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Slipped: Two German hikers in Austria, missing (23.39 PM)irregularities in the use of Bundeswehr service vehicles (22 hours), and Two more bodies after a shipwreck in Budapest, recovered (20.41 PM)In Strasbourg: the corpse of a four-year-old after the boat accident discovered (16.32 hours), and Ukraine: a policeman is supposed to have shot and killed five-year-olds (14.52 PM)

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+++ 23.39 PM: Slipped: Two German hikers in Austria missing +++

After a mountain hike in the Kleinwalsertal valley in Austria will be missing two German hikers in the Alps. A rescue team was temporarily the search, a police spokesman for the German press Agency said. On Wednesday morning, the search should be continued. Since the afternoon, a Team rescuers, with about 50 Mount, other specialists and two helicopters found no trace of the Missing.

The hikers had made the disclosures in a group of three, a mountain tour to the Aries stone in Kleinwalsertal (Vorarlberg). In the area of snow-field, they had strayed from the path, a Wandererin was slipped and in a “snow hole” disappeared. At the trial, the woman afterwards get on, was one of the companions slipped in the mud also. The third hiker, who brought no cell phone, and was then relegated in shock and with minor injuries to the valley and got dropped from there, a distress call, it said in a statement. In the area of the snow hole, the snow was a ceiling about six feet thick. Including a mountain stream, the lead is currently a lot of water, course it was.

+++ 23.15: Pelosi: The Tiananmen victims, never The Boss of the Democrats in the U.S. house of representatives, Nancy Pelosi, forget +++

remembered the victims of the bloody crackdown on the Tiananmen square in Beijing. The USA would prefer to forget the dead never said Pelosi on the 30. Anniversary of the massacre in Washington. “We have to remember, because China is still trying to deny the story.”

In Beijing had prevented the police on Tuesday, all of the possible celebrations, with massive security arrangements. Only in Hong Kong, there was, as every year, a vigil. The US government had referred to the protests of 1989 on Monday as “heroic” and the situation of human rights in China criticized what Beijing dismissed indignant.

+++ 22.55 clock: SAP-rival Salesforce expects fiscal year, with even more profit +++

The U.S. software maker Salesforce is looking after a good Start to the new financial year confident in the front. The company expects to 2019/20, with adjusted earnings per share of 2.88 to 2.90 dollars, such as a after the close of trading in New York published notice of the company’s. Sales are expected to continue to rise by 21 to 22 percent to 16 billion dollars.

In the past year, the revenues of high-jumped by a quarter to almost four billion dollars. The profit rose 14 percent to nearly $ 400 million. Analysts had expected in advance with less. The share price of Salesforce to put in after-hours trading by almost two percent.

+++ 22 clock: irregularities in the use of armed forces-service car +++

The fleet of the Bundeswehr has revealed in a group of managerial employees of irregularities in the use of a company car. After a private use of company cars was said to have been, would have served employees in 2005 to a car sharing model, said the Ministry of defence in Berlin, the Leaders of the parliamentary groups in the Bundestag. So first of all, 42 officers would have continued to have private access to a company car, although it had given for the elimination of equalization payments. Lastly, there were 9 employees.

It is the consequences of the use of a sum of money of at least 900,000 euros, is it in the direction of the German press Agency was present. The defense Ministry wants to hand over the case to the Prosecutor. The shares of the Bundeswehr fuhrpark Service GmbH will be kept to a 75.1 from the Ministry of defence and to 24.9 per cent over the Deutsche Bahn AG.

+++ 21.54 p.m.: a Crew member in a “controlled Explosion” on the Bond-Set hurt +++

When filming a “controlled Explosion” at the new James Bond movie, has been injured a Crew member. The Exterior of the scenery at Pinewood Studios near London had been damaged, it said on the Twitter channel to the new Bond Film. Injured on the Set did not exist, but an employee outside of the stage have suffered minor injuries.

In April, it had announced Details of the new adventures of 007. Oscar-winner Rami Malek (“Bohemian Rhapsody”) will play the villain. The Film, the follow-up to the previous “Spectre” (2015), which will be continued until Further notice as Bond 25.

+++ 21.30: Strache omitted Party if he accepts the EU mandate +++

The “Ibiza-Video” discredited Ex-FPÖ-leader Heinz-Christian Strache will waive all of the functions within the FPÖ, he should accept the mandate for the EU-Parliament. The designated new FPÖ-Chef Norbert Hofer stated that he had agreed with Strache. The agreement applies to “to the complete elucidation of the circumstances around the “Ibiza-Video””. Strache confirmed this statement in a Facebook Post.

Strache had only won a few days after the release of the video for the EU election a mandate by the so-called preferential votes. Unlike in Germany, voters could choose in Austria, with her voice a party, but also with the supplementary note for a certain candidate to support. The 49-Year-old received 44 750 preferential votes. From a threshold of five percent of the voters vote for a party candidate to be placed on the list to the front. The FPÖ has, according to their election result in the European elections, up from 17.2 percent claim on three mandates.

+++ 20.58 PM: Rihanna is the richest musician in the world +++

The pop singer Rihanna is the richest female musician in the world. The 31-Year-old has now amassed a fortune of $ 600 million (EUR 533 million) as the US magazine “Forbes” announced. It is in front of the Madonna ($570 million), Celine Dion ($450 million) and Beyoncé (400 Million dollars). The largest part of their money Rihanna makes, according to “Forbes” continue with their musical releases and her concerts, even though the is from the Caribbean island of Barbados – born singer is also in the fashion and cosmetics business.

+++ 20.41 PM: Two more bodies after a shipwreck in Budapest, recovered +++

Just a week after the Ztogether to the collision of an excursion ship is a river cruise ship on the Danube in Budapest, recovered by the rescue forces of two more Deaths. The two were South Koreans, said the Hungarian police. The body of a man had been brought in through a window from the wreck. Another body had been discovered 70 km South of Budapest at the height of the village of Kulcs. Thus, the number of recovered accident victims rose to eleven. 17 passengers are still missing. Only seven of the 35 people on Board the accident vessel had can save.

+++ 20.09 PM: Chile’s President announces coal exit +++

Chile want to get along in a good 20 years, without power from the combustion of coal. The eight oldest coal-fired power plants of the South American country should be up in 2024 shut down, announced by the Chilean President Sebastián Piñera. By 2040, all coal-fired power plants are to be removed from the grid. “So that we can eliminate one of the main sources for greenhouse gases”, said the head of state. “The best legacy we can leave to our children is a country that is cleaner, than the one we found.”

Currently, Chile is approximately 40 percent of its energy from coal-fired power plants. About 45 percent come from renewable energy sources. By 2030, the Chilean government wants to increase the share of green energy up to 70 percent. With the coal exit Chile contributes to the achievement of global climate objectives and contribute in the fight against climate change, according to the office of the President. In December, the UN climate change conference to be held in Chile.

+++ 19.28 PM: Croatia: small Transporter with 33 migrants crashes in police lock +++

In Croatia is a small van with 33 migrants aboard a 20-minute nighttime pursuit of travel, close to Zagreb in a police crashed into barrier. The Serbian driver of the vehicle had to be freed in the night, with the cutting device out of the car, its passengers were unharmed, as the Croatian Portal “” reported. A police patrol car on the A1 motorway, which runs from the Dalmatian coast to Zagreb, on the small Transporter first became aware of and wanted him to stop.

The driver ignored, however, blue light and siren on the police car and drove on to Zagreb direction. At the motorway toll station Lucko in Zagreb, he raced in the now-erected police barrier. The Serb was detained, to him, criminal proceedings for trafficking in human beings threatens.

+++ 18.19 PM: police in Cyprus, the sixth victim of suspected serial killer +++

discovers The police have found on Cyprus is the sixth of seven Victims of a suspected serial killer. A body had been discovered in a suitcase at the bottom of a gravel pit southwest of the capital Nicosia, said a police spokesman. The Remains have already decomposed strong, the identity of the dead would now be clarified.

Until recently, had wanted the investigators to the body of a woman from the Philippines in the lake. There are already two more Dead had been discovered. The 35-year-old Suspect, an officer in the Cypriot army, has confessed to the deeds, according to police sources, already given, to have three suitcases with bodies in the lake, sunk.

+++ 17.46 PM: the US government doesn’t allow the groups-educational trips to Cuba more +++

The administration of US President Donald Trump restricts travel by American citizens to the Communist Cuba. Groups-educational tours from the U.S. to Cuba are no longer permitted by this Wednesday, as the U.S. Treasury Department announced. The US government had already announced in April, new travel restrictions. Family visits and travel of individuals from the tourist, journalistic, or academic reasons, stay initially allowed to continue.

The U.S. Commerce Department announced on Tuesday, the export of passenger ships and leisure boats, as well as from Private and Corporate aircraft to Cuba will not be permitted with immediate effect. With the new measures against Cuba, the Trump turn back the easing policy of his predecessor, Barack Obama more.

+++ 16.57 PM: Greece demands reparations from Germany +++

Greece, Germany has a so-called diplomatic note verbale to the negotiations over reparations for war damages from the First and Second world war. This is the Greek informed the Ministry of foreign Affairs. A note verbale is usually the written message of another state at the German foreign Ministry. “A Greek Commission of experts had calculated three years ago, payments in the amount of up to EUR 290 billion.

Athens had announced the note verbale by the end of April. At that time, the Parliament had asked the government of Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras in order to demand reparations from Germany. Tsipras had declared, after the end of the auxiliary programs for the bankruptcy-threatened country is now the right moment. It is important to him, with Germany as equals and in friendship to get together.

+++ 16: 44: dozens of migrants in the Aegean agreement with Turkey is to be taken up +++

The influx of Refugees in the Aegean sea takes, regardless of the EU. Alone in the morning, 157 people from the crews of the patrol were of the Greek coast boats have been taken up guard and the European border Agency (Frontex). They tried to Board a motorized hose and wooden boats illegally ferry from Turkey to Greece. They were picked up in front of the Islands of Samos, Agathonisi, Kos, Farmakonisi and the port city of Alexandroupolis. Already in the past three days had, according to the Greek coast, 234 migrants from Turkey guard, after Greece converted. This is the Hellenic coast guard informed.

+++ 16.32 PM: After a boat accident at Strasbourg: the corpse of a four-year-old discovered a +++

Five days after the boat accident on the Rhine, the French authorities have found the body of a missing four-year-old. The dead girl was discovered in the vicinity of Gerst’s home on the German side of the river, as the competent Prefecture announced.

four people came to a total of his life in the accident – in addition to the four-year-old, a six year old girl from Germany and two adults of Romanian nationality. The boat was capsized on Thursday on the height of the lock from Gerst’s home some 30 kilometres South of Strasbourg. The six-year-old and a 29-year-old man lost his life, sitting in the boat came. In addition, a 22-Year-old who had jumped from the shore into the river to rescue the victim drowned.

+++ 16.22 PM: Lebanon: man kills four security forces +++

A shooter has in the port city of Tripoli in Lebanon, opened fire, and four security forces killed. After the attack the previous night he had blown up himself in the air, reported the state news Agency NNA. The police arrested the brother, the father and the wife of the perpetrator, as it was called from military circles. Defense Minister Elias Bou Saab, the man had fought in Syria with the terrorist militia Islamic state. In 2016 and 2017, he sat in the Lebanon in the prison.

+++ 16.13 PM: Grand coalition wants stricter rules for deportation of foreigners +++

With an extensive package of legislation to achieve the fractions of the CDU and the SPD, that more skilled workers to come to Germany and removals to work better. However, not all in the SPD. The Federal Chairman of the SPD working group “Migration and diversity”, in Aziz Bozkurt, called on the members of Parliament of his party to the law for better enforcement of the obligation to leave, to refuse. Bozkurt’s Petition has been signed by more than a hundred SPD members-including some of the SPD parliamentary deputies – under. One of the laws should fall through, would, however, be the whole of the compromise is in danger, the coalition for months, a struggle had.

+++ 16.06 PM: 16 Dead in rebel attack in Congo +++

In the East of the Congo have been killed in an attack by rebels, according to the authorities, at least 16 people. Suspected fighters of the militia, the ADF attacked a part of the city of Beni, as mayor Bakwanamaha Modeste said. In the attack on Monday evening, 13 civilians, two soldiers and an attacker were killed accordingly. Residents Benis demonstrated on Tuesday morning because of the bad security situation, they carried out a Protest of some of the corpses of the attack from the previous day to the town hall.

Close to Beni, there is a serious Ebola outbreak. The outbreak of this dangerous disease is also contain because of the instability of the Region.

+++ 14.52 watch: Ukraine: police officers for the death of five years in prison +++

After the death of a five-year-olds have been arrested in the Ukraine on Tuesday, two police officers in custody. To have the two men accused in a drunken state in the yard of a house in the southwest of Kiev-top town of Pereiaslav-Chmelnitskyj on metal cans, and accidentally move the five-year-olds hit a shot. The Boy died in hospital from his injuries.

The case sparked a debate on corruption and impunity in the Ukrainian police. Critics condemn has long been corruption and lawlessness in the police force, which is in spite of several reform attempts of the Ex-President Petro Poroshenko more grass. The non-governmental Anti-corruption action centre wrote to the case of the killed boy on Facebook: “In a normal country the Minister of the interior would occur after a terrible incident like this back.” The new Ukrainian President, Volodymyr Selenskyj announced to do everything to punish the guilty. The Ukrainian police President Sergyj Knyazew said that he had fired the chief of police of Kiev because of the incident.

+++ 13.59 PM: Leipzig: Four Rocker because of joint murder +++

sentenced to a murder in a Leipzig rock milieu, all four defendants have been sentenced to life imprisonment. The four members of the now defunct Leipzig branch of the Hells Angels were because of joint murder, attempted murder and dangerous bodily harm in two cases, convicted.

According to the verdict, the youngest of the between 33 and 47 years old men are shot in the summer of 2016, a member of the rival rock clubs United tribune. Two other men were injured. According to the words of the presiding judge, the four men acted in accordance with a community Plan. It had been about power struggles. The ruling followed the complaint of the public Prosecutor.

+++ 13.52 PM: lawyers of neymar’s alleged rape victim mandate +++

put The lawyers of a woman who accused the Brazilian football star Neymar rape, have resigned. Reason were contradictions in the testimony of the woman, told the TV station Globo TV on Monday (local time). A representative of the firm told the station that the woman have given to the lawyers to have in may in a Paris Hotel consensual Sex with Neymar had before this had suddenly become violent and grip. In her statement to the police the woman had spoken of rape, “which is a completely different allegation,” it said of the firm.

Neymar had rejected the allegations of the wife on Saturday in an Instagram Video published by a “trap” spoken of, in which he had been lured. Neymar’s father said that the footballer was the victim of a blackmail attempt.

+++ 13.29 PM: Germany, the plastic bag remains in the fruit and vegetable loyalty +++

During Germany’s consumers, significantly less plastic bags, the use of thin plastic bags for fruit and vegetables widely used. In the past year, almost 3.1 billion of the so-called camis were consumed bags were something more than in the years 2015 and 2016. The Rewe supermarket chain has called on its customers in the former East Germany on a “plastic fast”: it adopts the thin bag there for a day from the range. The consumption of the thin-walled plastic bags corresponded to 2018 average of 37 units per consumer. Although it’s a question of 2017 39,5 bags per head in the two years before that, however, only 36 pieces, such as from a response of the Ministry of environment to a request from the FDP – environmental politician Judith Skudelny forth. First, the “Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung had reported,” on Tuesday.

+++ 13.10 PM: Spain: court stops reburial of the corpse of the dictator Franco +++

for Monday’s scheduled reburial of the corpse of the dictator Francisco Franco (1892-1975) in Spain for the time being. The Supreme court in Madrid upheld an appeal by the family of the previous violence ruler temporarily. The decision had been taken by the judges unanimously said the “Tribunal Supremo”. The final judgment of the court is expected in the coming weeks. The dispute over the reburial in Spain for a year. Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez had already announced shortly after he took office in June 2018, to the bones from the “valley of the Fallen” to another place. Until today, the huge Mausoleum is a place of pilgrimage for people who worship the dead dictator.

+++ 13.06 PM: murder in the series of Cyprus: a body++

found + At the search of Victims of a serial killer on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus, the police have discovered another body. Divers on the found Tuesday in a suitcase, which had been sunk in a lake. A police spokesman told the Cyprus state television (RIK). It was all the indications are that the body of a woman from the Philippines. This had to be confirmed by court medical, it said. In the for the island and unprecedented series of murders, the number of found victims to six. The search for a seventh corpse, continued on Tuesday.

murder victim on holiday photos?

Influencerin filming at the lake in Cyprus – falls on the home of a grisly Detail

By Steven Montero

The alleged perpetrator, a 35-year-old captain of the Cypriot national guard, has confessed to seven murders. The victims – five women and two children – will come from Asia, and Romania. The women had worked as housekeepers in Cyprus. Body finds that the police made so far, in an abandoned ore mine in the lake.

+++ 13.06 PM: smoke like Bob Marley: researchers breed legendary Cannabis strain after +++

Bob Marley and the Joint: For many reggae fans, the two go together inseparably. However, what Bob Marley smoked in the 70s, was gone a long time from his home in Jamaica, domestic Cannabis strain that grew on the Caribbean island, of course, and for decades was cultivated, was eradicated in the 80s almost.

in order for Machel Emanuel, a PhD biologist and researcher at the University of the West Indies in the Jamaican capital of Kingston do not want to resign, – he cultivates the variety. His search for the old seed led the scientists through the entire Caribbean – with success. To several dozen square meters Emanuel experimented with the cultivation of domestic cannabis plant. He hopes that marijuana “Made can be marketed in Jamaica” for a profit.

The interest in his work was very large – both private individuals and companies. But the scientist, even creditors Rastafari, is on a Fair-Trade conditions, should it come to trading with his marijuana.

+++ 13 p.m.: at Least four Dead in shooting in Australia +++

In a Hotel In the North of Australia at least four people have been shot and killed. Two more were injured in the incident in the city of Darwin, as the Australian media reported. The police have yet taken in the evening (local time), a 45-Year-old festival, it said. Eyes have seen, therefore, how the Suspect was charged with a gun in the Hotel and in the rooms after someone had searched for witnesses. He had fired many shots. Later he was with a Small truck escaped.

If there are other victims, was not immediately known. According to the Reports, the Suspect is said to have fired on his way through the city at several places, shots.

+++ 12.45 PM: the number of Car registrations in may++

by The number of new car registrations surged in may to the top. As the Federal motor transport authority (KBA) announced in Flensburg, Germany, were registered in the last month, almost 333.000 passenger Cars – an increase of 9.1 percent compared to the same month last year. Almost six out of ten new cars were diesel, but Diesel will be again popular. The number of new registrations of electric cars increased in comparison to the same month last year to around 100 per cent, but remains at overall manageable levels. In may, 4630 electrical approved-Cars.

+++ 12.38 PM: Poland’s head of government Cabinet formed by +++

After several were chosen his Ministers to the European Parliament, Poland’s head of government Mateusz Morawiecki his Cabinet reshuffled. Seven new Cabinet members were appointed by President Andrzej Duda, including a new Finance Minister and a new Minister of the interior. The new Ministers assume their Offices only for a few months, in October, Parliament elections are to be held. The outgoing Finance Minister, Teresa Czerwinska is the Only one who leaves the government without being elected to the European Parliament have been. According to media reports, she had expressed skepticism about the financial viability of the government’s programme.

+++ 12.22 PM: Afghan peace activists, apparently from the Taliban kidnapped +++

a peace March in the South of Afghanistan around 25 activists of the Taliban, according to supporters, fighters have been kidnapped. The followers of the peace movement, had been deported on Sunday and Monday, said a supporter of the peace March, Abdul Malik, Hamdard. The Taliban released photos of four members of the group. The men will go well and nothing would happen to them, it said. “We don’t know why the Taliban hold on our members,” said peace activist Bacha Chan Muladad of the AFP.

+++ 11.29 PM: Brazil after a case of BSE beef exports to China +++

Brazil stopped after a spontaneous case of BSE in his beef exports to China temporarily. The exports to the people’s Republic would be exposed, and the Chinese authorities checked, in the meantime, the situation, informed the Brazilian Ministry of agriculture on Monday. The Export ban is therefore limited to China and follows a bilateral Protocol of the two countries for such cases.

+++ 11.26 PM: Trouble for Bayer because of Monsanto Weed killer in Australia +++

Due to a weed through its subsidiary Monsanto, the Bayer group now also has legal Trouble in Australia. A gardener from Melbourne filed against Monsanto Australia in front of the Supreme Court of the state of Victoria claim. The 54-year-old man named Michael Ogalirolo suffer, according to a report in the daily newspaper “Sydney Morning Herald” a malignant disease of the lymphatic system (Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma). He is said to have used over a period of 18 years, the Monsanto weed killer Roundup.

+++ 11.21 PM: Israel eases restrictions on Palestinian fishermen in the Gaza strip +++

After almost a week, Israel has eased restrictions on the Palestinian fishermen in the Gaza strip. The Israeli authorities informed on Tuesday, the fishing area off the coast of the blockaded Palestinian territory includes now 15 nautical miles.

Israel had reduced the fishing area on Wednesday of last week to ten nautical miles after from the Gaza strip balloons with Brandsetching across the border were flown. The fishing area was just before the Israeli parliamentary election in April to 15 nautical miles extended. Such a large area had not stood up to the Israeli government, the Palestinian fishermen for years more.

+++ 11.16 PM: Nabu: Sparrow the most common garden bird Insectivores in decline ++

thousands of Volunteers nationwide, looked: of The Sparrow Germany, the most common garden bird remains. In the case of the counting action “hour of garden birds” participants reported an average of slightly more than five copies of each garden, such as the Naturschutzbund (Nabu) on Tuesday announced. On the second place, the Blackbird came, although the Numbers are probably also due to the fatal Usutu Virus on the decline. Third most common bird, the cabbage is a tit.


A Sparrow – or, as the scientists would say: a female house Sparrow (Passer domesticus)

©Nicolas Low DPA

Decline in the values of the conservationists for birds that eat only insects report. “Of the nine most common Insectivore species six take off significantly, only three can hold their stocks,” says the Nabu. This suspension obviously with the insect shrinkage. Since the beginning of the action in 2005, the values decreased approximately to the swift, the swallow flour and the black Redstart.

+++ 11.12 am: police in Myanmar exchanges confiscated Crystal Meth salt +++

In Myanmar, a police officer has replaced 64 kilograms confiscated Crystal Meth to salt and is piled with the genuine drug. As the police of the Southeast Asian country announced on Tuesday that it occurred, the exchange during an inventory of the seized drug packages in a police station in the Federal state of Shan. 64 of a total of 103 drugs packages were forged, said Deputy chief of police of the district of Kengtung, Myint Swe. The policeman was arrested on Sunday.

+++ 10.35 PM: conflict, researchers warn: the risk of a nuclear disaster increases +++

the German peace and conflict researchers have called on the Federal government to make a greater commitment against a new arms race with nuclear weapons. The nuclear world order is in acute danger, and with it the stability of the international system, the in Berlin on Tuesday to publish peace report in 2019.

“The post-Cold war agreed disarmament between the nuclear super powers is blocked, and a new bet is equip; existing arms control treaties will escalate and threaten to quit or run soon; regional nuclear crises,” reads the paper. The risk of a nuclear disaster increases again. Germany should be more determined than previously to pursue a nuclear disarmament-oriented Foreign and security policy.

+++ 10.30 PM: Two German anglers have drowned in a Spanish water reservoir +++

Two German anglers are drowned in the Aragon Region of northeastern Spain, in a reservoir. Already on Friday, the boat of the 55 and 54-year-old men had collided with a larger boat and capsized, local media reported citing the Guardia Civil. While were able to rescue the three occupants of the other boat, the Slovaks and the Czechs, to the shore, were missing the German since the accident.

+++ 10.21 PM: world Jewish Congress mourns the passing of the last Survivors of Sobibor +++

Semion Rosenfeld, the last Survivor of the Nazi extermination camp at Sobibor, has died at the age of 96 years. The Chairman of the world Jewish Congress (WJC), Ron Lauder, praised Rosenfeld as a “hero in the resistance against the “final solution” of the Nazis living in the game”. Rosenfeld was one of 47 Jews, the escape from the Nazi camp in occupied Poland had succeeded, it was said in the published on Tuesday message.

+++ 10.19 am: Maas warns of consequences of climate change for security +++

foreign Minister Heiko Maas (SPD) has been facing growing threats by climate changes for international security, warned. “The fight against the political-security consequences of climate change requires a global effort,” said Maas on Tuesday in his speech at the opening of the Berlin climate and security conference. Germany had the ambition to play a leading role.

+++ 10.11 PM: study: Coal phase-out in the current Form could CO2 emissions even increase +++

The Plan for the German Coal phase-out by 2038 provides an analysis, there is no certainty that the emissions of the greenhouse gas CO2 the bottom line is drops really. A Team of scientists from the Potsdam Institute for climate impact research warned on Tuesday that the withdrawal by the intricate mechanisms in the European emissions trading could allow the overall emissions even increase. Remedy would create, therefore, a CO2-price.

“Fridays for future” in Berlin

Three claims: the students want the climate

Two effects save the researchers have analyzed their effects. Firstly, If coal-fired power plants will be shut down in Germany, decreases in the supply of electricity in the market, and, accordingly, the price of Electricity rises. As a result, the still in the market remaining coal-fired power plants can produce more to cover costs – you will increase your production, and thus increases their output of CO2.

Secondly, the German coal phaseout, the demand for emission rights decreases in allowances in the European emissions trading scheme, and thus their price. Electricity producers in foreign countries to buy more of the cheaper Emission rights, and increasing their CO2 emissions.

a price for CO2 can Help according to the researchers. He would be introduced in Germany, depending on the scenario, with 30 to 60 euros per ton in the year 2030, the national climate would sector objectives in the current reached.

+++ 9.36 PM: More than 4400 reptiles in efforts against wildlife smuggling saved +++

In a global operation against illegal wildlife trade authorities have rescued more than 4400 living reptiles. Twelve people were arrested in Italy and Spain, and more than 200 Suspects have been identified, informed the European police Agency Europol on Monday in The Hague.

In the case of the so-called “Operation Blizzard” worked together between mid-April and mid-may, 22 States, including Germany. The authorities seized, among others, 2703 country and sea turtles, 1059 snakes, 512 lizards and Geckos and 20 crocodiles and alligators. In addition, they provided handbags, purse, watches, bracelets, medications, and stuffed animals for sure.

+++ 8.26 PM: Hungarian government party Fidesz wants to remain in the EPP +++

The right of the national Hungarian party in government Fidesz of Prime Minister Viktor Orban now wants to remain in the conservative party family, the European people’s party (EPP), the CDU and CSU are members. “I think it is better for us. It is also the Best for the EPP to reserve,” said Orban’s Chancellery Minister Gergely Gulyas in an Interview with the daily newspaper “The world”.

+++ 8.23 PM: shy: railway earlier than planned switch to 100 percent green electricity +++

the Federal transport Minister, Andreas Scheuer (CSU) has made the Deutsche Bahn stricter climate targets. He had asked the top of the state-owned group, “quickly, a concept has to be developed, as we change, twelve years earlier than previously planned to 100% green electricity starting in 2038 instead of 2050,” said Scheuer, the Newspapers of the Funke media group on Tuesday. He wanted the track bar a “greater contribution” to the achievement of the CO2 reduction.

30 years of Tian’anmen-massacre

The day on the China, the pursuit of democracy, with tanks crushed

DPA +++ 7.41 PM: Tighter security measures at Tiananmen square in Beijing +++

On the 30. The anniversary of the bloody crackdown on the Tiananmen square has increased in China, the safety precautions on the Central square in Beijing is strong. Police officers verified Tuesday that the documents of all the tourists and commuters that came out of the subway Station at Tiananmen square. Foreign journalists were not allowed to enter the place and no pictures. A representatives of the authorities, warned a Reporter that “illegal media behavior” can have an effect on Visa renewals.

The Chinese army was on the night of the 4. June 1989, with tanks against students, the procedure for demonstrating in Tiananmen square for more democracy. Hundreds, according to some estimates, even more than a thousand people were killed. Until today, Beijing is not a reappraisal of the incidents.

+++ 6.33 PM: police calls: Simple bathing rules to comply with +++

in the light of the first fatal drowning accidents this year, the Deutsche Lebens-Rettungs-Gesellschaft (DLRG) is reminiscent of basic behaviors in the water. “The first piece of advice is to all to heed the simple bathing rules,” said police spokesman Achim Wiese in Bad Nenndorf, near Hanover. So should not be bathed or swam, where the vessel traffic rule. For good reason, the rule does not apply to go under the influence of alcohol a swim on hot days to cool down, before you jump into the water.

Sad balance

drowning accidents over the weekend: at Least six people in lakes and rivers drowned


Meadow, recalled the accident on the Rhine, on ascension day, in which, after a boat accident in the Alsace region, a little girl from Baden-Württemberg in the river is missing. “In the whole of the Rhine is Prohibited to bath,” said Meadow. A adult have significant problems in the Rhine from the flow to come out. “How are you supposed to know how to help a four year old child who can’t even swim at all?”

+++ 6.03 PM: report: Sudanese military announces new elections – more of the Dead +++

announced by The military leadership in the Sudan, according to media reports, new elections within a few months. This should be carried out by regional and international observers and monitors, said the leader of the military transitional Council, Abdel Fattah Burhan, according to the news site, “Sudan Tribune”. In his speech early Tuesday Burhan spoke of elections within nine months, in a written version of seven months, it said further. In addition, he had terminated all previous agreements with the Opposition on a transitional government, the conference heard.

After the violent dispersal of a protest camp on Monday the number of dead rose to at least 35, such as a doctors ‘ Association said. After three decades in Power, Sudan’s President Omar al-Bashir had been in April of the armed forces fell.

+++ 5.08 PM: the NRW-CDU in the Bundestag: Not too strong on climate policy focus +++

the head of The North Rhine-Westphalian CDU deputies in the Bundestag, Günter Krings, warns party leaders against focusing too much on climate policy. “Climate policy is important in the upcoming election also issues of Internal security and the rule of law, fighting in the East of Germany are decisive,” he said of the editors ‘ network of Germany. “Nothing is so dangerous as to the election campaigns of yesterday to prepare,” he said – obviously with a view to the success of the Greens in the European elections and the Greens had strongly set on environmental issues.

Common Recycling errors

Must be rinsed plastic waste prior to disposal?

1. September state elections in Saxony and Brandenburg, on 27. October selects Thuringia. In all countries, the AfD, especially the asylum policy of the Federal government, criticized, and deficiencies in public safety, denouncing, and strong.

+++ 2.35 PM: German consumed 2018 three billion plastic bags for fruit and vegetables +++

While the Germans are clearly less likely to plastic bags, the use of thin plastic bags for fruit and vegetables widely used. In the past year were consumed in Germany, slightly more than three billion of these so-called shirt bags, such as the “Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung”, citing the German Federal environment Ministry reported. This corresponds to an average of 37 plastic bag per consumer, only two less than in 2017, with a Per capita consumption of 39 bags.

+++ 2.34 PM: study: Many students don’t use Youtube for Learning +++

Youtube is for many children and young people just a pastime – every second young users, it is estimated the Video platform as a tool for the school. A representative study commissioned by the “Council for Cultural education”, which was presented on Tuesday in Berlin.

Almost half of the respondents of Youtube users are between 12 and 19 years (47 per cent). says accordingly, the Videos were important or very important in the case of the topics treated in the school. Much of it uses the Clips for house tasks, or to explain things that were not understood in the classroom.

+++ 2.10 p.m.: 17-Year-old loses in the case of shark attack in front of US-the East coast part of your leg +++

In the case of a shark attack on the US East coast, a 17 has been injured-Year-old heavy and has lost a part of your leg. Paige Winter, was attacked on the Fort Macon beach in the state of North Carolina of the shark, as her family announced on Monday. According to media reports, rannte her father into the water and hit the animal in the escape.


A shark in the Red sea in Egypt. What attack for an animal is just the Teenager in Florida, is not known.


The youth was flown with serious injuries to the hands and the left leg in a hospital. The Doctors had to amputate the leg above the knee. Her mother wrote on Facebook, Paige didn’t lose her sense of Humor despite the serious injury. She wanted everyone to know that in spite of the attack sharks “good people” were. Shark attacks in the United States are extremely rare. According to the International Wildlife Museum in Tucson, Arizona, the risk of a shark attack is a one-to-four million.

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