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Anschlang in Nairobi, calls for a minimum of 15 Deaths (5.45 PM) – democratic Senator Gillibrand, U.S. President (01.30 p.m.), Johann Lafer star Restaurant (0.06 PM)includes found Two Germans on Mallorca dead (0.02 PM)

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+++ 06.02 PM: Just under 50 degrees: 15 hottest places in the world, all in Australia +++

Australia is sweating. The 15 hottest place in the world, according to a survey of the weather service El Dorado currently in Australia. The highest temperature was measured in the municipality of Tarcoola in the South of the continent: 49,1 degrees Celsius. Now all eyes are on whether the 50-degree mark is cracked.

In Australia it is currently summer. The schools take a break, the beaches are full. Such high temperatures are but also for the Australian unusual. The 50-degree mark was last exceeded 1998: In Mardie in Western Australia was 50.5 degrees, it was hot. In January of 1960, were achieved at the airport of Oodnadatta in the South of the continent, even to 50.7 degrees.

+++ 05.45 PM: stop in Nairobi at least 15 Dead +++

In the Islamist attack, and calls to a hotel complex in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi, are at least 15 people were killed. Among the Victims were also foreigners, the police said representatives.

The number of dead could be even higher: The security forces because of the continued fighting still can not search the entire building complex.

so Far, the number of the dead had been after the attack is unclear; the U.S. state Department confirmed the deaths of a US citizen.

attackers had the Hotel and commercial complex in the district of Westlands on Tuesday stormed. The attack was the Islamist Shebab has claimed militia. Especially in Somalia, the active group is associated with the terrorist network Al-Qaeda.

+++ 04.19 PM: Cern-physicists propose a new 100-Kilometer-particle accelerators before +++

In Geneva, this will be a gigantic new research machine for the study of particle physics. At least when it comes to the physicists of the European organization for nuclear research (Cern), have now presented a concept for the successor of the existing plant. It provides a 100-Kilometer-long ring-shaped Tunnel partly under lake Geneva.

For comparison: The existing particle accelerator, a 27 kilometre long Tunnel. The new plant would be substantially more efficient and could produce more particle collisions. The project should be implemented are estimated for the 24 billion Euro, would be brought from the end of the 30s electron and a positron on collision course. Later, the Tunnel could be used as a proton accelerator. The nuclear physicists of Cern to demonstrate, among other things, previously unknown particles.

+++ 04.03 PM: bees and noise to make for sweeter nectar in the flower +++

the whirling noise of bees or butterflies in the rain, certain flowers for the production of sweeter nectar. Israeli researchers Oenothera drummondii had a night kerzenart taken a closer look at. “Our results show for the first time that plants can respond quickly to ecologically relevant species to the noise of pollinators,” write the scientists to Marine Vitus in a study that is not yet published as peer-reviewed article in a professional journal. The average sugar concentration in the nectar have increased within three minutes to around 20 percent.

+++ 01.30 p.m.: democratic Senator Gillibrand wants to enter the US presidential election +++

The democratic US Senator Kirsten Gillibrand wants to compete in the presidential election of 2020. The sharp critic of US President Donald Trump, who engaged, among other things, to combat sexual violence against women, announced in the broadcast of talk show host Stephen Colbert.

“I’ll apply to the US President,” said the 52-Year-old. “I know that I have the compassion, courage and fearless determination to succeed.” She wanted to improve the health care of American families and against “corruption and greed” to fight.

Gillibrand had taken over in 2009, the Senate seat of Hillary Clinton for the state of New York, when Clinton was Secretary of state. In the congressional elections last November, she defended her seat.

+++ Trump-Ticker +++


“No witch hunting”! Future Minister of justice, Barr turns in Russia-affair against Trump

all the people in the sensitive Russia-affair of the designated U.S. attorney General Bill Barr has objected to its President. Unlike Donald Trump, he does not see the investigation as a “witch hunt,” said Barr. Whether the well can go?

AFP +++ 00.06 am: Lafer his star restaurant in the Hunsrück +++

TV chef Johann Lafer (61) includes a star restaurant, the “Val d’or” on the current castle in the Hunsrück. He said in an Interview with the “süddeutsche Zeitung”. “I want to be closer to people and making me a stronger focus, on what was always important to me: sustainable products, good workmanship and an unpretentious Service.” The “Val d’or” in Bingen in Rhineland-Palatinate, the Lafer operating since 1994 with his wife, had been honoured by the Guide Michelin with a star.

On the question of whether a star is a forced to, answered Lafer: “In a certain way. In the star kitchen play, every decoration down to the smallest Detail, and extremely high quality ingredients are essential.” In addition, such ingredients are organizing on becoming more and more difficult to be reasonable and sustainable, he said: “When I think alone to the sea to fish: Where do they come from because, in quality, the top restaurants you need?”

star kitchen is always a huge effort – “and to engage in these efforts, ultimately, for a small area in our company that I want to Austrians,” the.

+++ 00.02, Two German in Mallorca found dead +++

wei German-have been found in Mallorca, is dead. The already badly decomposed bodies of a 56-year-old man and 59-year-old woman were found late Monday night in the apartment of the two in the municipality of Llucmajor in the Southeast of the island capital of Palma from the police, as media reported, citing the authorities of the Spanish holiday island.

according to media reports, investigators believe that the man killed the woman and then suicide committed. A confirmation of this it is not but still. Well-known of the pair would haven alerted the police after they had heard a long time nothing from your friends, it said. The police broke in the apartment and discovered the bodies. The two Germans were, according to the authorities already for about a week dead.

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