Nearly two months have passed and the initial optimism of the police has given way in the investigation of the Case of Rebecca. In spite of extensive search, the body of the missing young people has not been found so far. Thus, the hope of the murder Commission to find evidence against the still-suspicious brother-in-law Rebecca’s dropped. The search continues but. The police and the Technical assistance work has focused last week on the surroundings of a small lake in East-Brandenburg.

Missing student

Missing Rebecca: her sister, an emotional message

post On the Monday before eight weeks (18. February) disappeared Neukölln, the 15-Year-old from the house of your sister and your brother-in-law in Berlin-Britz, a district in the district. The CID holds the brother-in-law due to various circumstantial evidence for the murderer of the girl. He had been that morning, alone with Rebecca in the house, haven’t slept, according to his mobile phone data, as he had claimed, and could not explain his two journeys in the morning and the next day after Brandenburg announced the murder Commission. Rebecca’s family protested again and again in Interviews, the innocence of the brother-in-law.

More than 2,200 notes in the case of Rebecca,

Furthermore, the members of two murder commissions, as well as police officers from the missing point with the analysis of more than 2,200 received Notes are employed. In the meantime, more than 30 people took care of it in the state office of criminal investigation of the case. To support other experts were used: a dog handler with body detection dogs from other States, so-called piece of mantra-dogs of private Clubs, divers, police specialist, with boats and sonar men from the Technical assistance work with ground-penetrating radar.

a larger one and A smaller lake in the East of Brandenburg were searched, the surrounding woods swept on highway 12 between Berlin and Frankfurt (Oder), led police officers, search dogs along a gravel road, the official tire impressions – concrete evidence or even a body did not appeared but.

This could have on the criminal investigation in the current case, even a little easier than other Missing persons. If girls, more rarely boys, on the way to school or home disappear without a trace, not to resurface and there are no witnesses, the police have almost nothing in the Hand. Some of these cases are never solved.

cops go murder case

For Rebecca, the police are not, but some believe that she left the house alive: therefore, the suspicion against the brother-in-law. Without a body, a prosecution in court is difficult. And the longer a body buried in the ground or on the bottom of a lake is, the less traces are likely to find.

Open a cold case is when the Disappearance of Rebecca to a so-called Cold Case. And when the files will first be put away. But one thing is: Finally, the files are not closed. The police assumed murder and murder Statute of limitations never.

Andreas Rabenstin / vit / DPA

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