undeveloped?” replied 33.833 participants with “Yes”, 50.846 crossed “no.”

+++ 18.34 PM: police cars collide – seven police officers injured. + + +

Two police clashed in Hanover, seven police officers were injured. The strips were both cars on a trip with blue lights and sirens on the road, the police announced. At an intersection the cars collided, a civil servant trapped in the vehicle. The fire service cut the car to rescue the woman. She suffered serious injuries. The officials were EN route to a deployment in the Northern city, there Hannoversche football fans fought with supporters of the left scene. The police cars a damage of around 60,000 euros, according to initial estimates.

+++ 17.16 hrs: Short-term hijacking in Bangladesh – offender dead +++

The hijacking of an aircraft in Bangladesh have special operations forces of the army ended with a fatal shooting on the offender. The 25-Year-old was initially injured, and then after his arrest, died, said the army commander of the Region of Chittagong, Bangladesh, Matiur Rahman, on Sunday. The machine of the Biman Bangladesh Airlines, with the objective of Dubai was, according to the aviation authorities on the way from the capital, Dhaka, a stopover in the southern coastal city of Chittagong, when it came to the kidnapping. More Details about the course of events the authorities did not initially called.

+++ 16.55 PM: Drunken Petersburg people on the tourist mile in St. dead +++

On the tourist Boulevard of Nevsky Prospekt in St. Petersburg has drunk a 30-year-old man and without a driving licence, several run over pedestrians. A 40-year-old U.S. citizen and a 39-Year-old woman from Moscow had died in the tragedy in the early hours of Sunday, as media reported in the city. Three other people were injured, police said. Notes on a stop. The driver, who had since November of 2018, no driving permit, has been arrested. Media published video shots of the car with very high speed driving on the sidewalk, and several people recorded.

+++ 16.49 PM: Drunken Couple of crashes with SUVs in the altar room +++

A drunk couple in the Parking exercises with a terrain of a Protestant community house car brought almost to collapse. After the 47-year-old driver in the automatic car, the Gas with the brake pedal had to be confused, shot the car at high speed on a walkway, broke through a metal fence and then the wall of the Church building in Emden, the police announced. In the altar room of the Baptist Church, the car came to a stop. The woman and her husband in the passenger seat were unharmed. An alcohol test revealed in the woman as well as her 44-year-old man of 1.65 ppm.

+++ 16.18 am: over 150 Dead, according to consumption of adulterated liquor in India +++

Lethal booze: In India, the number of victims is growing to the consumption of adulterated liquor. At the weekend, at least 58 more people died as a result of the moonshine drink, such as the police of the North reported in the Eastern state of Assam on Sunday. Thus, the number of the dead rose within days to over 155. At least 200 people were treated in hospitals. The victims all worked on the tea plantations in the Region, many of them are women. The first workers were ill, according to police sources, on Thursday evening, after they had been drinking adulterated liquor. Since then, new victims are added daily.

+++ 16.15: Colombia temporarily closes border with Venezuela +++

Colombia has closed all border crossings to Venezuela for the duration of 48 hours. In the clashes of protesters with Venezuelan border guards came on Saturday, the damage had to be repaired, informed the Colombian migration authorities.

+++ 15.43 PM: traffic light of the sinner to at times only one wheel would like to thank for criticism of the police +++

A traffic light, the sinners of the drove, also, at times, on just one wheel, in Koblenz for police criticism thanks. The 19-Year-old went on Saturday evening only twice and only on the rear wheel (“Wheelie”) and braked just before a red light, to hit them eventually, the police announced today. Police officers stopped the young man and asked him for the speech. Understandable, he described his behaviour as “pretty stupid” and thanked the officials that he had been at the beginning of the season are caught. Now he’s going to switch into a lower gear. The 19-Year-old, however, must expect a driving ban. For the time thereafter, the police wished him and all other motorcycle riders “are always good and accident-free travel”.

Ominous donors

donations affair: Kubicki sees political end of rye and a massive financial hardships for AfD

+++ 15.22 PM: AfD in NRW for the first time back to single digits in poll +++

The AfD in North Rhine-Westphalia decreased in a survey for the first time since the state election in 2017 on a single-digit Approval. In Comparison to the previous survey in October, the AfD has lost three percentage points, and currently, only nine percent, as the WDR-magazine “Westpol” published a survey found. The CDU was able to grow, however, as by far the strongest force two percentage points and now stands at 30 percent. Also their coalition partner, the FDP improved to a gain of a point the liberals at twelve percent. The SPD rose by two points to 23 percent, while the Greens third remain unchanged at 17 per cent, the strongest force in NRW. In addition to the AfD, the Left lost compared to October. It reaches to a Minus of two per cent, six percentage points.

+++ 15.20 PM: Trump announces major Celebration for 4. July +++

US President Donald Trump wants to celebrate the independence day of the United States with a new event in the capital city of Washington. “We are on 4. July have one of the largest gatherings in the history of Washington, D.C.,” wrote Trump on Twitter. The Celebration should take place at the Lincoln Memorial and the title “A Salute to America”. The program described Trump with the words: “Large fireworks, entertainment and a speech by Your favorite President, me!”.

In the US capital on 4. July numerous celebrations, including a large fireworks display that will track thousands of visitors each year to the “National Mall”. It remained unclear how far the plans to Trumps are advanced Celebration. The Lincoln Memorial is on the Mall. Trump actually wanted to organise last November a large military parade in Washington, the plans failed, however, because the costs exploded.

visions of the future of the President

Four projects, the Trump, and in fact, wants to implement (but these things are already)

Donald trump’s wealth of ideas is amazingly – uninspired. Because much of what the US President, has already been partially implemented decades before in fact. Four Examples Of This.

+++ 15.09 PM: plane to Bangladesh for the emergency landing forced forced +++

An obviously mentally confused man has a passenger machine in Bangladesh for the emergency landing. As the head of the civil aviation authority, Nayeem Hasan, told, all 150 occupants of the machine, the national airline, Biman. The aircraft was launched in the capital Dhaka in the direction of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates and then had to make an emergency landing on the Airport of the port city of Chittagong. The exact circumstances of what happened on Board is still unclear. “We think it is a mentally Deranged. He says he has a bomb, but we have no certainty,” said Hasan.

+++ 14.17 PM: Pope wants to announce a new set of instructions for the protection from abuse +++

The Vatican is working on concrete initiatives against sexual abuse of children in the Catholic Church, to be announced in the near future. A new “Motu proprio”, a type of Church legal decision of the Pope, for the protection of Minors, should appear soon, said Federico Lombardi, the Moderator of the crisis summit at the Vatican. In order to prevent the abuse and the fight against it will be reinforced by the Roman Curia. Lombardi also announced a new law and new guidelines for the Vatican state itself.

The Pope will announce the instructions “in the immediate future,” said the Archbishop of Malta, Charles Scicluna, had prepared the summit in the Vatican with. The congregation will also publish a practical guide to every Bishop in the world will be his responsibility and duty to be aware of. A “Task Force” should also support the dioceses and bishops ‘ conferences in the world, would have enough competences or resources for the fight against the abuse.

+++ 13.59 PM: police are looking for in the Bavarian Alps after missing property ski tourers +++

After the Avalanches in the German Alps, the police continued the search for a missing man. Eight police mountain guide in the Bavarian Alpine forces and a Alpine official of the Austrian police had been flown into the avalanche area, informed the police headquarters in Swabia in the South/West. The search area is, therefore, however, in a very avalanche prone area. It further Avalanches are not to be excluded. Therefore, a significant risk to the rescue forces. This tried, the relevant area with spill detection equipment cautiously to depart, hoping for a Signal from the missing Skitourengehers.

the so-called Schaefer bubble in the Ammergau Alps there had been yesterday, three Avalanches. Then a man could be recovered only dead. Another Spill could hurt to be saved, a further three people unharmed. The Victims were German.

+++ 13.53 PM: storm in Greece suspends ferry services +++

storm and heavy snowfall caused at the weekend of significant damage and traffic disabilities in Greece. On the island of Samothrace in the snow, reached in some places two meters in height. All ferry services were interrupted. In the Aegean winds, the strength of ten were measured, reported the state radio (ERT).

The civil protection service and the police not to go to the citizens called on, for no reason on the street. In the area of Athens overturned trees and damaged dozens of cars. Several roads were blocked after power torn from the lines and on the pavement layers. The cause of the storm, a gigantic storm, which is raging over the Aegean sea and to Sicily and Tunisia. With a better weather, the national weather service in Athens, expected next Wednesday.

+++ 13.34 watch: 21-Year-old drunk falls into the Hamburg U-Bahn tracks and dies +++

In the Hamburg district of St. Pauli is like a 21-year-old man to the track bed of the subway and fatally injured. The man had come in the night to Sunday, heavily inebriated, stumbled and crashed, said a police spokeswoman. A immediately after that run-in at the end of the subway had him captured and killed. A third exposure was excluded. Several shocked witnesses to the accident, the police had to be taken care spokeswoman, according to on-the-spot.

+++ 13.07 PM: 85-Year-old is hit by a private car +++

In Thuringia, an 85-year-old woman of her own car rolled over and seriously injured. They wanted my car on Friday after shopping in Ilmenau, rose again from the car to clean the fogged mirror, the police announced now. Since the woman had already inserted the reverse gear, rolled the car, as you took your foot off the brake. The Seniorin fell according to the police, to the ground as the opened car door, you covered. The car rolled over a leg of the woman and injured her severely.

+++ 13.04 PM: spring high Frauke brings mild temperatures up to 20 degrees +++

The February spring adopted in many Parts of Germany. According to the German weather service Frauke High “” for the temperatures move to the middle of the week even in the direction of 20 degrees Celsius. The High over South-Eastern Europe shifted accordingly in the coming days to West Germany. The Monday starts of Schleswig-Holstein to Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, partly cloudy with highs of 6 to 10 degrees. But otherwise, a lot of sunshine. The temperatures rise to 10 to 15 degrees. In the West and southwest, the values are expected to climb partially up to 18 degrees.

The nights remain cool. The mainly clear on Tuesday night values are low, between 5 and minus 4 degrees. The day begins in the East with clouds, in the Rest of the Republic it will be mostly Sunny and dry. According to DWD, the maximum values are in the East and in the North between 9 and 14 degrees. In the West and southwest, the temperatures are between 13 and 19 degrees. In the morning, the clouds show. It is precipitation free. The low values are between 4 and minus 4 degrees. Clouds show up on the day only on the coasts, otherwise, the sun is shining. Maximum temperatures in the North and East are between 9 and 15 degrees, in other parts of the country Westphalia, between 14 and 20 degrees with the highest values in North Rhine-according to the weather service.

+++ 11.40 a.m.: city display from the Nazi period published in the official Gazette +++

Because of the publication of a historical Nazi display in the official journal of the city of Hildburghausen, in Thuringia has come under criticism. The display from the time of national socialism announces a memorial service for the victims of an allied air attack of 23. February 1945 on the city. In the illustrated flow diagram attack is a “terrorist”. “A word of the leader”, is one of the program points. On the display the mayor Holger Obst (CDU) in a short Text to the air attacks – the NS indicator remains uncommented.

“Not a word about the cause, not a word about the #Holocaust,” criticized the Parliament members to Catherine king-Preuss (Left) on Twitter. The mayor announced, “the process of evaluating”. The display would have to be better, and arranged to be marked, he said.

+++ 11.15 PM: Pippi Longstocking-parrot died +++

The Pippi Longstocking parrot Rosalinda is dead. With 51 years of the bright red Macaw have achieved a “almost biblical” age, says a press release from the city of Karlsruhe. The animal died, therefore, yesterday in the Zoo in Karlsruhe on the Arm of the zoo Director Matthias Reinschmidt of old age. Rosalinda, the film name of the bird that was from the movie “Pippi in Taka-Tuka-Land” is well known. The Ara is actually a male with the name of Douglas was first-come 2016, the Swedish city of Malmö to Karlsruhe.

+++ 10.55 PM: Pope Francis puts child abuse with pagan “human sacrifice” is equal to +++

Pope Francis has set for the sexual abuse of children with “human sacrifice”. To victims of child abuse reminded him of the in some cultures, once widely used “cruel” religious practice, people “in pagan rituals,” said the head of the Church at the conclusion of the abuse conference at the Vatican. Often children were the victims.

Francis promised, once again, a crackdown on sexual abuse and the cover-up. No abuse should ever be covered up in the past or undervalued. “It should be made in the Church abuse case – which is in itself an abomination – so this case will be addressed with the greatest seriousness.”

+++ 10.44 PM: Kurds resist Trump’s threat to speak to European IS fighters +++

representatives of the Kurdish forces in Northern Syria have assured that you do not want to let the Germans imprisoned jihadists. Thus, in opposition to a threat by US President Donald Trump. The foreign policy chief of the Kurds referred to the Syrian Democratic forces (SDF), Abdel Karim Omar, said the “Frankfurter Allgemeine Sunday newspaper”, that Trump didn’t decide on a release. The foreign prisoners were not in American, but in Kurdish hands. “We will deal with the IS-members in accordance with the international treaties and conventions, and we will not leave you free,” said Omar.


under pressure

debate IS fighters: Why Trump, for once, is right

By Tim Schulze

Trump had European countries such as Germany, France and the UK via Twitter called, more than 800 in Syria, prisoners, fighters of the terrorist militia Islamic state back and in front of the court. If the allies should not react, had forced the USA to set you free. However, the fighters are in U.S. custody, but in the violence of Kurdish units, the vast tracts of land in the North of Syria to control. The United States are allies of the Kurds in the fight against the IS.

+++ 10.04 PM: “Singin’ in the Rain”Director Stanley Donen’s dead +++

The American Director Stanley Donen, to whom we owe the famous song and dance scene of Gene Kelly in the rain, is dead. The Director of “Singin’ in the Rain” died on Thursday at 94 years of age in New York, as one of his sons is now the “Chicago Tribune” said. Donen, who did a lot of Musical movies, was considered one of the last representatives of the Golden Era of Hollywood until the end of the ‘ 50s. He was born in 1924 in Columbia in the U.S. state of South Carolina and began his career as a dancer and choreographer. In the 40s he turned, along with Kelly, he had on Broadway, met, Musical, movies. The international breakthrough came in 1952 with “Singin’ in the Rain” (German title: “Thou shalt be my lucky star”), which he also led, with Kelly directing. Other successful films were “A funny Face” with Audrey Hepburn and Fred Astaire in the main, “Indiscreet” with Ingrid Bergman and Cary Grant, and the crime Comedy “Charade” with Hepburn and Grant. For his life’s work, he was awarded an Oscar in 1998, and in 2004 the Golden lion.

Donen married five Times and had three children. According to his son, he died of a heart attack.

+++ 9.29 p.m.: Drunk driver smashes into an advertising poster for mineral water +++

This car accident, the cause should be a reminder: In Sundern in the Sauerland, a young woman is under the influence of alcohol in a promotional poster for Mineralwasser hazards, the police announced. The 21-Year-old had lost when driving Through a curve, apparently due to their intoxication, to the right of the road and with your car in the large poster cracked. Under the Motto of “friends for life” was represented there, according to police, a bottle of mineral water with the neck of the bottle hung on the car keys.

the car of the 21-Year-old was wedged in the accident with a wall below the advertising Board that they could not continue and went home on foot, it said. To have as officials at the home on Saturday, confirmed the woman had the accident. The driver’s license, the accident driver had been taken of the damage caused amounts to 13,000 euros.

+++ 8.58 PM: number of deaths from adulterated alcohol in India, with more than 130 +++

In India, has increased the number of dead increased as a result of adulterated alcohol to more than 130. Since yesterday in the North-Eastern state have died of Assam for a minimum of 35 for more tea plantations to the workers, police said today. The number of deaths in the districts of Golaghat and Jorhat sun now at 133. The first people were ill, according to police sources, on Thursday evening, after they had black drinking distilled alcohol. The victims, many of whom are women, have worked on tea plantations in the Region. At least 200 people are still treated in hospitals.

In the poor rural areas of India is sold a lot of moonshine liquor, because it is cheap. Often the booze is mixed with highly toxic Methanol to increase the alcohol content. Large amounts of it can lead to blindness, liver damage and death.

+++ 8.35 PM: Eastern Federal States for asylum seekers, according to the study, significantly more dangerous +++

The risk of becoming a victim of a hate crime, according to a study, for asylum seekers in East Germany is significantly higher than in the Western States. The Leibniz-centre for European economic research (ZEW) in Mannheim, Germany found out that the probability is particularly high, where a particularly high number of migrants is settled. As a factor of influence of major is reported to be rather, how much the experiences of the Locals in the past with immigrants. The number of attacks was “in regions with a previously low share of foreigners is higher than in regions with an already high share of foreigners,” said the ZEW.

Under hate crime for the purposes of the study, it is politically understood to be motivated crime, such as incitement to hatred, a swastika-graffiti, physical attacks and arson attacks. In the years 2013 to 2015, in an East-German circle of foreigner’s share of three percent and a settlement of 1000 asylum seekers per 100,000 inhabitants, an average of two to three Attacks in a year. For a similar sized circle in West Germany, statistically, 0.4 to 0.6 Assaults have been identified.

+++ 8.30 PM: killer of children in the Iran executed in public +++

A child killer has been executed in Iran publicly executed. According to the news Agency Isna the man in the small town of Agh-Ghola was hanged in the Golestan province. Allegedly also a drug addict offender had kidnapped in may last year, the five-year Salaleh first, and then killed. It was shortly after the fact, arrested and put on immediately a confession, the Isna report.

In Iran, impose the death penalty, among other things, murder, rape, armed robbery and drug trafficking in greater numbers. That is why the Islamic Republic is under strong international criticism.

+++ 8.19 PM: Japan honors Emperor Akihito to 30. Jubilee +++

Shortly before the abdication of the Japanese Emperor Akihito, the government has monarch on the occasion of his 30. Throne anniversary with a ceremony honored. The people will forget, “never”, as the 85-year-old Monarch, on 30. April will abdicate, for three decades, always on the side of his subjects had been told the Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. Since Akihito on 7. January 1989 ascended the throne, he and Empress Michiko delved on their travels in 35 countries, Japan’s relations with these States. Akihito is the first Emperor of the oldest hereditary monarchy in the world for around 200 years, the power during the lifetime of the throne for his successor. On 1. May his eldest son, crown Prince Naruhito (59), the chrysanthemum throne is.

+++ 7.19 PM: the number of civilian casualties in Afghanistan reached a new record level +++

The number of conflicts in Afghanistan the number of civilians killed has reached the highest level since records began in 2009. In the year 2018, were killed, according to a report published today by the UN Mission in Afghanistan (Unama) and the UN high Commissioner for human rights, at least 3804 civilians. The are eleven percent more than the year before. At the same time, 7189 civilians were injured, around 2 percent more than in 2017. The main reasons for the increase are, therefore, more suicide bombings and large scale attacks, especially by the terrorist militia Islamic state, as well as an increase in the number of Victims due to air attacks and search operations of Pro-government forces.

42 per cent of the civilian victims were killed, therefore, by bombs. By of suicide used suicide bombers, remote-detonated or self-triggering explosives were 1361 people have been killed. Almost a quarter of those Killed were children. With 927 fatalities, this value is the highest since records began. For 37 percent of civilian casualties the UN report makes the Taliban responsible for a fifth of the IS. 24 per cent of the civilian victims of return on government troops and their allies. The Figures of the UN are considered to be conservative, because the Organisation needed for each registered case, at least three independent sources.

+++ 6.49 PM: found shard – Museum, Cologne writes letter to child +++

A six-year-old Boy has found a piece of pottery, and the Roman-Germanic Museum in Cologne, sent in the hope of an important ancient find. In a letter to the management of the Museum replied: Unfortunately, it is a matter for scientific investigation, not a shard of glass from the Roman period, but the fragment of a more than 100-year-old pottery Cologne water pipe. In addition, there were more detailed explanations and the tip on the piece to keep well and to show friends.

The boy’s father found the answer to the Museum so nice, that he published the letter on Twitter. The Museum Directorate has confirmed the case of the German press Agency. There is often such submissions of children, would be dealt with, it said.

+++ 6.14 PM: car sinks in river in Bremerhaven driver dies +++

A car driver, is plunged into Bremerhaven with your car in a river and died. The vehicle came in the Morning from the road, crashed on a bridge in the Geeste and sank between the canoe club and the naval school, such as the fire and rescue services. Since the car was stuck on the roof at the bottom of the river in the soft mud, could not open the rescue diver the doors. With the help of a boat managed to tow the car to the old Geest bridge and to pick up with a crane out of the water. For in the car trapped driver, came too late to help.

+++ 5.41 PM: At back evening ten people with carbon monoxide poisoned +++

In the case of a baking evening in Nagold in Baden-Württemberg are ten participants with carbon monoxide poisoned. As the police said, were last night, just Pizza and onion cake in the oven, as a woman fainted. Shortly thereafter, two other participants complained of dizziness and a headache. The fire Department noted in the public bakery, the small town of greatly increased carbon monoxide values. The ambulance service brought ten people to the hospital. The cause of the poisoning, it was said: During baking the welfare of the flue was closed in the roof.

+++ 5.25 PM: Aurora over Iceland +++

the Northern lights have recently conjured up a green color spectacle in the sky over Iceland. The one from the European space Agency published photo shows. The effect occurs when electrically charged particles of the solar wind hitting the upper layers of the earth’s atmosphere. There they rain, in particular, oxygen and nitrogen molecules to glow. Such plays of light occur especially in the polar regions. As the solar wind, the stream is referred to charged particles that emanates constantly from the sun in all directions.

+++ 4.04 PM: German consumers are particularly optimistic +++

The German citizens to continue to look considerably more confident in the future than most other Europeans. The findings of a recent survey by the market research company Nielsen. “Consumer confidence in this country is continuously high,” said Nielsen-Germany-in-chief Ingo Schier the result. This applies both for the assessment of their own Job prospects in the next twelve months, as well as for the assessment of personal financial Situation and willingness to spend money.

Yet confidence showed as the Germans in the survey, however, consumers in Denmark, the Czech Republic, Ireland, the Netherlands and Poland. The market researcher Nielsen surveyed since more than 13 years of regular consumers in 64 countries, according to their expectations for the future and determined after that its consumer confidence index.

government crisis in Venezuela

aid violently stopped: United States terminate “measures” against “sick tyrant” Maduro

DPA +++ 2.36 PM: the United States terminate “measures” for democracy in Venezuela +++

US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo has announced the “measures” of Washington to support democracy in Venezuela. Now the “time has come to Act” to help the “desperate Venezuelan people,” wrote Pompeo on Twitter. “The United States will take measures against those who resist the peaceful restoration of democracy in Venezuela,” wrote Pompeo. “We are in solidarity with those who continue their struggle for freedom.” With sharp words, the Minister condemned the Intervention of the Venezuelan security forces at the border crossing a few hours earlier. The “attacks on civilians” had been committed by “thugs” of the left-nationalist Venezuelan heads of state, Nicolás Maduro.

Previously, the transport goods in the Attempt, relief goods from Colombia and Brazil from across the border to Venezuela, two people were killed and more than 300 people have been injured. Maduro-loyalty to the units had blocked access for relief supplies. The self-proclaimed Venezuelan interim President Juan Guaidó had announced the deliveries for yesterday. His adversary Maduro this strictly rejects and condemns it as a pretext to a military Invasion was being prepared.

+++ 2.01 PM: coffee on the coals, cooked – 13 Partying carbon monoxide poisoning +++

to suffer At a Party in an apartment in Krefeld, Germany 13 people have a carbon monoxide poisoning suffered. As the fire and rescue services, cooked up the party on Saturday night on a coal-fired coffee stove. A little later, seven people complained of severe Nausea, and made their way to a hospital, where they were cared for. The rescue workers went into the Party apartment, and there met three other people, where it went bad. For the Savior of the deployment was not completed in Three patients, the rescue service picked up to a late hour in their own homes. The injured arrived in hospitals in Düsseldorf and Gelsenkirchen.

+++ 1.34 PM: a child dies in a car accident in the state of Baden-Württemberg +++

A four-year-old girl is in Baden-Württemberg hit by a car and fatally injured. The police announced that the delivery of the child yesterday between parked cars on a street, was hit by the car. The girl hit against a spotlight and suffered severe head injuries. A rescue helicopter flew the four-year-old from the small town of newcomers to the hospital in Stuttgart, where she died in the evening.

+++ 1.10 PM: Colombia, draws aid from the Venezuelan border and from +++

The Colombian government has the return of the truck arranged with relief goods for Venezuela. The “peaceful and humanitarian” use had been interrupted by the government of the controversial Venezuelan heads of state, Nicolás Maduro, on the border of the neighbouring States by force, founded the Colombian foreign Minister, Carlos Holmes Trujillo, the decision. In the case of confrontations with the delivery of the relief goods for Venezuela’s population of 255 Venezuelans and 30 Colombians had been violated. On the border with Brazil, according to media reports have killed at least three people, as they were hit by shots. 13 other people were injured has been for the treatment to Brazil.

Venezuela hat interrupted in the midst of the crisis, the relief goods yesterday, the diplomatic relations with the neighbors of Colombia. “We can’t tolerate that Colombian territory will bear for an Aggression against Venezuela,” Maduro said at a mass rally of his supporters in Caracas. All Colombian diplomats and consular officials should leave within 24 hours, the country.

+++ 0.25 PM: the Large majority of older workers want to retire early +++

The vast majority of older workers want, according to a survey earlier in retirement. Of the baby-boom cohorts of the so-called baby Boomer Generation did not work once out of every Ten up to the regular retirement age, according to “world on Sunday”. She refers to a study by the Bergisch University of Wuppertal. Thereafter, 30 percent of the respondents want to go with 60 years in retirement, and 26 percent at age 63. 15 percent cited as a desire point in time 65 years. Currently, the regular age limit is 65 years and eight months and increases in the next few years up to 67 years.

Many baby boomers have a very positive image of peace, wrote the “world on Sunday”. 44 percent expected for this Phase, with an improvement in your life, only ten percent expected a deterioration. Far more than half of the respondents reported that they wanted to. in comparison to the employed make more plans (life in the rest 66 per cent) and ideas (60%) Only a few countered with the fear, than to be pensioners lonely (16 percent) or bored (twelve percent).

+++ 0.15 PM: Colombia, reported from 60 to desert Venezuelan security forces +++

The number of Venezuelan desertion of security forces has risen to Colombian information on 60. They were from the Venezuelan Norte de Santander and Arauca districts fled to Colombia, shared with the local immigration authority. In Venezuela the self-struggle transitional President Juan Guaidó and the controversial head of state, Nicolás Maduro, has been able to count on the support of the military is largely called to the Power.

+++ 0.10 PM: More than every second deportation 2018 +++

failed More than every second deportation appears to have failed in the last year. Some 57,000 migrants and rejected asylum seekers should be deported, but only 26.114 was able to do this, as the “Bild am Sonntag” reported. More than 7,000 Times, the countries said, therefore, with the Federal police agreed to deportation dates of the day of the flight, for example, because the Deportees could not be found or were sick, or papers were missing. 3220 repayments had to be canceled after the Transfer to the Federal police, most often because of “active passive resistance” of the migrants. This was “not acceptable,” said German interior Minister, Horst Seehofer of the newspaper.

The CSU-politician is planning a so-called “Orderly-return-law” to facilitate deportation. Among others, the preparation of detention prior to deportation for offenders, terrorist suspects, and identity should be extended to a deceiver. For offenders who can not be deported, are planned for electronic tagging, spatial restrictions and reporting obligations. In April Seehofer wants to put the law in the Cabinet.

The news Saturday, 23. February

+++ 20.55 PM: southwestern AfD selects Gögel and Spaniel to land heads +++

The AfD-landesverband Baden-Württemberg is in the future, led by the Bundestag Deputy Dirk Spaniel and a parliamentary group boss Bernd Gögel from the moderate camp. Gögel prevailed in the choice of speaker at a national Congress in Heidenheim against his adversary Emil Sänze in from the right edge of the party. 380 delegates voted for Gögel, 320 for his opponent. In the subsequent election of the Co-speaker, decided on a renewed candidacy. This Spaniel was with 371 votes against from member of the Bundestag Martin Hess with 341 votes. The former AfD country Manager Marc Jongen had not applied for the office.

+++ 20.31 PM: Maduro announces termination of all relations with Colombia +++

Venezuela’s controversial head of state, Nicolás Maduro has announced the cancellation of all diplomatic relations with Colombia. At a rally in the capital Caracas, Maduro criticized the “fascist government of Colombia,” supported by the self-transition President Juan Guaidó called initiated foreign aid shipments to Venezuela. Therefore, all the diplomatic representatives of the neighbouring country would have to leave Venezuela within 24 hours, said Maduro.

+++ 20.15: trucks with humanitarian aid for Venezuela to break through a barrier +++

Four trucks with relief supplies for the suffering people of Venezuela have broken on a bridge near the Colombian border town of Ureña a barrier. Security forces of the heads of state of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro fired on the convoy and they fired on foot accompanying people with tear gas and rubber. At least six people were injured, as the transmitter CPIS-reported TV and CNN en Español. The load is only a first barrier passed the car in the middle of the border bridge Francisco de Paula Santander, then they were stopped on the Venezuelan side of the security forces.

+++ 19.40 PM: clashes between security forces and protesters in Venezuela’s border +++

In the debate about aid deliveries from abroad, it has been given to Venezuela’s border, heavy clashes between security forces and opponents of the head of state, Nicolás Maduro. Soldiers and police began on two bridges between the Venezuelan town of Ureña and the Colombian neighbouring town of Cúcuta tear gas and rubber bullets against demonstrators, as the journalists of the news Agency, reported AFP. At least six people were injured. According to the Colombian data, a further 13 security forces are, meanwhile, deserted. Eleven soldiers and two police officers from the neighboring crisis, the country had fled across the border to Colombia, shared with the local immigration authority. In Venezuela the self-struggle transitional President Juan Guaidó and the controversial head of state, Nicolás Maduro, has been able to count on the support of the military is largely called to the Power.

+++ 19.14 PM: at Least one dead and one Injured by an avalanche in the Tyrol +++

In an avalanche near the border to Germany is to come on Saturday in the Austrian state of Tyrol, at least one person was killed. In the case of a Spill, only the death can be determined, reported the Austrian news Agency APA citing the police. The masses of Snow in the Tyrolean district capital of Reutte in the District of Ammerland, forest went down. Another man wore according to the report, the injuries of the other three yet recovered from the Victim remained unharmed. The search for additional victims continued despite the downturn in the darkness with numerous forces.

+++ 18.09 PM: Several of the people due to the avalanche in Tyrol spilled +++

In an avalanche near the border to Germany has been spilled in the Austrian state of Tirol for several people. The avalanche in the Tyrolean district capital of Reutte in the District of Ammerwald, reported the Austrian news Agency APA. The exact circumstances of the accident and the number of victims are unclear. Several mountain were rescues and several helicopters in use, police said, according to APA. Reutte is located only three and a half kilometres from the Bavarian town of Füssen.

+++ 18 p.m.: Guaidó: first aid arrived on delivery from Brazil, Venezuela +++

In Venezuela has arrived, according to the self-transition President Juan Guaidó called a first delivery of aid from abroad. A delivery of the relief goods came from Brazil across the border to Venezuela, informed Guaidó in the short message service Twitter. “This is a big success, Venezuela!”, Guaidó wrote. In the meantime, from more than 50 countries recognized the interim President had announced the deliveries of aid in advance for this Saturday. Most of the relief goods are available in the Colombian border town of Cúcuta. The food and the medicines to be distributed by thousands of volunteers to needy Venezuelans. In the South American country, an economy, despite its oil wealth to crisis with acute shortages of supply.

+++ 17.05 clock: 300 cars burn during Indian air show from +++

In the case of an air show in the southern Indian city of Bangalore, a minimum of 300 cars in a Parking lot burned out. The cause of the destructive fire could have been a smouldering cigarette, which fell onto the Grass, according to the broadcaster NDTV, citing authorities sources. The fire had spread because of dry grass and strong wind quickly, said the chief of the municipal fire Department, MN Reddi. Of the burnt vehicles, black smoke rose thicker and thicker. Was injured according to the authorities, but no one.

+++ 16.40: flooding in Italy, several people +++

In case of strong Wind to die came in Italy, three people were killed. The storm brought in the Region of Lazio is a wall to collapse, and met several people. Two of them died, as the fire Department announced on Twitter. In Rome and the surrounding area trees fell on cars. According to news Agency Ansa, a 45 came-Year-old lost his life. The archaeological Park at the Coliseum in the Italian capital was closed on Saturday at an early stage.

+++ 16.17 PM: at Least 20 killed in mining disaster in China +++

In a mining accident in Northern China at least 20 people have been killed. As the Xinhua news Agency reported, were injured 30 other people, as the brakes failed on a vehicle, they transported underground. Accordingly, the accident occurred in the Region of Xilingol in Inner Mongolia. Because of the lack of safety measures in Chinese mines again and again to deadly accidents. The last had been killed in October in the Eastern province of Shandong 21 buddy in a coal mine. According to official statistics, 375 miners died in 2017.

+++ 15.25 PM: penalty decision against Facebook in dispute over digital heritage +++

In the case of the digital heritage of a Berlin teenager, the family has obtained, according to their lawyer, a penalty decision against Facebook. Lawyer Christian Pfaff, this amounts to 10,000 euros. The parents of the girl had gained access to the Facebook account information of your 15-year-old daughter, which came out in 2012, in a Berlin metro station, died before the Federal court of justice. The decision of the Berlin regional court shows that Facebook haven’t released the digital heritage of the girl in a sufficient Form. From Facebook, it was, you check the decision and possible next steps. According to information from attorney Pfaff, the decision is not yet final.

questions & answers

Digital inheritance

The should know survivors about the legacy in the digital world

For the survivors, it is after a death is not easy to deal with all the things from the life of the deceased. Nevertheless, it is necessary to take care of the estate on the Internet. Lawyer Christian Solmecke has declared for star TV, how to, and what heirs need to pay attention to.

+++ 15.11 p.m.: rye called AfD-donations affair “quite ridiculous,” + + +

In the affair of the election campaign donations from Switzerland, AfD parliamentary group boss, Alice ryegrass has rejected all the accusations. “The other parties receive millions of dollars and we have sort of a hundred thousand in a district Association, which are then paid back,” she said on the sidelines of the country party Congress of the AfD Baden-Württemberg in Heidenheim. “So the Whole thing is a little ridiculous.” Said to the suspicion that the AfD might have submitted a donors list with the wrong name in the Bundestag, rye: “to Me, these names are completely unknown.” It was a mystery how such a thing came into being. Although errors were happening in the processes. But: “Of a party affair donations to speak of, I think, so a bit of theatre, because this money is paid back.”

Ominous donors

donations affair: Kubicki sees political end of rye and a massive financial hardships for AfD

The Prosecutor’s office of Konstanz, is investigating ryegrass and three other members of their district Association at the lake of Constance on suspicion of violating the party law. The AfD had confirmed in November that a Swiss pharmaceutical company, had transferred to the district Association in 2017, around 130,000 euros, in several tranches. The money was paid back according to the figures, in the spring of 2018. Donations of Non-EU citizens to German political parties are illegal. The AfD was submitted to the Bundestag recently the names of 14 German and other EU citizens to stand behind the benefits. The office of the public Prosecutor questioned, however, to the information.

+++ 14.42 PM: crossword-Doctors-future: No more “goodbye” +++

The Fans of the Doctors are no longer allowed to hope: The fun – punks from Berlin to plan perhaps but not a farewell-at least the letters of the puzzles suggests on the website of the trio is now out. Since today is the fourth of the eight letters of a word can be guessed. It is a “t” – the word means “Abst….”. Not out of the question farewell “comes”. Who has guessed the fourth letter correctly, gets a song to listen to snippets. To terminate guitarist Farin Urlaub (55), drummer Bela B (56) and Bassist Rodrigo Gonzalez (50) so a new Album and to publish each week a snippet of a new title? This leads to a lot of Fans in their comments on the Doctors-home page.

Fans in uproar

puzzles on the home page: to Cancel The Doctors here about your farewell?

Bela B was asked on Thursday evening in the “Neo magazine Royale” by Jan böhmermann, whether the Doctors (“Westerland”) dissolve. The musician lifted the index finger, and seemingly the answer – but in that Moment the image remained for several seconds. Instead of the answer there was to hear after only a crowd murmuring and then the Bohemian man changed the subject.

+++ 13.55 PM: the Munich police at the rap concert against drugs in front of +++

With more than 100 officials from the police is taken during a Rapkonzerts in the Olympic hall in Munich against drug-related crime. “We have about 60 Ads for violation of the narcotics act and 30 due to traffic offences in connection with alcohol or drugs,” said a spokesman today. The action during the performance of the Rap-Duo Bones MC & RAF Camora on Friday evening was no longer planned. Reported to have been performed at concerts of the two German rappers in other States regularly raids. In the past there have been in the environment of the concerts, there are references to drug abuse.

+++ 13.51 PM: son of dismembered mother, and eats body parts +++

His own mother has been killed by a Spaniard, according to police sources, dismembered, and along with his dog partially eaten. The gruesome cannibalism case, the police discovered on Thursday in Madrid, is caught today in the Spanish media stir. The officials have offered, upon Entering the apartment, “a shocking scene”, wrote the newspaper “ABC”. They have discovered body parts of the 66-year-old victim in the whole house in Tupper doses. An officer had become ill, he had to leave the scene of the crime for a short time, wrote the newspaper “El País”. The 26-year-old son had confessed to the crime immediately.

The Detained, is said to have consumed drugs, is his mother several times in the past, miss, and had been so previously convicted, it said. Neighbors declared that it had often given a noisy quarrel between the two. A friend of the mother had alerted the authorities after she was able to reach the woman have seen for a month or by phone.

+++ 13.43 at: Already more than 90 Deaths from adulterated alcohol in India +++

In the Indian state of Assam, more than 90 people have died after consuming adulterated alcohol. At least 200 more had to be treated in hospital, as authorities representatives. The victims, many of them women, worked on tea plantations in the Region. The first to be taken ill on Thursday evening, after they had black drinking distilled alcohol, it said. Some media reports even more than a hundred dead. The number of victims could rise, according to the more, since some of the patients living in danger. A man who is said to have sold the illegally made alcohol, was taken to police information. The authorities furloughed in addition, two officials, because they had taken no precautions against the sale of alcohol.

In the poor rural areas of India is sold a lot of moonshine liquor, because it is cheap. Often the booze is mixed with highly toxic Methanol to increase the alcohol content. Large amounts of it can lead to blindness, liver damage and death. Every year hundreds of people die in India of adulterated alcohol.

+++ 13.35 PM: Meuthen ruthless radicals criticized in the own rows +++

In the AfD, right-wing forces according to the words of the national Chairman Jörg Meuthen no place. “Who here wants to live out his group-focused enmity, I say very clearly: look for a different playing field for your neuroses!”, Meuthen said at the opening of the AfD country party tags in Heidenheim, Germany. He spoke of “some completely ruthless Radicals” in their own ranks, of intrigues and intra-party small wars. Actually, the AfD, the Golden age would have, because the political opponents in the country was weak, and voters would have tired of the “obvious inability of the old parties,” said Meuthen. “The Only ones who are still on the way to the political shaping of the fate of our country, we are even.”

The AfD in the South West wrestles at the state Convention in Heidenheim to the future course of the party. The previous Chairman Marc Jongen no longer wants to compete. The value of conservative realists the struggle for Power with the radical “Fundis”.

+++ 13.13 PM: patients should premiums for consistent initial visits to the house to get a doctor +++

The coalition government wants to legally reward the Insured, when you go for health problems consult your family doctor first. In the case of a corresponding self-commitment, the patient should receive a portion of the the funds incurred by savings paid out. The professional politicians of the coalition agreed, as a spokeswoman for the Union group confirmed today. “The choice of tariff ‘GP-centred care’ obligation of the funds, at least 50 percent of the efficiency gains from this Tariff on the Insured to disclose” if there is such gains, said the health policy spokesman of the Union group, Karin Maag (CDU). The new rules will be introduced by Amendment into the draft law of the Ministry of health for an appointment and service set by law. From the SPD group, said that the social Democrats would want to make such a provision for quite some time.

+++ 12.45 PM: Fifa deprives Peru’s hosting of the U17 world Cup +++

The soccer world Cup, the U17-juniors will not be held this year in Peru. Fifa withdrew from the Latin American country hosting the tournament. The decision was to visit several inspection and a Meeting with the Peruvian Association has been taken, informed the world football Association. In the Statement, organisational and infrastructural challenges, from a series “” of speech. The world Cup had to be held in October. Fifa is considering various Alternatives to the appointment of a new host.

Whether the German Junior participation would be entitled, is not yet clear. The DFB-selection must qualify for the European Championships in may in Ireland, where the places for the world Cup will be awarded.

+++ 11: 58: motorist drives a firefighter, specifically about the feet +++

A divided reasonable motorist has a firefighter to a closed use position and hurt. The man was driving the helper deliberately over the foot to pass through the place despite the ban, informed the fire brigade. Then he was gone. The fireman suffered bruises. The police are investigating after the incident on Friday in the Sauerland Lennestadt against the volatile driver.

The fire Department had locked in a fire because of a Chimney fire the passage in front of the house. The fireman had not informed the motorist, therefore, that he could there at the moment is over. During the fire, nobody was hurt.

+++ 11.47 am: Clumsy thief leaves ID at crime scene +++

Instead of a Breakfast, a clumsy thief in Erfurt has received a criminal complaint to the police. The 29-Year-old wanted to pay on Friday in Erfurt supermarket only a part of the purchase, the police announced today. In a cooling bag he had, therefore, a back and a coffee drink hidden. When the saleswoman approached, the man fled, but crashed and lost his prey, a key and his ID.

According to police, a cashier and a witness, the 29-Year-olds. As the man fought back, but violently, it will run soon. His identification of the man left. The police filed a complaint for predatory theft.

court decision

strollers are allowed freely to fend off roaming dogs, regardless of whether the animal is aggressive

DPA +++ 11.07 PM: a Little girl in Berlin by dog bite hard +++

In Berlin, injured, a dog, a three-year-old girl seriously injured. The child played on Friday afternoon with his mother in the apartment in the district of Hellersdorf, the police announced today. The dog of a friend who was visiting, to handle, therefore, the girl suddenly and bite him in the face.

The mother was able to separate the animal from her daughter and drove her to the hospital, where, according to police serious violations were found. The girl must therefore remain for the treatment for the time being in the clinic. The dog was brought into a pet collection.

+++ 11.01 am: pipe broken: Semi-Bayreuth without drinking water +++

many citizens in Bayreuth, no drinking water since early this morning, more from the line. Cause is a broken pipe. In the Nibelungen road was a major burst pipe, whereupon the high-level tank automatically large protective flap lock. “As a result, the pressure is taken out of the lines and the tank does not run empty,” said a spokesman for the Stadtwerke Bayreuth. Half of the city until Further notice, without drinking water.

The flap should now be gradually re-opened. When water flows in the pipes, was not in sight in the morning. For a dialysis center and other medical facilities, according to the municipal utilities in need of emergency care.

+++ 10.42 PM: French police arrest “yellow West”-the leader in Grenoble +++

just before new protests by the “yellow West” has taken the French police, the leader of the movement in Grenoble in custody. Julien Terrier and associates Jérôme Bouzendorffer were held in the course of a criminal investigation in a police station in the southeastern French city, as the public Prosecutor’s office announced. They are accused of, among other things, the organization of a non-notified Demonstration. Terrier was already in December because of similar allegations in custody. In France are expected today new protests by the “yellow vests”. Rallies are announced in Paris and Bordeaux. In Paris, two Protest marches set to 12 o’clock and 13 o’clock on the arc de Triomphe on the Champs-Elysées in the direction of the Eiffel tower in motion. It is the 15. Participated in protests Saturday since the beginning of the protests in mid-November.

The social movement is calling for the resignation of the President and Emmanuel Macron, and a departure from his course of Reform. Finally, the participation was on the decline: last Saturday, the interior Ministry was far 41.500 participants, of which about 5000 were in Paris. In the case of the largest “yellow West”protests three months ago, there were more than 280,000 protesters.