He’ll, says the man, never forget how it felt. This head between his legs, on his hands should lay. These are glued to the hair, this head, “like a Brillo,” he says, like a pot sponge. James safe Chuck was seven or eight years old, and he was naked. He says the head between his legs, had his Penis in the mouth. It was the head of Michael Jackson.

another man with a Similar story: He was at that time seven years old, and have had the Penis this adult man in the mouth, “I mean, I was seven.” Wade Robson, the Australian who had won five years in a Michael Jackson competition, and had been brought from his Idol Jackson on the stage. There are pictures of it: Jackson, who takes Wade to the Hand, him smiling at him behind the stage.

“On the Wall”

Michael Jackson and children, used to be the time of nice pictures. Jacko, the children’s hero, the magician. Earlier. After four hours of the film “Leaving Neverland”, it may be clips from a horror flick.

“Leaving Neverland”, a documentary of the British Director Dan Reed, in January, for the first Time at the Sundance Festival in the USA was shown, were also psychological supervisor in the hall – for the case that there would be some spectators, too hard and too violently. Hard and violent the Film actually is. But in a quiet way, which begins harmless and Monstrous increases. Stephanie safe Chuck, the mother of James, and remember the anniversary of the death of Michael Jackson in June 2009: “I’ve danced. I’ve heard the news, rejoiced, and danced. Finally, this person should not take advantage of even more children.” She adds: “I had a Job: the mother of my son. And I have failed.”

And Joy Robson, mother of Wade, and today, apparently, solitary, nearly broken woman, says: “I don’t know, maybe I could forgive him, maybe he was a sick man. But to me, I can’t forgive.”


James safe Chuck met Jackson when he was a little Boy. The pop star took him on trips, such as here at the age of ten.

©Dave Hogan/

Because they, the mothers, were. And, if you believe the movie, not prevented, which would prevent any parent: their children, behind closed doors, in bed with an adult man she hardly knew.

The King of Pop, Michael Jackson, died in 2009 at the age of 50, even ten years after his death, one of the biggest Stars in the world. His music is sold still by the millions, his life from child star to the King is still on Musical stages around the world staged. And from the 22. In March, the Federal art and exhibition hall shows in Bonn, the exhibition “On the Wall”, in which over 40 artists with the icon and the myth Michael Jackson deal. A touring exhibition from the National Portrait Gallery in London.

all of this Is credible?

The accusation, to have children sexually abused, harassed, is not new and led, in 1994 and 2005, two sensational trials against Jackson. The first is the case, Jordan Chandler, whose father said at the time that his son had been abused by the pop star sexually abused. The method has been adjusted against the payment of 22 million dollars. The case of Gavin Arvizo ended in 2005 with an acquittal, because the Jury that there was no reliable evidence.

What is a proof, when a man in his mid-30 naked, laid a naked seven-year-old and masturbating? And if this man is supposed to have said to the child then, it never was allowed to speak, never really about? Because otherwise you’d be locked in both the Rest of your life.

Jackson, Wade Robson tells it in the documentation, have had a thorough eye for everything, what could have been a proof. For once, Robson was 14, Jackson tried with him, anal intercourse, but then canceled. Robson does not look into the camera and says: “I could.” The next day, Michael had asked him to find the pants and to destroy if you have blood stains or something like that, immediately. “I got her out of the Laundry basket and thrown away. Because of the blood spots were.”


A fantasy world and a trap? Jackson lured the boys to Neverland, his estate in California.

©Steve Starr/

On Neverland, Jackson’s fun Park in the hills of Santa Barbara, is said to have installed the pop star early-warning systems that went on then, when he retired with children in the hidden room. On the stairs there had been strings with small bells, their ringing and unexpected visitors reported. So Robson told.

all of this Is credible? Or Wade Robson is a liar, like the Jackson Fans are raging in the social networks? Finally, Robson says in 2005 in the trial of Jacko, to be by him immoral been touched.

What to make of this Michael Jackson as Evil?

Michael Jackson himself can’t defend themselves, and the evidence is, in fact, no. Everything Robson and safe Chuck tell in the Film extensively and in detail, are statements. If Jackson was still alive, and everything from lawn, was a statement against statement. His descendants hold Jackson to be innocent: “Ten years after his death there are still people who want to benefit from his enormous success,” she said. But why, and James’ mother, told publicly for the first Time, bought and gave Jackson the family safe Chuck then a house, job level.


Michael led the boy says in the glittering world of celebrities such as Liza Minnelli (r) to home goods

©Ron Galella/WireImage

em James in 1993, the police in favor of Jackson? The Film suggests: because Jackson bought the Silence, looking away and Hide again and again.

Jackson, the Film presents, it seems snuck up on me, disguised as a children’s benefactor, as spleeniger, but harmless Peter Pan. However, according to the Film, he was also a hunter, seeking his prey where he could stun with his fantasy realm.

He led, she sought out the safe-Deposit box Chuck, who lived in a small town and a medium-sized life. Your son met in 1987 on the Jackson, as he was with him in a Pepsi commercial occurred.

He also looked at the Robson’s, living in Brisbane, Australia, and their son was a good Jackson child impersonator. Jackson knew apparently that he had to seduce the mothers to the children. He invited you, first class to Europe, at the airport, waited for a Limousine. “It was the life of the Rich and Famous,” says Stephanie safe Chuck in the documentation. In the Hotel, a Suite was reserved for you. And sincenn the child, “mom, please, I can Michael sleep? Biittte!” – hhhm, no, not really, but I’m next door, what should happen? What is that Michael is a child, but even, as Evil? Safe Chuck tells of how you have at night, listening at the door: “I heard you laugh, they looked well-to-Videos.” They did. Also. But Jackson caught on such occasions, apparently, to touch the Penis of the boy. And to masturbate himself, so the Film says it is.

“We were silent, the usual Sex,”

The children, and the mothers did not have a clue, because they were of your new life so blinded. About the wine cellar in Neverland: “Really good wines, champagne, that was what I had enjoyed so much – it was every night like in the fairy tale,” says mother safe Chuck. For the children, but it was a nightmare – then it looks, at least in the movie. “My son,” says mother safe, Chuck, “had to suffer, so that I could lead this life.” Suffering, what is the name? “We did the usual Sex,” says Wade Robson.

Later porn to be had, which Michael showed you. And Alcohol. And then James is safe, and Chuck saw how Jackson disappeared at once with a boy, the eight-year-old Jordan Chandler, in the certain rooms. “I knew what was happening there. Michael had replaced me.”

other abuse cases in the Catholic Church, is well-known that victims often need years or even decades, to the Suffered. Too great was the shame, the Blockade, the repression, and also, as absurd as it sounds, the friendship they believed in in the time.

Both of them, safe-Deposit box Chuck and Robson, confirm the. She told the court for her Idol. They explain it today in order that they were in 2005, not yet ready, in the face of your torturer to break up this disturbing mystery. You would have had to confess, as they say, also, over the years, their families lied to.

what Robson and safe Chuck taken in front of the camera and disturbing objectively tell, seems more credible, when their shield with the statements of compares, which were determined in 1993 against Jackson. Housekeeper and observers described already decent at the time in question, and the intimate vicinity of Jackson, and about safe Chuck. Their statements should have been at the time, alert, but they were not public, because the proceedings were stopped against a payment of 22 million dollars.

Dan Reed, the Director of “Leaving Neverland”, is a well-respected British documentary filmmaker who has made films about terrorist attacks and pedophiles are criminals. In his new work, he worked for two years. A year of that he needed to convince the mothers to speak in front of his camera. Reed told the star: “you had to say but the courage, everything, including your failure.” What will trigger the movie, he doesn’t know, says Reed. “Michael Jackson was, and remains, a great Entertainer, no doubt. But the Person Jackson can sure appreciate the new and different.”

“Leaving Neverland”

Prior to this revaluation, and before the destruction of the myth of Jackson the heirs fear. You try with all means to prevent the broadcast of the film. The US channel HBO they sued for $ 100 million in damages. The Film had left at the time of its Premiere at Sundance in such a shock that it rained in the Internet phrases like: “I’m going to throw all Jackson’s CDs way” or “‘Thriller’ you must hear differently now”.

now, if “Beat it” playing on the Radio, to the man think has the Penis of a seven-year-old in the mouth? Is “Bad” the Song is about the real Jackson? And you can’t show in Bonn will be an exhibition about the Pop-icon, when bloody goes under the pants of Wade Robson from the head?

rein Wolfs is the artistic Director of the Federal art and exhibition hall. A thoughtful and contemplative man who says he was “dismayed” about what he had heard so far. The star, he defended the exhibition. It is not a project about the biography and the Person Jackson, but a collection of Works about the influence of the King of Pop had on the art. In fact, about the Work of Andy Warhol and David LaChapelle are not created, as the pedophilia shadow was still in sight. Nevertheless, they, too, will meet the re-evaluation, the Dan reed’s Film will trigger.

What is often a Dilemma in the art, if the shadow sides of the maker or of the Shown to be visible. It is a Dilemma that was also felt in January at the Sundance Festival. Some of those who “had seen Leaving Neverland”, met subsequently to parties, drank, and laughed. And they danced. Also, “Billie Jean” by Michael Jackson.

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