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Two German hikers in the Alps died (12.42 PM)Mützenich want to permanently lead the SPD group (10.33 p.m.), Nagasaki, Japan commemorating the atomic bomb Victims (5.34 p.m.), USA to threaten Germany with military withdrawal (4.34 p.m.), gaps in security: Apple offers a Million dollars (3.31 PM), experts expect significant pension increase (0.05 PM)

The news today in the star-Ticker:

+++ 13.11 PM: monsoon in India: dozens dead – the airport and schools are closed +++

Heavy monsoon rain has cost in South India more than 60 people. They were drowned in the flooded areas, were swept away by the masses of water or under rubble of falling buildings, buried, reported the civil protection staff in the affected States of Kerala, Maharashtra and Karnataka, the German press Agency.

the international airport of Kochi in the state of Kerala is flooded and will stay until Sunday afternoon (local time) closed, it said on the website of the Airport. In addition, schools in the whole state of Kerala with over 30 million residents on Friday to remain closed, wrote to local media.

+++ 12.42 PM: Two German hikers in the Alps killed +++

In the case of mountain tours in the Karwendel mountains, a 27-year-old woman from Berlin and a 68 coming-Year-old from the district of Bad Tölz-Wolfratshausen died. The 68-Year-old was on Thursday with two companions on the Mittenwalder Höhenweg in the border area of Tirol and Bavaria, on-the-go. When he had left the climbing already, crashed it, for reasons unknown, on the path marked by the side of 150 meters over rocky terrain, as the police reported. The companion immediately alerted the rescue forces could, however, determine only the death of the husband.

The 27-Year-old was with a same age woman on a multi-day hut to hut tour. They had just crossed the “Frau-Hitt-Sattel” in Innsbruck, as one of them 50 feet deep crashed. The corpse of the 27-Year-old was recovered by the crew of a police helicopter.

+++ 12.35 PM: Belgium delighted in the birth of rare giant Panda-babies +++

Two rare giant Panda babies have been born in Belgium. “Hao Hao paid on Thursday, two adorable giant pandas, the life,” said the Pairi Daiza animal Park in the southwest of the country on Twitter. “This is a fabulous message.” The two “pink shrimp” are in the best of health, it was with a view to the still hairless animals. To do this, the animal Park photos on which the mother carries the Little ones in the mouth or in the Arm posted.

+++ 11.56 PM: Tiger helicopter is supposed to fly next week, is expected to +++

The German armed forces will take security reasons, set flying with the Tiger combat helicopter is expected in the coming week. Previously, the defective bolts were replaced, the safety-relevant Points are installed, informed the press and information centre of the army. The immediate replacement of the components have decided, a panel of experts consisting of representatives of the Bundeswehr and the industry.

The manufacturer of the combat helicopter had communicated to the German army at the beginning of August, that particular bolt of material may have defects. Then, the General flight of the army operation given the instruction, the operation of the aircraft with the 53 helicopters of type Tiger to temporarily suspend.

+++ 11.53 am: Two tiger babies in the tub – the Nurse was tending animals at home +++

Two tiger cubs were discovered in Austria, in the apartment of a 34-year-old woman. The two small cats were in the bathtub under a heat lamp, the police announced. The 34-Year-old from Hainburg know the animals well, because they work in the neighbouring Slovakia in a Tiger-care station. “The animals need intensive care and in the local nursing station staff shortage. Therefore, they took the animals home,” said a police spokesman. The two small tigers were discovered for Clues to the animal protection Association. Now looking in Austria, first of all, another home for the animals, it said.

+++ 11.35 am: Salvini’s Lega want to miss the introduction of no-confidence against Prime +++

The rights of the Lega Nord of Italy’s interior Minister Matteo Salvini wants to introduce in the Senate a vote of censure against the head of the government, Giuseppe Conte. In this way, also formally, the end of the government’s Alliance with the Lega would be sealed with the Five-star movement, after Salvini had already declared, on Thursday, to see no future for the coalition. To hurt “lots of no (…) in Italy, the must return instead to growth and therefore to quickly choose,” said Lega. “The one who loses time, is detrimental to the country.”

+++ 10.44 PM: corruption allegations: Kyrgyzstan’s Ex-President in custody +++

After his spectacular capture of the Ex-President of Kyrgyzstan Almasbek Atambayev, in pre-trial detention. He will, for the time being until the 26. August in a prison in the capital of the Central Asian Ex-Soviet Republic, decided to stay a court in Bishkek. According to the Kyrgyz news Agency Akipress is determined against the politicians due to corruption and complicity in a crime.

+++ 10.33 PM: Mützenich want to permanently SPD parliamentary leader to be +++

The Commissioner of the SPD parliamentary leader Rolf Mützenich wants to take over the top position permanently. He was going to be in September for the election, wrote Mützenich in a letter to the members of the group.

+++ 10.15 PM: Lana Del Rey protests with new Song against gun violence in the USA +++

Shortly after the recent massacres in the US pop singer Lana Del Rey (34) has a new Song against gun violence released. Under the title “Looking For America” (in search of America) describes the 34-Year-old your dream of a country without weapons. On Instagram she posted of Del Ray, a Video in which she sits apparently in a recording Studio and the Song sings. The 2011 wrote the pop song “Video Games” became famous as a musician, the events of the past days have you engaged and moves the Text. Other celebrities had spoken out after the recent attacks, with more than 30 dead in Dayton (Ohio) and El Paso (Texas) for stricter gun laws.

+++ 10.03 PM: protesters in Hong Kong start protests at the airport +++

hundreds of democracy activists participated in a sit-down strike in the airport of Hong Kong. The masked helmets, equipped protesters called for hands to the start of three days of planned action choruses such as “No rioters, only tyranny”. To signs ablen in a number of languages, phrases like “are you asking me to Hong Kong” or “Save Hong Kong from tyranny and police violence”. With a view to the travelers at the airport, a protester said: “We want to let more people know what is happening in Hong Kong.”

According to two of protests and clashes-dominated months, the situation in the Chinese special administrative zone Hong Kong is extremely strained. The protests had originally been by – later withdrawn – law on Extradition triggered, which would have allowed the transfer of Suspects to mainland China. The protests expanded after a movement against the growing influence of Beijing in Hong Kong. For the weekend, the democracy movement has announced the city marches and protests.

+++ 9.51 PM: investigators expect 100,000 new references to child pornography +++

The Federal criminal police office expects in the current year with a significant increase of References to child pornography. The interior Secretary of state Günter Krings (CDU) said the “Rheinische Post”, the number of references to children pornografi from abroad is rising steadily. “We assume that the BKA has to deal with in the current year, with 100,000 References to child pornography.” According to Krings, the majority of the information comes, as in previous years, by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (national center for missing and exploited children, NCMEC) in the United States. The BKA, according to the NCMEC forwarded to the German investigators, 2017 70,000 in the references to child pornography, with a connection to Germany.

+++ 9.45 watch: people settled earlier than thought, high in the mountains +++

people have been significantly earlier than previously thought inhospitable mountain regions populated. Already more than 30,000 years ago, they lived as hunters and gatherers in the then glaciated Bale mountains in present-day Ethiopia, as a researcher under German management in the journal “Science” writing. “You have spent long time, have eaten, cooked to leave, faeces and tools, but the resources of the high mountains across repeatedly, over many millennia, and used,” said lead author Götz Ossendorf University of Cologne, Germany.

At 3500 meters altitude in the Bale Mountains national Park have discovered, the archaeologists a kind of base camp of stone age people. From this Fund the that people body took forays into the surrounding area. It was probably to small groups of 20 to up to 25 people. The researchers found numerous artifacts, including stone tools made of Obsidian – volcanic glass, the people raised from about 4200 meters of altitude and in the immediate vicinity of the former glacier.

+++ 9.17 PM: Hamburger, artistic Director Canbay taken upon arrival in Turkey +++

The artistic Director of the Hamburg theatre, Mahmut Canbay, has been taken at the time of his entry into Turkey. He had been interrogated for eight hours, said Canbay the German press Agency. You have given him last night, and a ban. Canbay, according to “Hamburger Abendblatt” German-Turk of Kurdish descent, and wanted to participate with a youth group at a theater festival in the Western Turkish city of Izmir. He is the artistic Director of courage.Theater in the Hamburg Schanzenviertel.

Him a lawyer had been denied, said Canbay. You have forced him to unlock his Smartphone and I’ve checked all the Mails, contacts, and Chats. Among other things, he had been asked about a caricature of the Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who had him sent to a well-Known via Whatsapp. This is Erdogan is depicted as a dictator. He had been asked why he had not deleted. After all, he had been in a machine according to the Cologne set.

+++ 9.06 PM: five-year-old in Dessau drowned +++

In Dessau, died in a five-year-old girl after a swimming accident. Bathers recovered the previously missing child yesterday from a lake. The girl was initially resuscitated and an ambulance taken to a hospital. In the evening, the five-year-old died in the hospital, the police announced today. How the accident is now being investigated.

+++ 8.57 PM: Three Dead in apartment fire in Gießen and Berlin +++

In the case of two apartment fires came in Gießen and Berlin early in the Morning, three people were killed. The Giessen fire brigade has published on Twitter a Video of the massive smoke development is to be seen in a family house in the district of lützel Linden. Two people would only be able to be recovered dead from the house informed the fire brigade.

In the Berlin district of oberschöneweide burned on Twitter. A man was killed. Another had been taken to the hospital. 40 use of force were therefore in use.

+++ 8.02 PM: Pelosi condemns “inhumane” Situation at the border to Mexico +++

The US-leader of the opposition Nancy Pelosi has the Situation on the border between the United States and Mexico criticized. “What is happening on the border is scandalous,” said the democratic Chairman of the house of representatives during a visit to Guatemala city. The immigrants would be treated “in an inhumane way”, which “would be contrary” to the values of the United States.

Pelosi visited Guatemala in order to check whether the country is capable of, refugees from other countries, like the end of July completed the asylum agreement with Washington in that it provides for. In Guatemala, there are massive protests against the agreement. Around 60 percent of the population there lives below the poverty line. The country was therefore able to refugees with dignity to be incorporated, to argue the Opposition and NGOs.

+++ 7.30 PM: court of auditors criticized Scholz for the planned research support +++

The Federal court of auditors has sharply criticised the Federal government’s planned tax breaks for research companies. You doubt, “that the objective can be implemented with the draft of the law effectively and efficiently,” it says in a report the authority to the Bundestag, the Funke media group quoted. The auditor is to be feared, therefore, that the money is senselessly spent, and will only lead to more bureaucracy.

the Federal Finance Minister, Olaf Scholz (SPD) plans to do with the law, tax incentives for research and development for the company. You should be able to offset the wage costs of their employees in the future of the tax. Every company is supposed to E for each research project up to 15 million uro-state “research allowance” can come. The plans would cost, according to the Ministry of Finance about one billion euros per year.

+++ 6.05 PM: a Lebanese business man in the United States because of Hezbollah’s support for convicted +++

Due to the financial support of the Shiite Hezbollah militia has been sentenced a Lebanese businessman in the United States to five years in prison and $ 50 million to a monetary penalty, such as the U.S. Department of justice announced. The 63-year-old Kassim Tadschideen had Laundry in December, the money pleaded guilty. He is said to have helped to direct bypassing of US sanctions, millions of dollars to Hezbollah.

The Hezbollah is classified by the US as a terrorist organization. The Shiite militia was established in 1982 by the Iranian revolutionary guards for the struggle against the Israeli occupiers in South Lebanon. Today, the militia is considered the strongest political and military force in Lebanon, where she is involved with several Ministers in the government. Since 2012, their troops are fighting in the Syrian civil war on the side of ruler Bashar al-Assad.

+++ 5.34 PM: Japan commemorates the victims of the atomic bomb dropped on Nagasaki +++

With a renewed call for the global abolition of nuclear weapons is thought to have been in the Japanese city of Nagasaki, the victims of the atomic bombing in front of 74 years. At 11.02 PM (local time), the date, as at 9. August 1945, a US Bomber dropped atom bomb “Fat Man exploded” over the city, the participants of the commemorative event, a minute of silence. Alone in Nagasaki at that time, about 70,000 people have been killed by direct action, for 75,000 more were injured. Three days earlier, the U.S. had devastated already Hiroshima by a nuclear bomb with less explosive force. Under the impression of the destruction of the Empire of Japan surrendered on the 15. August 1945.

+++ 4.34 PM: Before Trumps Europe-travel threaten U.S., Germany, with the withdrawal of troops +++

Shortly before the planned Europe-trips by US President Donald Trump, the US stepped up their threats with a partial withdrawal of its troops from Germany. “It is to be expected really offensive that the US taxpayer paid more than 50,000 Americans in Germany, but the Germans use their trade surplus for domestic purposes,” said the U.S. Ambassador in Germany, Richard Grenell. Previously, the U.S. had tweeted Ambassador in Poland, Georgette Mosbacher, that: “Poland fulfils its obligation for payment of two percent of GDP compared to the Nato. Germany does not. We would welcome it if American troops were in Germany to Poland.”

Trump had brought a deployment of Troops from Germany to Poland in June during a visit of the President of Poland, Andrzej Duda in Washington into the game.

+++ 4.15 PM: Zlatko justified TV Comeback with money +++

Before the age of 19, he was one of the Stars of the monitoring show “Big Brother” – surprisingly, Zlatko Trpkovski is now set to return to television. The question about the reasons for his appearance in the today starting season of “celebrity Big Brother” (Sat.1) replied to the now 43-year-old car mechanic in the “image” with one word: “money.” Easily it is not the step like: “I have long wondered whether I’m really doing this again.”

“celebrity Big Brother”

What is Jürgen Milski of Zlatkos TV Comeback holds


Zlatko was one of the few faces of the Original show, which were many spectators in the memory. Afterwards the Reality Star had short term success as a singer. (“I miss You (like hell)”). His withdrawal from the Public, he reasoned in the “image” so, he’s only been taken for a ride. Since then, he was living in Heppenheim in the state of Baden-Württemberg. “I work in my old occupation: car screws”.

+++ 3.11 PM: Apple is offering up to a Million dollars for security vulnerabilities +++

the Apple is the reward for finding security screwed vulnerabilities in its Software on up to a Million dollars. This amount should there be for especially serious vulnerabilities that an attacker without the Intervention of the user at the core of the operating system could access. Previously you could get at Apple for a maximum of 200,000 dollars, while the market part million for iPhone vulnerabilities were offered. In the case of Apple, the rewards in the future, only for the gaps in the iPhone System, iOS, but also in Software from other Apple devices. For vulnerabilities that are found in pre-release versions of new operating systems, submit to Apple once again, 50 percent of it, as the group Has announced on the IT-security conference Black in Las Vegas.

+++ 2.39 PM: Three Dead in crash of small plane near Philadelphia +++

When a small plane crash into a garden in the US state of Pennsylvania have come, three people were killed. The single-engine Propeller plane crashed near Philadelphia municipality Upper Moreland, the local police announced. In the case of the dead it is therefore a 60-Year-old, his 54-year-old wife and the 19-year-old daughter of the couple. On the ground was injured, according to police information, no one. The cause of the crash is still unclear. A distress call the Pilot had not deposed before the crash.

+++ 2.24 PM: Trump appoints provisional new secret service coordinator +++

US President Donald Trump has found a new secret service coordinator: The current Director of the counterterrorism center, Joseph Maguire, will this office business leader from the age of 15. August take, tweeted Trump. On this day, the previous incumbent Dan Coats will leave his Post.

The Director of national intelligence has the task to coordinate the various intelligence services of the USA. Coats had to post held the top since in March 2017. Trump and Coats had been in the past, but repeatedly the content about the cross, and these differences of opinion also publicly held. So, the secret service coordinator, said in January that Iran was working according to his assessment, at the moment of nuclear weapons. The President disagreed and found the services cluelessness.

+++ 1.47 PM: the Video shows how to use Trump in El Paso to visit with a number of spectators at a campaign appearance boasted +++

Donald Trump has boasted during his hospital visit in a massacre shook the city of El Paso with the number of spectators at a campaign appearance. The station KFOX14 has published a Video that shows how the US President on Wednesday in the University Medical Center the use of the medical staff after the attack with 22 dead, recognizes, and affirms, “the whole world” would talk about the employees. Then Trump pl is talking about ötzlich about an event that he had held in February in El Paso. It had been a “lot” of viewers, said Trump. In front of the venue have come together once again, “twice as many” people. At a counter-event to the “crazy” democratic presidential candidate Beto O’rourke of just 400 people had participated.

The Video is likely to be water on the mills of critics, the Trump blame him, it had gone during his visit to the stop locations of El Paso and Dayton is to put yourself in the scene.

visit Victims of Dayton and El Paso

This photo debunked Donald trump’s hypocrisy

U.S. President Donald Trump has visited Survivors of the massacre in El Paso and Dayton. The media, he kept at a distance. The justification for this is a Farce, as he himself proves.

By Marc Drewello +++ 0.11 PM: number of illegal border crossings between Mexico and the United States drops +++

The number of illegal border crossings between Mexico and the United States continued to decline. The U.S. Department of homeland security announced in July, had been taken up compared to June of 26 per cent fewer people at the border. This is for the second Time in a row, a decline of more than 20 percent compared to the previous month. In particular, the number of migrants from Guatemala was last shrunk very much. From may to July, the number of apprehended families and unaccompanied children had gone to more than 50 percent. The development is mainly a result of the migration agreement with Mexico, it said. The Executive Secretary of Homeland security Kevin McAleenan said but, in spite of the progress, the situation on the border remained “beyond the crisis levels”.

+++ 0.05 PM: experts expect significant pension increase for 2020 +++

The more than 20 million pensioners can expect, according to experts, even in 2020, again with a significant increase of their remuneration. You could rise up to three percent, not more of a change of the conditions on the labour market in the course of the year dramatically, said the social policy spokesman of the CDU/CSU group in the Bundestag, Peter Weiss (CDU), the “Focus”. The head of the division for old-age security at the German Federation of trade unions, Ingo Schäfer, said that due to good employment and significant wage increases, he does not think that even an increase of more than three percent is possible. The Freiburg Economist Bernd Raffelhüschen, which also holds almost three percent of the possible, warned against the excessive use of the pension with 63. As a result, the pension plus could be subdued.

1. In July, the Pensions were increased in West Germany, to 3.18 per cent, in the East, even to 3,91 percent. 2018, the pensions in the West had gone to 3.22 per cent and in the East by 3.37 percent in the height.

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