Brühl: Two dads fighting in front of a primary school in the hospital

In Brühl, near Cologne, a quarrel between the two fathers in front of an elementary school ended in a brawl. As reported by the police, had brought the 22-Year-old and his 37-year-old opponent before their children to school. In front of the elementary school, there was initially a verbal altercation, the report said. “Between the two families of cases were pending for quite some time,” the officials.

The argument escalated through the use of an iron rod and a knife. Police officers separated the men accused each other. The weapons used were seized, the brawlers hurt to outpatient treatment in various hospitals. Against both of these criminal proceedings are now under way.

Dortmund: 17-Year-old have to six years in jail

After a deadly dispute in a car Park, a 17-year-old student has been sentenced to six years and four months youth custody. The judge of the Dortmund district court punished the defendant on Wednesday because of bodily injury or death. The prosecution had sought a conviction for manslaughter.

about a year Ago, the then 16 should have attacked-Year-old, a year younger Known with a knife, following a quarrel between the two young Germans. A stitch had taken the victim to the heart. The 15-Year-old succumbed at the hospital for their severe injuries. The entire main hearing took place because of the young age of the accused, to the exclusion of the Public.

Neustadt on the Orla: rescue helicopter remains in the landing approach, hanging

In the Thuringian town of Neustadt an der Orla has been delayed by a mishap during the landing approach of a helicopter and the rescue action for an eight-year-old. As reported by the police, had been injured by the Boy previously in a traffic accident on the head. The helicopter should fly him to the hospital.

The Pilot overlooked, however, when landing on a nearby Skatepark with a bar and briefly on the ground and landed on it. “As a result, the helicopter tipped to the rear and came with a protection plate for the tail rotor on the ground. This sheet metal was damaged slightly,” according to the police. In addition, the blade snagged on the rod, which was cut off by the fire brigade.

couldn’t be resolved immediately on the spot whether the helicopter was in flying condition, has requested a second, which flew the seriously injured child to the hospital. According to police, the child’s life is in danger.

Kassel: 24 tons of chocolate plunge after Truck accident slope down

In the case of a truck accident, car fell on Valentine’s day close to the Hesse Kassel 24 tons of chocolate down an embankment. The driver of a semi-trailer ran over on Thursday a guard rail on the highway 44 and the embankment, crashed his fully loaded truck down, told the police. The 53-Year-old was injured in the accident easily.

The guard rail was damaged on one hundred meters. The truck plunged about 20 feet deep, and remained on the page. The water authority was agreed, because there was a danger that the fuel from the damaged vehicle flows. For use, take the A44 in direction of Dortmund has been locked for an hour. The salvage of the rig should only be done in the evening, then the highway should be blocked again.

Chemnitz: 18-Year-old fatal hit – motorist flees

An 18-Year-old has been on a country road in the Saxon Erzgebirge district at night and fatally injured driving. The young people ran in the night to Thursday on a road between Marienberg and Zschopau river at the edge of the road, as he was apparently hit by a car and in the road ditch thrown, the police announced in Chemnitz. The driver fled after the accident, without a care for the young man.

Federal police officers found the lifeless 18-Year-old later, and called the rescue forces. The emergency doctor could only note the death of the man. The police are now looking after the accident, the driver and a car that was front damage to the right or on the right-hand exterior mirror by the collision with the pedestrian.

Koblenz: Raser overtakes police on Federal road with 200

With a Tempo of 200, instead of the allowed 100 miles an hour, a motorist has been caught in Koblenz. Unfortunately for the 30-Year-old: He had overtaken on the highway by 9, of all things, a civil police vehicle contrary to the rules, the right and extremely on the accelerator kicked in. The officials showed the speeders, according to police information from the Wednesday – he’s on his driver’s license.

Arnsberg: investigators search for cause of house fire, three dead

After the house fire, three dead in Arnsberg to find the investigators, the still unexplained the cause of the fire. A brand is designed to help assessors, the public Prosecutor’s office in Arnsberg has been commissioned, the police announced on Wednesday evening. In addition, the public Prosecutor’s office ordered an autopsy.

According to initial findings, the fire broke out on the upper floor of the house and spread to the roof. Three male residents were killed. Firefighters found her lifeless in the burning house.

A dense column of smoke moved from the fire location in the direction of a residential area. The house is located in an industrial area near a local train station. Around 90 use of force came from.

news of Wednesday, 14. February

Nurse to the Deceased to your wealth

cheated on A Nurse from Berlin should have made it easier for with the help of two accomplices of a deceased 95-Year-old to two million euros. With the help of a power of attorney, the 72-Year old woman cheated her out of a fortune. As the Berlin police told, because of the suspicion on Wednesday, nine objects in the capital and in Brandenburg by addiction. Will be determined because of tape even fraud and infidelity.

The main perpetrator respected 72-year-old Nurse, and her 41 -, and 48-year-old mates would have suspected, given the Bank power of attorney abuse and the Elderly woman in order to your complete assets. It is, therefore, extensive evidence were seized funds and accounts frozen.

A majority of the assets had been secured, it said. Items had been seized, which could come from other Victims. The investigation leads the criminal investigation Department and the Prosecutor’s office in Berlin. In the search of the Brandenburg police and customs were involved.

Bochum: Fatal Robbery – police have set a reward of

After the Robbery in which a home owner was choking, hat the police in Bochum set up a reward in the amount of 4000 Euro. The officials said on Wednesday, asks the Prosecutor to have information which lead to the identification or capture of the perpetrators. The Robbery occurred on September 4. February. The resident came with her partner against 15.30 o’clock to go home. While her life partner was still in the garden, met the woman in the hallway of a sudden, the two masked and dark-clad burglar. The disabled woman was brought up by the two Unknown to the ground, and pieces of clothing covered. For two hours the men searched all the floors intensively for prey. When she heard no noises, agreed the 71-Year-old completely the police are scared. The officers found the 68-year-old life companion is often tied up and motionless on the floor. An emergency doctor could only conclude death. The autopsy revealed that he died at the scene of a non-natural suffocation death. Despite several warnings, the offender could not be taken. “The “homicide Hordel”, which is reached at the phone number 0234 / 909-5036, for instructions. Also every little observation can lead to the elucidation of this brutal crime!”, the police reports.


burglar came in the middle of the day – at the end of the house, the owner dead

Walldorf, Germany: police stop a Truck driver with 2.3 per Mille

but had fueled properly: In the baden-württemberg Walldorf, the police has drawn on the A6 a drunk Truck driver from the traffic. As the officials reported on Wednesday morning that it occurred to the man-to-17.40 a witness, because he drove him in a marked queue lines afterwards. At the junction Sinsheim-Steinsfurt, the officers stopped the 53-Year-old, and found a strong odor of alcohol on him. A guard led Test gave a value of 2.3 ppm. His driver’s license and the vehicle keys were kept. The 53-Year-old must now reckon with a DUI in road traffic.

news of Tuesday, 12. February

Raubling: child abduction, thanks to license plate recognition is stopped

privacy advocates, the automatic number plate recognition is a thorn in the eye. In Raubling near Rosenheim (Bavaria) has led the System on Sunday morning for the arrest of an arrest warrant, Elternpaars. The two Danes had brought to her own child, for you to concern legislation had been withdrawn, partially under the application of force from an establishment in Denmark and had fled in the direction of the South. Danish authorities had advertised the Couple and their vehicle, then, the international manhunt.

One of the border police Raubling used license plate recognition device was on Sunday Alarm, a little later, officials were able to stop the car, and the 20-and 34-year-old parents arrest. The six-month-old infant of the two is without prejudice to, in the care of the competent youth welfare office, handed over, police said.

Zeil am Main: Young recognizes alleged rapist again

In the lower Franconian town of Zeil am Main, a nine-year-old Boy has been detected last Wednesday, a man again, to have him in January twice raped. A immediately alerted Patrol took the 25-year-old suspect on the same day (6. February), preliminary, officials said on Monday. Therefore, the man resulted in his arrest among other things, an air pressure gun as well as a one-handed knife. Since last Thursday, the 2013 seats because of sexual abuse of a juvenile to a youth detention punishment Sentenced in custody.

The 25-Year-old is accused of the nine-year-old in January on the street addressed and have seriously sexually abused. It’s supposed to be in two cases also to the rape of the child came. The victim had reported to the police after the second act of his mother entrusted to the then display. Since then, was determined by police and prosecutors.

On Wednesday of last week, the nine-year-old again realized his alleged torturers then on the open road, so that it came to the arrest.

Berlin, addicted to drugs, stolen property searches – in an office of the LKA

In search of stolen property, a drug is marching a consumer initially unnoticed in the Berlin Landeskriminalamt (LKA). The 45-Year-old was discovered on Monday in a short-term not occupied the office, as the police announced on Tuesday. The apparently planned theft. Against the man, a display was made for trespassing.

Apparently, the 45-Year-old came through an entrance to the LKA, which leads into a not open to the Public building complex. The security gap were closed, according to police.

Owschlag: car on tracks – disabilities in railway service

A car driver is caught in Schleswig-Holstein with your car on a railway line and caused a blockage, of the more than 20 trains were affected. According to information from the Federal police of Tuesday, the 56-Year-old in Owschlag lost on a parallel to the tracks, road control of your vehicle.

she drove onto the tracks and got stuck. The driver of a train on the opposite track, noticed the mishap, and gave the Alarm. Police officers drove to the scene, a tow truck, the car had to mountains. The driver remained unharmed, the officials said in Flensburg. The railway line between Neumünster and Flensburg was closed because of the incident of Monday evening, one and a half hours long. 23 trains were affected.

Münster: the child is taken 70 kilometres without shoes and wet socks on the road

At the main station in Münster in Germany have officials of the Federal police, a nine-year-old child in reception. As officials have informed, on Tuesday morning, logged on to the Monday lunch at around 13: 30 the conductor of a regional Express, and explained that to travel from Wanne-Eickel, Germany to Münster, a child traveling alone without shoes Westphalia. Officials took the boy, due to the lack of shoes and completely soaked, and holed socks, visibly cold was on the guard, and gave him a hot cocoa. She quickly found out that he was from a children’s home in Herne gotten out, since he forbade himself with a consistently occupied the TV absolutely does not agree able to explain. The nine-year-old opted for a “protest walk” to the train station, Wanne-Eickel and in the more than 70 kilometres away in Münster. The station mission in Münster, organised by the Federal police warm socks and shoes. An educator, the child finally took essential.

Schwerin: 17-Year-old, according to Instagram-armed attack has been offended

A 17-Year-old in Schwerin of two young men and assaulted. The police announced on Tuesday morning, there was previously between the Parties to a dispute on the Social Media platform Instagram. The two suspects from the district of Ludwigslust/Parchim were made by the officials on Saturday evening at 19.15 clock in the vicinity of the crime scene, the Marie square gallery, apprehended, they denied the fact and said that there had been no confrontation. Against them, an investigation was initiated on suspicion of assault and insult.

white water: Three kangaroos from the wildlife Park, probably ripped

In the district of Görlitz (Eastern Saxony) have been ripped in a wildlife Park, three kangaroos. A staff of animal parks, white water found a dead animal in the night to Saturday in his enclosure, as the police Görlitz announced on Monday. The night before, zookeepers had already discovered two dead kangaroos. The traces of the animals after they were ripped. Like the MDR reports should be according to experts, a Fox for the death of the animals responsible. Animal parks would always do it again with wild foxes. Ducks and storks would be locked, therefore, at night in the stable. The kangaroo system is a electric fence to unlock in the evening, however, after investigation of the incident, two defective areas discovered were.

Horb: footballer rescue man from burning building

In baden-württemberg, Horb has saved a football team with a man from a burning urban accommodation. As the police said, noticed the players on Monday evening, the fire and brought the 54-Year-old out of his apartment, which was already in flames. Shortly thereafter, the fire in the first floor spread. The rescued residents and a 19-year-old helper inhaled toxic smoke and came to the hospital. Another resident suffered abrasions. Firefighters extinguished the fire in Horb, a small town on the river Neckar. The damage amounts to around 50,000 euros. The 54-Year-old have sparked the fire, possibly by the negligent Act itself, it said.

news from Monday, the 11. February

Munich, nooner in a foreign car to an abrupt place at the end of

Sometimes it needs to go just quickly to the end of your to have sex is a Munich, had not a young Couple but sure: As reported by the police, had a 27-Year-old and a one year younger woman for your Tête-à-Tête is a strange and unlocked selected a parked car, they found themselves locked up, then all of a sudden.

Thus, had met the two shortly before in a nightclub, told the officials on Monday. In search of a secluded spot on Sunday evening in the city center of Munich, you would have discovered the car unlocked at the roadside stand. “You just want to have fun”, said the police and wrote on Twitter: #if urgent and #caravanoflove.

The pleasure was a sudden end, as the lovers found that the car had doors from the inside is no longer open. In their Distress, they alerted the police, who freed her with the help of the fire brigade.

What happened to the 27-Year-old Munich, and his 26-year-old attendant from the area of Starnberg, the police are not known. “We do not know whether we can, in nine months re-sampling duties,” said a spokesman. It was unclear what the owner of the car says to the incident. His car had to be towed in because the doors were after the liberation action is not more close.

Bergheim: woman admits after ten years, murder of husband

In a ten-year-old murder case, the Cologne homicide Commission is the wife of the victim. The police announced on Monday morning, it should have killed the 37-Year-old in 2008, her husband. Peter J. from the North Rhine-Westphalian Bergheim was at the time, disappeared at the age of 46 without a trace from his life environment and was never reported missing. 19. June 2008, a Walker was on the banks of the river Maas, near the Belgian town of Amay a dead person was wrapped in a plastic bag. The corpse had stab wounds, arms, and legs were missing. On the right shoulder a tattoo with the German name, Sabine and Peter. Until the end of 2018, following a repeat airing of the Case in the Mug show “aktenzeichen XY ungelöst”, managed by Belgian investigators of the evidence, that it was found the Torso parts of the body of J. it. Since it was assumed that the body had only been in Belgium placed, the Cologne public Prosecutor’s investigations in the living environment of the Killed. After several hours of interrogation, the 37-year-old wife of the victim, has confessed to the crime. A judge has issued at the request of the public Prosecutor’s office arrest warrant for murder.

beautiful forest: girls of roof avalanche

In Schönwald in the black forest, spilled a girl from a roof avalanche is spilled and dangerous to life had been violated. The eight-year-old was buried under the masses of Snow completely, as the police announced on Sunday. The parents and called first responders freed the child with blades and tried to revive. According to a further supply by the rescue forces, the child was placed with a rescue helicopter to a hospital. According to a police spokesperson, were mounted on the roof of a private house in the village of Schonwald in the black forest, no snow guards. Whether the area was secured below the house roof, was initially unclear. This is now the subject of investigations.

Freren: hut on the camping explode, because the man lit up a cigarette?

In lower Saxony, Freren, it came on a Sunday afternoon at a campsite to an Explosion. The police announced on Monday morning, was injured a 46-Year-old it heavy. The sister of the man noticed in front of the Detonation gas smell in the wooden hut and opened together with her brother to the window, so that the Gas exhaled which is presumably a catalytic furnace. Then she left the hut. A little later the shack exploded and was destroyed completely. The 46-year-old resident was in people’s livesdangerous hurt. He had to be taken to a hospital to Lingen. The first investigation that he had fired just prior to the Detonation of a cigarette. Whether the Explosion was caused by the fact, is still unclear. The police are investigating.


The wooden hut is situated after the gas explosion in the ruins

©Nord-West-Media TV dpa Edewecht: Navi guides Audi-driver in the coastal channel

In Edewecht-Husbäke in Oldenburg travel for an Audi driver ended up in a canal. The police announced, received the officials on Sunday 18 at an emergency call that in the height of a peat plant, a passenger in the coastal channel of dangers. The driver had not been able to independently release from the vehicle. The police officers of the 69 learned-Year-old, that he was of his navigation system in the dark and with light rain in the curve area on the site of a peat plant, and there, in addition to a loading station, go straight through the harbour’s edge in the coastal channel guide. Even before the car was dropped, he had to escape through an open side window. On Land, he stopped a passing car, whose driver had finally been dispatched to the emergency. Since the Audi had by now fallen completely and no longer visible in the murky water from the shore, were requested for the Search and rescue work, the use of divers, the DLRG. In addition, the ship traffic was blocked. Only at 23 o’clock the operation was completed.

sources: press portal police

news from Germany the week of January 21. up to 27. January you can find here:


Overtaking manoeuvres on the Federal road ends in disaster

Nienburg: Overtaking manoeuvres on the Federal road failure – two of the Dead +++ Homburg: woman violently in the car, dragged and kidnapped +++ news from Germany.


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