In a garden pond in lower Saxony Baddeckenstedt have been discovered two lifeless boys. Police officers and rescue workers tried to resuscitate the two, said a police spokesman in the early Morning.

The children had died on the spot. Whether they came by accident killed or victims of a crime were, was initially unclear. “We are in the Moment of an accident, determine, but in all directions”, – said the speaker.

The use of the site on a private plot dragged on for several hours and was not completed in the Morning. Whether a post-mortem examination will be arranged, at the time was not yet foreseeable. The children were not identified until then, the age of the speaker could, therefore, first of all, there is no information. In addition to the special forces of the CSU fire and emergency chaplains were in use.

the police, it was received on Tuesday evening, about 21: 30 PM a Missing person’s report for two boys. Shortly thereafter, the officers were then called to the site where witnesses had found the two lifeless children. Whether it is the Missing person, and examined the investigators in the Morning. In the course of the Morning, the police want to give an Overview of the progress of the investigation.