In the East of France and in Switzerland, has demanded a heavy storm on Saturday, two people’s lives. A tourist came to the Agency SDA died when a tour boat in the late afternoon because of the storm capsized. Where the wife was, was not communicated. The severe weather also resulted in Geneva for heavy damage.

A German tourist was beaten to death Saturday at a campsite in the French town of Taninges during a storm by a tree. The 51-Year-old had been in her trailer, when the tree crashed onto the vehicle, told the radio station France Bleu on his website. Taninges is situated a few kilometres South of lake Geneva.

The family of the victim will receive psychological support, and had been accommodated as all the other guests of the campsite in the parish house of the town, in the Eastern French Department of Haute-Savoie. Where in Germany, the 51-Year-old was initially unknown.

in Poland, thunderstorms caused serious damage. Alone from Saturday evening to early Sunday morning, the fire brigade had to move out, according to its own figures, more than a thousand times, because trees are tumbled down, roofs of houses torn, and the basement were flooded. Like a fire brigade spokesman announced on Sunday the TV channel TVN24, was injured in the South-Western Polish Region of lower Silesia, a motorcycle driver, when he drove against a fallen tree. Thousands of homes were Sunday morning still without electricity. On Thursday and Friday, there had been in Poland severe weather damage.

So the weather on Sunday and Monday,

For Germany, the German weather service on Sunday is reporting rain in the South area way. Occasionally, this can lead to thunderstorms and severe weather. In the East and Southeast, still light rain, from the West on the North to the North-East of the sun seems to fall in the afternoon. In the afternoon and in the evening, the cloud cover increases and the resin to the Alps, as well as in the North-West: scattered showers and Thunderstorms are expected, locally even with heavy rain,. Also the severe weather area are possible. The maximum values are between 20 and 25 degrees, on the Islands it is a little cooler. It blows a usually weak to moderate Winds from mainly Western directions.

In the night to Monday, the rainfall from the sound in General. Most of the time it is cloudy then low, or clear, only in the Alps there is still denser clouds and areas of fog. The air cools down significantly to 13 up to 7 degrees.

Live-map: shows the weather in Germany in real time

The below interactive map where it’s raining, especially storms or particularly strong. In addition, you can use the timeline in the graphic below, the prediction for a later time. Press the “Play”Button at the bottom left to see the forecast in time-lapse. At the top right of the displayed level can be changed, for example from rain to temperature or Wind. A click into the map shows the value for the selected point.

the Service of “ is Provided”. The creators use for their presentations, and before the model say from the “European centre for medium-range weather forecasts”. For more current warnings for severe weather location, the DWD.

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