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Pompeo: USA do not want war with Iran (18.17 hrs)investigators suspect after a body was discovered in the state of Brandenburg, apparently, Auftragstat (16.14)number of xenophobic crimes increased sharply (11.48 PM)CJ: employers must track working times (9.48 PM)glyphosate-process: billion penalty for Bayer (0.30 PM)

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+++ 21.25 PM: Putin: relations between Russia and the United States is credible +++

Kremlin chief Vladimir Putin the intention of the Dialogue between Russia and the United States has referred to as credible. “It was only recently that I had to call the pleasure of the U.S. President,” Putin said at a Meeting with US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo in Sochi. “I had the impression that it is in their mutual interest, the Russian-American relations in full.” Putin have spoken with Donald Trump in the phone call at the beginning of may intense about it. “I hope that there is now the necessary conditions for it.”

+++ 21.02: worker dies in Monday to work on the chunks +++

On the summit of the Brocken, a man is at Work on an antenna died. The 53-year-old Assembly line worker had become while working in the resin in 123 meters in height, unconscious, and a staff member lifeless have been found, police said. It was succeeded to rescue the man and bring it to a platform. There he died despite Resuscitation one hour later. Why the lower Saxon village of Weener strain was the end of the 53-Year-old unconscious and died, was initially unclear. The criminal investigation is determined.

+++ 20.30: the British General sees no increased Iranian threat to the U.S. +++

For the U.S. troops in the Middle East, there is no increased threat posed by per after presentation of a British General-Iranian militias. There is no increase in the risk for the soldiers of the U.S.-led military coalition in Iraq and Syria by the Iran-allied militia, said General Chris Ghika, spokesman for the Alliance, on Tuesday in the Pentagon transmitted a telephone conference.

+++ 20.05 PM: Iran’s spiritual leader: “There will be no war” +++

in Spite of the present severe tensions attributed to Iran’s spiritual leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, according to its own information with an armed conflict with the United States. In the case of the confrontation between Tehran and Washington, it was more a Test of your resolve as a military measure, said Khamenei, according to its official Website, in a speech before government officials. “This conflict is not military, because there will be no war.”

+++ 19: 00: warrant on Facebook shared COP will have to pay 1200 Euro +++

A police officer from Baden-Württemberg, had split after the death of a German in Chemnitz, a warrant of arrest against a suspect Iraqis are on Facebook, have to pay 1200 Euro. The money had already been received, said a spokesman for the public Prosecutor’s office responsible. In order for the matter to be settled. The man had seen his mistake and also not the one who was, who published the arrest warrant first.

justice scandal

Published arrest warrant from Chemnitz: proceedings against other prison officials

The scandal of the leaked arrest warrant from Chemnitz draws more circles. As the Saxon public Prosecutor’s office confirmed that proceedings against other officials.

DPA +++ 18.59 at: Other democratic presidential candidates in the USA ++

The already crowded field of presidential candidates in the US-Democrats is still full. Also the Governor of the state of Montana, Steven Bullock announced to apply for the candidacy. Now 22 representatives of the opposition party want to compete next year against President Donald Trump.

+++ 18.17 PM: Pompeo: from the USA do not want war with Iran +++

Washington is seeking, in the words of US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo of any military conflict with Iran. “We see, in principle, no war with Iran,” said Pompeo after a Meeting with his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov in Sochi. Lavrov said that he had led with Pompeo “open and useful” talks on the conflicts in Venezuela and Syria and Iran.

+++ 17.55 PM: Left calling for the Declaration of a climate state of emergency by the Bundestag +++

The left group, the Declaration of a climate state of emergency calls by the Bundestag. The corresponding request, the deputies decided today without the mood on the group meeting in Berlin. This is coupled with the demand for the immediate adoption of a national climate protection law.

the First city in Germany

Constance calls a “climate emergency” – what is behind this decision


With the Declaration of a climate state of emergency as demanded by the international student movement Fridays for the Future, Germany would follow the example of great Britain and Ireland, as well as a number of cities. International this are, among other things, Basel, Oakland and Vancouver. In Germany, it was previously call the in constancy of the climate state of emergency, in Heidelberg, a Declaration by the mayor must be confirmed by the city Council. In many other municipalities, there are relevant initiatives.

+++ 17.39 PM: justice official diluted blood sample for alcohol travel with water +++

After two alcohol a hearing officer of the Central justice laboratory of the Netherlands rides the own blood samples, secretly diluted with water. “I didn’t want anyone to know of my alcohol problems,” said the 39-Year-old before the court in The Hague. The police stopped a woman, in the case of a breath alcohol test revealed very high values, was later passed at the weekend in the lab, had sought out their own blood sample and diluted with water. She flew anyway, because in the criminal proceedings due to alcohol at the wheel of the high values from the Blow resulted in Demands that the blood sample was because of the added water to be hard and also an additional sample existed, had not found the woman, and diluted.

The Prosecutor demanded twelve months ‘ imprisonment, four of them on probation, because of the manipulations that have harmed the Reputation of the Dutch forensic Institute. Your Job at the Institute, where she had worked for eleven years, is going on the woman also.

+++ 17.20: After shots in Rüsselsheim, Germany arrested two Suspects +++

a Good two weeks after the shots in the city center of Rüsselsheim, in the case of a conflict between two Familienclans have taken the investigators to two Suspects. The arrests were made in an apartment in the Bishop’s home, informed the police and the public Prosecutor’s office in Darmstadt, Germany. Accordingly, special forces were deployed. No further Details were given. The previous investigations that the two families, which came at the end of April to the discussion in the Hessian city. The fact was not, apparently, a feud of the two families, a danger to innocent bystanders, the investigators saw. By the shots, a man had been slightly injured. A 28-year-old suspect came out shortly after the fact, due to an attempted Homicide in custody.

+++ 16.50 PM: in Berlin, police are allowed to reject applicants due to Tattoos +++

The Land of Berlin is allowed to reject applicants for a job as a security guard at the police station, if visible Tattoos arouse doubts as to the loyalty to the Constitution. The regional labour court of Berlin-Brandenburg decided according to an order published today. A man with tattoos of revolver cartridges, skulls and the word “omerta” on the Arm had applied unsuccessfully for a position on the object of protection and the court was to proceed against the cancellation. The term “omerta” refers to the duty of confidentiality in the case of the Mafia and other criminal organizations.

The court held that, the Land of Berlin was allowed to have because of the Tattoos doubt “that the applicant will at any time defend the free democratic basic order within the meaning of the basic law”. It is irrelevant whether the applicant was in fact constitutional. It is on the point of view of an observer. The decision may not be appealed.

+++ 16.14 PM: investigators suspect after a body was discovered in the state of Brandenburg, apparently, Auftragstat +++

Two in the Brandenburg forest found dead men according to one report, possibly the victim of a contract murder. The two had been Serbian citizens, of which an Informant for the Federal criminal police office had been reported to the “Märkische Allgemeine Zeitung”. Therefore, the investigators believe that the men were on a “death list”. The competent public Prosecutor’s office in Cottbus could not be reached for comment. At the site of a Forest fire close to forestry investigators have found multiple firearms with silencers, the newspaper reported. Citing “several sources from the security sector,” it said in addition, a third Serb was difficult to escape hurt, and I reported to the authorities.

the bodies of The men were yesterday in an apartment in forest, in southern Brandenburg found. The authorities did not provide any information on the identity of the victims or causes of death. It is clear, however, that the investigators assume that due to the track location of a homicide.

+++ 15.42 PM: French company wants to electrically bring-powered paddle Board in the trade +++

The electrification of transportation also reaches the water sports. The French company Redwood paddle, a manufacturer of boards for the so-called Stand-up Paddling, it has to offer from the beginning of June at a price of around 5000 Euro, a so-called “Power Foil”, as head of the company Chris Defrance announced. The battery of the electronic Board should be sufficient for one and a half hours. The vehicle is thanks to a submerged Wing – called Foil floating with up to 40 kilometers per hour, seemingly on the water. These Foils are currently surfing in water sports from Kite to the wind becoming more and more popular, as they allow, depending on the conditions, a better Glide over the water than normal boards.

+++ 15.36 PM: three-year-old child survived a fall from the fifth floor, + + +

In baden-württemberg, Pforzheim, Germany, has been injured a three-year-old child in a fall from the fifth floor of a house difficult. It fell 15 metres from a balcony onto the sidewalk, police said. A Relative was, therefore, also on the balcony. The child suffered severe, but according to initial findings, no life-threatening injuries. Passers-by had observed the action and immediately, the rescue service informed. The child was placed with a rescue helicopter to a hospital. The reason for the fall from yesterday afternoon is unclear. The police started investigations on the cause of the eyes and asked witnesses to sign.

+++ 15.31 PM: earthquake of magnitude 7.7 in Papua new Guinea – tsunami-warning +++

In the South Pacific between Papua new Guinea and the island group of the Solomon Islands it has been late in the evening (local time) a strong earthquake. The attack occurred just registered shocks to the strength of the 7.7 just under 30 kilometres to the North-East of the town of Kokopo the Papua-new Guinea belonging to the island of Britain. The centre was thus about ten kilometers depth. The weather Agency NOAA warned of a Tsunami in the Region. Accordingly, hazardous Tsunami waves within a radius of 1000 kilometres, mainly along the coasts of the Islands are a result of the quake.

+++ 15.05 PM: Two men in Brandenburg backgrounds killed – unclear +++

After the discovery of two dead men, investigators are looking for in the land Brandenburg, of small-town forest next to the tracks. Forensic technicians are on the spot, police suchtn the grounds around the building, were found in the gesern the bodies. The men were according to police, the victim of a violent crime. A third man was flown to the information of the “Lusatian Rundschau” yesterday with a helicopter seriously injured in a hospital. The Prosecutor’s office did not want to comment on that.

The “Märkische Allgemeine Zeitung” reports of possible Links to Organised crime. In a forest at forest, also shot, had been found in weapons. To do this, and the identity of the two dead, and whether it may have been gang-related, would not comment, a spokesman for the Prosecutor’s office of Cottbus, on demand.

+++ 15.03 PM: In the UK more EU citizens are working than a year ago +++

In the UK shortly before the originally planned exit of the country from the European Union worked more EU citizens than in the previous year. Almost 2.4 million foreigners with an EU passport were employed in the first three months of this year in the UK, almost 100,000 more than in the same period of the previous year, as the UK statistics authority reported. The British had voted in June 2016 for the phase-out of the EU. Compared with the first three months of 2016, the beginning of this year, there were nearly 240,000 EU citizens more active in the UK. The Brexit to the scheduled date of 29. March failed, because members of the rejected, the exit agreement with Brussels. The new deadline is until the end of October.

+++ 14.49 Watch: Man City rejects report of possible Champions-League-lock +++

The English soccer champion Manchester City has denied media reports of an impending exclusion from the Champions League in the next season. You will cooperate fully with the Uefa financial control body (CFCB IC) and rely on “the independence of the CFCB IC and their commitment to the proper process,” said the Association.

The “New York Times” had reported yesterday, threatening the City for violations of the Financial Fair Play of European football Union at least one year of lock in the king class. The Uefa club financial control authority should have been finished two weeks ago, their investigation because of alleged financial irregularities at the Club. Manchester City described the report to “people familiar with the case”, professions, as “extremely worrying”. You are not going to comment on the ongoing investigation.

+++ 14.37 watch: crackdown on care services – billing fraud in the intensive care +++

The police have uncovered a large-scale billing fraud on the part of care services for the intensive care of respiratory patients. 130 police officers and prosecutors have searched homes and offices at 19 locations in Berlin, Brandenburg and Schleswig-Holstein. Three people have been arrested according to police sources Tuesday. Including a 63-year-old German residing in Spain, who is said to have organized the fraud scheme.

The police believe that at least since 2013, mainly from Eastern Europe as an intensive care nurse, and nurses were not used, even though they were qualified. Certificates have been falsified. The very demanding and intensive care of the respiratory patient is usually a 24-hour care. Monthly health insurance cost 20.000 euros per Patient. According to the current state of a damage of 1.5 million euros. This sum could increase significantly.

+++ 14.28 across the EU, significantly more male than female nest stool +++

live In the EU, every third man between 25 and 34 years, with the parents, in the case of women in the same age group, it is only every fifth. The current data of the EU statistics authority Eurostat. When comparing the 28 member States show considerable differences.

according to Eurostat, living in the North the lowest proportion of young people with their parents. In Denmark there are only 3.2 percent of 25 – to 34-Year-olds, in Finland, 4.7% in Sweden to 6.0 percent.

most of The nest stools are there in the southern and Eastern EU countries. Leaders are Croatia, Slovakia and Greece, where almost 60 percent of 25 – to 34-live Years with their parents.

+++ 13.41 PM: man dies in attacks on Muslims after terrorist attacks in Sri Lanka +++

in Spite of an output of a man has been killed barrier in the case of violence against Muslims in Sri Lanka. A low-volume stabbed the 45-Year-old in the village of Nattandiya, the police announced. Members of the ethnic group, the Sinhalese had read previously demanded that a mosque in the area is about 60 kilometers North of the capital Colombo. The predominantly Buddhist Sinhalese, the majority of the population in the island state. After the devastating attacks by Islamists on Easter Sunday, some Muslims had expressed concern over possible retaliatory actions.

+++ 13.31 PM: Flixbus is happy about the birth of the first Baby on Board +++

The company Flixbus is happy about the first birth of a baby on Board one of its buses. The “happy event” happened about a week ago, in France, in the case of a long-distance journey from Barcelona to Brussels, Flixbus in Munich. The little girl by the name of Zenep was at a highway rest stop came with the help of paramedics of the rescue service to the world. It is all good.

+++ 13.29 am: Five arrests after the attack on the Strasbourg Christmas market +++

Five months after the attack on the Strasbourg Christmas market, there have been further arrests. The police took five Suspects into custody, as an investigator said. According to the newspaper “Le Parisien” to have delivered the possible accomplices in age from 23 to 46 years, the assassin Chérif Chekatt weapons.

+++ 13.05 PM: German more for fairly traded products made +++

Every German has spent in the past year, an average of 19 euros for products with a “Fairtrade”label. The strong increase in demand for fair-traded Goods, especially bananas, coffee and cocoa was the “fair trade”sales in 2018, up by 22 percent to more than 1.6 billion Euro to rise, as TRANS said fair in Berlin. The Association awards the right to use the “Fairtrade”Logo, against a licence fee to traders and producers.

Especially the rise in cocoa, traded according to fair Standards: sales increased, according to data of the seal provider, in comparison to the previous year by 48 per cent to 55 000 tonnes. Coffee sales rose by 11 percent to 20 000 tonnes. And 92 000 fair traded bananas went 2018 over the shop counters, 6 per cent more than in 2017.

+++ 12.58 PM: power Minister: drones attack on oil Pipeline in Saudi Arabia +++

In Saudi Arabia have been attacked, according to official figures, two Ölpumpstationen of armed drones. The state Oil company Saudi Aramco have set for security reasons, the operation of the East-West Pipeline, the Oil from the Eastern province in the port of Janbu is transported, said Saudi Arabia’s Minister of energy, Khaled al Falih

+++ 12: 00: Frauke Petry brings the sixth child to the world +++

The former AfD Leader Frauke Petry has become according to her husband, Marcus Pretzell for the sixth time mother. The family had welcomed a daughter, Pauline “a healthy and alive in life,” wrote Pretzell in the short message service Twitter. It is Petrys second child with the MEPs. Overall, both now have ten children.

Petry was left after the entry of the AfD into the Bundestag in 2017 from the party. The outlet internal power were gone fighting. Together with Pretzell, also a former AfD-politician, founded shortly after the so-called blue party.

+++ 11.48 PM: the number of xenophobic offences 2018 +++

increased increase in The number of xenophobic crimes in the past year by almost 20 percent to around 7700. A similar rise recorded die security authorities in anti-Semitic crimes. The Federal interior Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU) said at the presentation of the statistics on politically motivated crime in the year 2018. Seehofer stressed that almost 90 percent of the 1799 anti-Semitic crimes from 2018, be allocated to the “phenomenon of the area to the right”.

A still greater increase of the police registered the case of offences connected with political conflicts abroad. For example, after the start of the Turkish military offensive in Syria’s Afrin to attacks on several facilities, which are visited by Turkey-born. The number of crimes of radical Islamists. This could be related, according to the security agencies that the terrorist militia Islamic state was pushed back in Syria and in Iraq. According to the Federal criminal police office 910 crimes with Islamophobic nature (previous year: 1075) were recognised in the 2018 nationwide, and 121 Christians enemy offences (previous year: 129).

+++ 11.45 PM: Pompeo-visit: the characters between the USA and Russia suggest relaxation +++

Before the Meeting, US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo, the Russian head of state Vladimir Putin, both countries have their hopes on a relaxation of their conflict of relationship-rich expressed. “We may be on some issues of a different opinion, but if it is in the interest of our Nations, it is our responsibility to find a way forward,” wrote Pompeo on Tuesday in the short message service Twitter. Russia’s Deputy foreign Minister Sergei Riabkow the Interfax news Agency said, Pompeos visit could possibly help to stabilise the bilateral relationship to “something”. The US Secretary of state wants to meet on Tuesday afternoon in the black sea city of Sochi, first of all, his Russian colleague Sergei Lavrov. Following a joint meeting with the Kremlin chief Putin is planned.

+++ 11.13 PM: Lügde: Prosecutor lays first charges of child abuse before +++

After months of investigations the workup of the mass is advancing child abuse in Lügde, North Rhine-Westphalia. Against two of the three accused, a 56-year-old campers, and a 49-Year-old man, has presented to the public prosecution in Detmold, the indictments. The district court of Detmold confirmed. The indictment against the third accused, a 34-year-old man, will follow “soon,” said a spokesman for the office of the Prosecutor.

The accused 56-year duration of the camper is heavier accused of sexual abuse. The penalty is two to a maximum of 15 years. A sentence above ten years in prison is possible, said the spokesman for the Prosecutor’s office. The indictment NDR, WDR and “Süddeutsche Zeitung had reported” first.

+++ 10.55 PM: concentration of CO2 reaches a historical maximum +++

US scientists have recorded the highest concentration of CO2 in the earth’s atmosphere since the beginning of their records. The Mauna Loa Observatory in Hawaii, which makes since the 1950s, measurements, recorded on Saturday 415,26 parts per Million (ppm), as the researchers announced. Finally, the CO2 levels were three million years ago.

“This shows that we are on the right path, in order to protect the climate. The value increases every year,” said Wolfgang Lucht from the Potsdam Institute for climate impact research to the AFP news Agency.

for The last four years, the previously warmest since the beginning of recording. In spite of the Paris climate agreement, and a growing Awareness of the Public, year for year, more CO2 is released. The average temperature of the earth’s surface has increased since pre-industrial time to a degree.

+++ 10.49 am: Merkel is committed to climate neutrality by 2050 +++

German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) wants to find in the climate Cabinet is a way to make Germany carbon neutral by 2050. “The discussion is not to say, whether we can achieve it. But: How we can achieve it,” said the Chancellor on Tuesday at the international Petersberg climate dialogue in Berlin. This does not mean that no greenhouse gases are likely to be launched, but the need to offset emissions through afforestation or storage. If the climate Cabinet to find a “reasonable answer”, it could connect the country to the Initiative, with the aim of making the EU by 2050 climate-neutral.

+++ 10.41 PM: “Lifeline”-captain in Malta, sentenced to a monetary penalty +++

The captain of a migrant rescue ship, the Dresden, the auxiliary organization’s Mission Lifeline, has been convicted in Malta to a monetary penalty. Claus-Peter Reisch had to pay 10,000 Euro to local charities, with the shared Mission Lifeline after the ruling. To was not a prison sentence Reisch convicted.

The captain in the Bavarian town of Landsberg am Lech, had saved last June, with the ship in “Lifeline” of more than 230 migrants off the Libyan coast of the Mediterranean sea. He was accused of does not have a properly registered boat controlled.

for Days, the ship was blocked, the fleet under the Dutch flag. It was only allowed to invest in Malta, after several EU countries had promised to take the refugees.

+++ 10.33 PM: plane collision off the coast of Alaska – According to the authorities, so far four of the Dead +++

The collision of two floatplanes in the air in front of the southern coast of Alaska, according to the latest authorities ‘ information, four people lost their lives. Two people are still missing, and ten passengers were rescued and provided with medical treatment, such as Alaska, the coast guard said. The extent of their injuries was unknown.

US media reported five dead, relying on the shipping company “Princess Cruises” – in addition to the pilots, the passengers of the cruise ship “Royal Princess” in the single-engine flight were witnesses. They had booked the trip through Alaska’s southern tip, on Monday during your boat trip.

+++ 10.24 PM: soccer star Neymar wins trademark dispute in the EU court +++

The Brazilian football star Neymar has won a legal dispute over the trademark rights to his name in front of the EU court. By a third party registered brand “NEYMAR” was null and void, stated the judges in Luxembourg (case T-795/17). Against the judgment may be taken within two months at the higher European court of justice (ECJ).

Background of the Case was a prolonged confrontation between the Brazilian national team player and professional in the French first division club Paris Saint-Germain, as well as a Portuguese. This was secured in 2013, the brand rights for “NEYMAR” in the EU for clothing, footwear and headgear. The EU court came to the conclusion that the Portuguese, the Bekanntheit of the footballer wanted to take advantage of.

+++ 10.22 PM: Bayer-share loses to the new Jury’s decision to glyphosate +++

The share of the chemical giant Bayer has, after a further legal defeat in the US for the US subsidiary of Monsanto further lost value. The papers of the group fell in Frankfurt am Main by 2.55 percent to 55 euros. On Monday, a Jury had ruled in Oakland, California, that Monsanto will have to pay a Few more than two billion dollars in damages.

Since the Acquisition, Monsanto, Bayer has lost 45 percent of market value. Bayer had the purchase of the US Agricultural and seed group for 63 billion dollars (currently around 56 billion euros) last June completed.

+++ 09.59 PM: Bremen CDU-chief Kastendiek dead +++

The Bremen CDU land Chairman and former Senator for economic Affairs, Jörg Kastendiek has died after a serious illness at the age of 54 years. The CDU-land Association announced on Tuesday. The engineer led the CDU of Germany’s smallest Federal state, since the end of 2012 and was from 2005 to 2007, a Senator for economy, ports and culture. Kastendiek was a member of over 25 years in the state legislature of the Bremen city Parliament, on 26. May be re-elected. The Deputy CDU Chairman, Jens Eckhoff, was deeply affected and said: “His untimely death has left us all stunned.”

+++ 09: 48: ECJ: employers must record work hours systematically +++

employers should be obliged by a judgement of the European court of justice, to capture the working hours of their employees in a systematic way. All EU States would need to prevail, decided the top EU judges in Luxembourg. Only in this way could check whether permissible working hours are exceeded. And only the EU directives and the EU Charter of fundamental rights guaranteed workers ‘ rights guarantee.

The ruling could have a major impact on the everyday working life in Germany. Because not in all sectors of work, are recognised in the periods in a systematic way. Had complained a Spanish Union, who wanted to commit to the local branch of the Deutsche Bank, the daily hours of their employees to record and compliance with the laid down working hours. (Case C-55/18)

+++ 09.29 PM: Thais get a new Queen Extra holiday +++

Thailand’s king Maha Vajiralongkorn (66) has provided his countrymen with the fourth wedding an extra day off. The birthday of his new wife, Queen Suthida (40), 3. June, was officially raised to the status of a national holiday. The king and the former Stewardess, one of his former Bodyguards, had married at the beginning of the month, a few days before the official coronation of the monarch. The two often are in Bavaria. There Maha Vajiralongkorn – epithet of Rama X. – on the Starnberger see lake, a Villa.

+++ 09.03 PM: stowaway shortly before departure in Malaysia +++

At an airport in Malaysia, a stowaway has been discovered discovered in the landing gear of a cargo plane. The 39-year-old man from Indonesia had been in hiding there, to come to a free home, as the state news Agency Bernama reported. In the case of a final check before Takeoff at the airport of the island of Penang, he was found by a technician – probably to his own happiness. The project would have ended with some probability of death.

The Indonesians are employed in Malaysia in a poultry factory. He did not have enough money to afford a Ticket. The flight from Penang in his home town of Medan on the Indonesian island of Sumatra only takes about 50 minutes. The plane is at high altitude where freezing temperatures prevail. Moreover, it happened several times in the past, that blind passengers were crushed in the landing gear during takeoff or during landing.

+++ 08.42 PM: the number of attacks on homosexuals in France at record high +++

In France, the number of physical attacks on homosexuals, Bisexuals and Transgender in 2018 rose to a record high. The organization “SOS homophobia” were reported 231 cases – 66 percent more than in the previous year, as its annual report shows. 2018 was “a black year” for LGBT-people (lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender), shared the organization

+++ 08.39 PM: shots fired in a residential house – Three Dead and two injured in St. Louis +++

In a house In the US city of St. Louis, three men were killed under unexplained circumstances, by gunfire. Two other people were injured in the incident in the North of the metropolis in the state of Missouri, one of them life-threatening, said police chief John Hayden. It was unclear whether the man had known. In the case of the three dead were black men in their 20 or 30 years, said Hayden.

+++ 07.31 PM: body of spent house in Neunkirchen, Germany salvaged +++

Two days after a fire in a residential building in the Saarland town of Neunkirchen, responders have recovered the body of a woman from the destroyed building. To whom it is, was still unclear, a police spokeswoman said in Saarbrücken. On the eve of the first Attempts to salvage the corpse, which had seen use forces when you Delete had been cancelled, first of all.

A family of three was still unaccounted for. Whether the recovered body of a member of this family, still needed to be clarified, said the spokeswoman.

+++ 07.02 PM: Nasa-images-shrinking moon +++

the show is evidenced by the published analysis of images of the US space Agency, Nasa, that the moon is slowly getting smaller. The reason is the fact that the once much hotter moon can’t cool down gradually. About 50 meters he has lost already in diameter, however, within several hundred million years.

+++ 05.35 PM: success for Duterte in the mid-term elections in the Philippines +++

In the parliamentary election in the Philippines has been able to increase the stock of President Rodrigo Duterte, apparently. In the upper house, the Senate, won, supporters of the international controversial President, according to unofficial results, probably not all of the twelve new seats. After the counting of 94 percent of the vote, the Duterte-layer candidates anywhere in the front. Overall, niches the upper house 24 senators seats in the Philippines.

+++ 05.09 PM: Stasi-Review in the public service is to be extended +++

Senior staff in the public service should also be able in the future to a previous activity for the GDR state security. The applicable regulation, which expires at the end of 2019, solle, by 2030, be extended, according to the editors ‘ network of Germany. This will see a draft of the new Stasi documents law, which was the RND. Today should be discussed in the Cabinet.

the Mariana trench in the Pacific

Americans appears eleven kilometers deep in the Pacific and finds a plastic bag

DPA +++ 04.10 PM: man dives seven miles in the Pacific and finds garbage +++

An American adventurer is immersed, according to one of the deepest points of the earth where it found garbage. Victor Vescovo reported in New York that he was several times dipped into the Mariana trench in the Pacific ocean, among other things, 10.928, and 10.927 meters deep. Thus, it would be according to information from the Expedition to the deepest dives of the people in the story.

During one of these trips he had “two pieces of human garbage found. It is not quite clear what it was, but it was certainly made by the hand of man,” said the 53-Year-old in the Explorers Club in New York.

a $ 15,000 bribe

Reumütiger appearance: actress Felicity Huffman is committed in the Uni-scandal guilty

DPA +++04.05 PM: Huffman is committed in the Uni-scandal of the bribery guilty +++

In the bribery scandal of approvals to elite universities, an American actress, Huffman has pleaded guilty. In tears, she admitted at a hearing in an attempt to increase the chances of your daughter on a good place to study by making a payment. With the admission of Huffman avoids expected to be a spectacular process and a long prison sentence. Huffman admitted in your court appointment in Boston to have the $ 15,000 (approximately 13,000 Euro) will be paid for your daughter at Uni entry scores test SAT better.

+++ 03.59 PM: Four Dead in plane collision in Alaska +++

The collision of two floatplanes in the air in front of the southern coast of Alaska, four people came to authorities with information about life. Two people are still missing, and ten passengers were rescued and provided with medical treatment, such as the U.S. coast guard in the Morning (local time) announced. The extent of the injuries was unknown. US media reported the injured of the three, whose condition was serious. Several media had initially reported citing the shipping company “Princess Cruises” five-dead – in the single-engine aircraft, passengers of the cruise ship “Royal Princess”. Four tourists and a Pilot in a machine of the type de Havilland Beaver sat ten passengers with a Pilot in a de Havilland Otter. They had seen the trip on the picturesque and river landscape on Alaska’s southern tip, on Monday as part of a cruise booked.

The two machines collided in flight over the George Inlet, a Bay near the town of Ketchikan. In the remote area, which is accessible by land difficult, were several small boats and helicopters to rescue the injured out of the water and to search for Missing persons.

+++ 03.48 PM: Former US President Jimmy Carter after the fall +++

The former US President Jimmy Carter operated on has broken in a fall on the hip. The announcement was made that he founded the nonprofit Carter center. The 94-year-old had already been successfully operated, it said.

Carter was reported to be on the way to Turkey hunting, as he had sustained the fracture. He fell when Leaving the house, according to the center. According to the treating Doctors, the subsequent Operation was successful.


It doesn’t have to be Whatsapp: The Holt five secure Messenger-Alternatives

By Malte Mans +++ 03.30 PM: vulnerability in WhatsApp had monitoring software install +++

The instant messaging service WhatsApp has closed a security vulnerability, through Monitoring Software on Smartphones installed. The devices could be infected with a groomed WhatsApp-call as the weak point in the implementation of Internet telephony. Behind the attack technology, the Israeli company NSO will suspected, the spy tools governments sold, reported, among other things, the “Financial Times” and the Blog “TechCrunch”. WhatsApp assumes that the target of the attacks is likely to only be a few selected users.

+++ 01.21 am: Dead with shots in front of army headquarters in Khartoum +++

In the case of the protests in front of the headquarters of the Sudanese army in Khartoum, two people have been killed. According to the information provided by medical professionals and members of the military Council, a protester and an officer were killed by gunfire. In front of the army headquarters, thousands of people for a civilian government protest in weeks, a few hours earlier, both sides had agreed on a compromise.

+++ 00.30 PM: Bayer loses new US-glyphosate-process – Jury calls for billion +++

The agricultural chemical and pharmaceutical group Bayer has lost in the United States, the third important process in order to allegedly carcinogenic products, of the daughter of Monsanto. The jury-the Jury of the competent court in Oakland, California sentenced the company on Monday to pay damages in the total amount of two billion dollars (1.78 billion euros) to the two plaintiffs.

The biggest part of this is the so-called punitive damages, for which there is in German law there is no equivalent. Had sued a retired couple, that Monsanto’s herbicide Roundup, with the controversial active ingredient glyphosate for his cancers.

Bayer power for the cancers of the two plaintiff’s extensive pre-existing conditions responsible and to immediately announced to appeal.

kng / DPA / AFP