With the Explosion of several small explosive devices in Thailand’s capital, Bangkok, have been injured, on Friday at least two people easily.

One of the bombs detonated during the morning rush-hour traffic in a mass transit station in the business district of Silom. There was hurt, according to police, no one. The train station was locked, for safety’s sake. Also went high on at least three other varieties of explosives. In the case of the injured it is a two street sweepers.

For Background, there was initially no information. Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha, who came five years ago through a military coup to Power, ordered according to a spokeswoman for an investigation. At the same time, the government informed that security measures have been tightened. In Bangkok, the community held a meeting on Friday of Southeast Asian Nations (Asean). At the Meeting, the foreign Ministers from the US, Russia and China arrived.

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