With a large contingent controlled the police of Mettmann on Sunday evening, the guests of a wedding celebration of two family clans in Langenfeld in NRW. For the Celebration, according to police, several hundred participants from all over Germany were expected to attend, including a number of police well-known.


Three people burnt food hurt in the hospital


Preventive several hundreds controlled, thus to control the arrival provide the guest “to criminal acts and other offences against public security and order”, it is part of the police. The officials sought, among other things, specifically to carrying weapons “and prohibited items”. In total, around 200 cars and 600 persons have been controlled. Two of the verified guests were searched by warrant, and arrested. One of the two was released against the payment of a warrant specified to a monetary penalty, the second was transferred to his arrest warrant, pursuant to the remand.

weapons, cash, sports cars ensured Fullscreen

This sports car was made by the officials

©police of Mettmann

“In the course of police control measures to ensure a bounce ring, a shock floor, two under the arms act forbidden one-hand knife, as well as two sharp cartridges were found and secured,” according to the police. A guest led to more than 11,000 euros in cash. The money has been recovered due to the suspicion of money laundering. A sports car was withdrawn from the market, “because he had a variety of non-approved technical modifications, the allowed to continue driving”.

At the end of the officials moved in spite of the arrests, and a positive conclusion: The Celebration would have been finished in around 2.30 PM. There had been no major disruptions or special events.

sources: police (press portal),

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Mülheim/Ruhr – hundreds of police officers have checked on suspicion of the guests at a wedding of two family clans in North Rhine-Westphalia. The reason: Many of the 1000 or so expected guests to have a substantial criminal record.



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