In reporting on the forthcoming Brexit, the UK’s exit from the European Union, the British TV channel BBC in an embarrassing mishap. The contribution dealt with the conflict between Britain and the EU, and planned talks between the two parties. A news anchor from the Off said: “Theresa May says she wants to return to Brussels to her Brexit-agreement to negotiate.”

To the speaker of the text, the BBC recordings of Spitfire fighter planes during the Second world war in the air battle of England, in use, to machines of the German Luftwaffe to intercept.

The BBC was then compared to the “Daily Mail” that it’s “human error,” acted, not a question a conscious attempt “to send Anti-EU Propaganda”, as some viewers claimed.

Theresa May would “BBC on this way, the travel to Brussels”

An editor tweeted after the accident: “For those who are wondering – a simple human error at the end of #BBCNewsSix. Due to a production error, the images that have been previously used to the story of Biggin Hill to announce were shown, now, in our Top Story-summary at the conclusion of the Show. Pretty sure the Prime Minister will not travel in this way to Brussels, when it should be ready.”

The neck with the Black-and-White images of aircraft from the Second world war, was part of a report on the opening of a Museum on the military airfield in Biggin Hill, in the County of Kent. From there, a lot of Spitfire fighter planes started to fight against the German Luftwaffe.

In the social networks of the television clip was shared several thousand times, and caused the audience also for a number of amused responses.

source: Daily Mail