What happened?

The Indian military, flew according to the government, Tuesday’s air attacks on targets in Pakistan and killed a “very large number” of Islamist fighters. Pakistan confirmed a breach of its airspace and threatened to “prompt” counter-measures. China and the EU, the two nuclear powers called for restraint in the decades of conflict.

Why did India strike on Pakistani territory?

According to India’s foreign Secretary of state, Vijay Gokhale, the air was a camp of the Islamist group Jaish-e-Mohammed (army of Mohammed) attack near the Pakistani city of Balakot. The attack was preventive, to thwart the threat of suicide attacks in India. India had “credible information” about attack plans. In the attack in the night to Tuesday, terrorists, trainers, high-level command to be “commander-in-chief” and a potential suicide bomber “” have been eliminated, said the Indian representative.

Protest in India

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AFP Pakistan reacted?

Pakistan rejected this information: There is no “terrorist camp”, also had been killed in the attack no one. Pakistan’s foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi condemned the violation of the airspace as an “unjust Aggression, to respond to Pakistan in due course of time and at a given location is made”. India’s claim to have a lot of Islamist fighters killed was “selfish, reckless, and invented,” said Qureshi.

Earlier, it was communicated to an army spokesman already, there have been no losses or other damage in the attack. Pakistani fighter planes had forced the Indian pilots, rather to reverse, this would have dropped on the return flight of “cargo”. What was exactly meant remained unclear.

Why is the tense of the situation?

The tension in the Region is large, since in a suicide attack on 14. February were killed, 41 of the Indian security forces. The Islamist group Jaish-e-Mohammed claimed the fact. India accused Pakistan of the attack supports. Islamabad rejects the accusations.

the government of India chief Narendra modi and his Pakistani colleague, Imran Khan, convened only hours after the incident, emergency meetings with important Cabinet members.

Balakot is located in the North-Western Pakistani province of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, a few kilometers outside of the semi-Autonomous Pakistani area in the Region of Kashmir.

An attack on Pakistani territory beyond the demarcation line would mean a significant escalation between the archenemies, said an expert. India had last flown during the Indo-Pakistani war of 1971, in air strikes on Pakistan.


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Gernot Kramper What is behind the “Kashmir conflict”?

Since the war, in 1947, the Region between the two nuclear powers India and Pakistan is shared, but is claimed today by both States in their entirety. Since 1989, several Muslim rebel groups fighting in part for the independence of Kashmir, partly for the connection of the Region to Pakistan.

India and Pakistan have fought two wars over Kashmir and innumerable battles delivered to the Region. However, aircraft or ground crossed only rarely troops, the heavily guarded demarcation line, which divides the Himalayan Region into two parts.

A chronology of the clashes of the two nuclear powers in the border region:

1947: The first war over Kashmir breaks out shortly after the division of the Indian subcontinent into Hindu India and Muslim Pakistan after the end of British colonial rule. The Maharaja of Kashmir, asking New Delhi to agree to a candidate in his Region to India, after militants from Pakistan attacked the area. After that, Kashmir is divided. the 1965: India and Pakistan fight a second war again over Kashmir, and until a ceasefire is declared. the 1971: In a third war India and Pakistan fight this time due to Islamabad’s rule over East Pakistan, today’s Bangladesh. New Delhi, the Bengali independence supported fighters and flying bomb attacks on Pakistani territory. the 1984: Indian troops occupy the glacier Siachen, the Karakoram mountain range, which is also claimed by Pakistan. It is the first of many battles for the remote, uninhabited area, until 2003, a ceasefire will be signed. the 1999: Of Pakistan-supported fighters crossing the disputed Kashmir border, the Indian military conquer posts in the icy heights of the Northern Indian province of Kargil. Indian troops to push back the invaders. The ten-week Kargil conflict, a cost of 1000 people on both sides of the life. the 2016: India will start in September, limited attacks on targets in the Pakistani part of Kashmir. Two weeks earlier, rebels had killed in an attack on an Indian military base 19 people. Pakistan denies that the Indian attacks took place, ever. In November, disguised fighters storm police of the Indian base near the border and killing seven soldiers.