No pork on the menu, no gummy bears, more as a Treat, and at once policemen in front of the door has turned To a heated debate around the Amendment of the dining plan in two Leipzig-based day-care centres and now even the police.

To possible dangers, was a police car in front of the two adjacent facilities, a spokesman said. The management of the two nurseries was determined according to the “Bild”newspaper, out of respect in front of two Muslim girls, aged two and three years, to a menu Change, and pork, such as Gelatine products completely deleted.

Pious Muslims to eat according to the rules of Islam, no pork. “Out of respect for a changing world from the age of 15. July, only to eat and Vesper was ordered and issued, the pork-free”, quoted the newspaper from a day-care centre to Write to the meal plans.

In the paper had also been noted that sweets containing pork ingredients, such as gelatin, would not be offered any more. The meet, for example, gummy bears. Parents of kindergarten children confirmed to the German press Agency, the Change in the dining plan. The daycare center would not comment on the dpa request first of all, the backgrounds. A police spokesman said it is in contact with the management of the kindergarten and of the neighboring kindergarten, the run a free carrier.

After the public become aware of the Case, a heated discussion ensued. The Saxon CDU, spoke of a “ban on pork” and described this as unacceptable. Country-Secretary-General Alexander Dierks said, of course, should and nobody can be forced “against his will, is to eat something in Particular. But a ban is the wrong way”.

the AfD parliamentary group Deputy Beatrix von Storch spoke of a “cultural subjugation”. 300 children in both centres were now being forced to your food and life-changing habits because of two Muslim children. “Just imagine, German children in Riyadh, would dispute your right to currywurst in the first place and the majority of society to force your change in diet.”

Kita-in-chief Wolfgang Schaefer defended his decision via “image”. “Even if it is only a family would be the salvation of your child looks to for religious reasons by unclean pork affected, by I this now.” A decision, the Federal food Minister, Julia Klöckner (CDU) thinks is wrong. “All the other for the eating habits of others that also like to eat pork, in joint and several liability, is not conducive for a prosperous life together,” she said of the “image”.

The Berlin state Secretary, Sawsan Chebli (SPD), himself a Muslim, tweeted: “If day-care centres, schools and other facilities to serve better vegetarian food instead of meat – fine with me. I’m only against it if it says: out of consideration for Muslims.” Pork or gummy prohibitions are as unnecessary as it is the name of the winter market instead of Christmas market or festive greetings instead of Merry Christmas: “dear All: it Is a nice thought, but let it please! It does not do for Muslims. Your soul will not be cured of it.”

The father of a kindergarten child told the dpa that he had been informed about two weeks ago with a Letter on the dining plan Change. “We find the decision in principle good,” said the 37-Year-old who picked up his two-year-old son in the afternoon from the kindergarten. The mother of a four-year-old described the debate as “absurd”. There were more pressing problems. Your daughter will not remember anyway, whether you eat pork or not.

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