storms with heavy rains have resulted in the large room of the Brazilian economic metropolis of São Paulo to Floods and landslides.

at Least twelve people were killed, as the Governor of the state of São Paulo, João Doria, on Monday evening (local time), said in a television interview. Previously there had been confusion around the number of victims, the fire Department, had spoken in the afternoon of twelve, but later on, eleven corrected. The rain started on Sunday and caused several rivers in the Region around the city of millions on the Bank.

Doria requested that the population within the TV channel band news, to leave only in the extreme emergency of the houses. However, should bring to people in less safe areas from their homes in security. “Between the life or hut lose, choose your life,” he said. In the next two days, the rain will stop, said Doria.

10,000 employees of the civil protection, and 1600 firefighters were Doria, in São Paulo itself, as well as in the Grande São Paulo well-known Region around the metropolis. In addition, the military sought to the needy police, with 13 helicopters in the affected areas to help. Some areas had been transformed by the part of metres high on the roads, the high water in island landscapes. The rescue workers used boats and helicopters to reach the seated people.