The former Scottish government chief Alexander Salmond must answer for sexual Assaults in court. The 64-Year-olds, among other things, two attempted rapes and more multiple to be accused of sexual harassment, as reported by British media on Thursday.

In the case of the Victims will be on staff during his tenure. A total of 14 charges against him.

Alex Salmond protested his innocence

On Wednesday had Salmond been arrested and had to appear on Thursday afternoon to a hearing before the court in Edinburgh. There he denied all the allegations against him. Against payment of a Deposit, he was released. In front of the court building of the Ex-government chief described himself as innocent. He will defend themselves to the Utmost.


Scotland’s head of government Salmond announces resignation


Salmond had called the accusations against him previously, as “obviously ridiculous”. He called the investigation unfair. Salmond gave up his membership of the Scottish national party (SNP) last August because he felt he had been treated in connection with the allegations unfair. Head of government Nicola Sturgeon had insisted on a serious examination of the complaints.

resignation after a failed independence

Salmond is regarded as a champion of Scottish independence. He was from 2007 to 2014, chief of the regional government of Scotland. After the failed independence referendum in the British part of the country, he resigned from his Post.