Shortly before the beginning of the announced “yellow West”protests took place in the midst of Paris, a strong Explosion. Two people were killed. It is to fire people, said spokesperson of the police and the interior Ministry on Saturday.

in order To corrected statements made by France’s interior Minister Christophe Castaner, who had previously spoken in the television of four dead. Also, the French news Agency AFP reported, citing the Paris Prosecutor’s office, there are two people died and not four. Ten people had been hurt also heavy, with a further 37 easier.

The Explosion occurred at about 9 p.m. on Saturday in the Rue de Trévise, about a Kilometer away from the Paris Opera. Much of the language for an accident.


emergency workers carry an injured Person out of a destroyed building

Originally, the fire brigade had been called because of a suspected Gas leaks at the location of the later Explosion, as the police spokeswoman said in the Morning. Around 100 police officers and 200 firefighters were, according to the Minister of the interior. The situation is under control, it was in the morning.

Explosion shortly before the Demo of the “yellow West”

television pictures showed thick smoke coming from the building. The glass panes were broken by the force of the Explosion, media reported. Local journalists said on TV, the Scene looked like after a bomb attack. The area was spaciously.

clashes with police

New “yellow West”protests plating France


BFMTV said A local resident from a nearby house: “I felt my house for one or two seconds in its foundations tottered. I was wondering if there was an assassination attempt, I had a bit of fear.”


A destroyed fire truck is on the road. Originally, the forces had been called on suspicion of leaking Gas at the location of the later Explosion.


The Explosion, the 9 shook. Arrondissement in Paris shortly before the announced demonstrations by the “yellow West” in the capital. The authorities fear the protests of a renewed escalation of violence. About 5000 security forces in Paris in the demonstrations. In the past few weeks, there had been the protests by the movement to violence and riots. Especially Paris was affected.

Also because of the terrorist attack of Strasbourg a month ago, prevails in France, high tension. 11. December had opened a bomber in the centre of the Alsatian town of the fire. Five people died, many more were injured.