A proposal by the CDU-politician Carsten Linnemann provides eddy. The Union faction Deputy in the Bundestag had demanded in an Interview with the “Rheinische Post” that children would have sufficient English-speaking, before they are admitted to the primary school. “In order to get it to the point: A child who barely speaks English and understands, has to search on a primary school nothing yet,” said Linnemann of the newspaper. For affected children, there should be a pre-school compulsory, if necessary, Training should be back, the Union’s politicians.

dispute to a lack of knowledge of the German language

elementary school to ban children without knowledge of German? The politicians and teachers

By Annette Berger

Also in the social networks say the move is a hotly debated and as well as internal to the Union, there are also a lot of criticism for linnemann starts to Comments. While many may judge the issue but only from the outside, log on to Twitter currently, many Users who have experienced the Situation first hand: they came into the school without English. Some of them shared their experiences.

Without the knowledge of the German language in the school: Twitter Users describe their experiences

most have, in spite of the language barrier at the beginning of their school career, a steep professional career. Representatives from various industries shared their success stories: journalists, academics, artists. Rapper Lady Bitch Ray, for example, spoke up for the first class is almost only Turkish, and now has a PhD in linguistics.

Muhterem Aras came only twelve years, from Turkey to Germany and graduated to a secondary school. Today, the Green is a politician in the Landtag President of Baden-Württemberg. Other politicians, such as the schleswig-Holstein Landtag Deputy Aminata Touré, also from the Greens, have had similar experiences.

The Tenor of the Tweets: Even without knowledge of the language in the school to be allowed to go, was the key to learn the German language properly – and thus to lay the Foundation stone for the future career.

sources: “Rheinische Post” / dpa / Twitter

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