a New turn in the murder case of nine-year-old Peggy: two weeks ago arrested suspects, is free again. As public Prosecutor’s office and police said on Monday, has cancelled the district court of Bayreuth, the arrest warrant against the 41-Year-old. The upper Franconian district of Wunsiedel-born man was released from custody. At present, it is determined against any other accused. The lawyer of the 41-Year-old had loaded in the last week, a complaint against the arrest warrant.

court denies probable cause – a Prosecutor wants the decision is founded, and consider

As it is stated in the message of office of public Prosecutor and the police, denied the court a probable cause, since the revoked part of the confession could not be used against the accused used and the trace image at the location of Peggy’s body “is not a (…) killing offence”. The Prosecutor’s office announced, to review the decision of the court, and then to decide whether a complaint should be lodged against it.

The little Peggy was on 7. May 2001 on the way home from school disappeared. In July 2016, and parts of her skeleton were found in a forest in Rodach Brunn in the Thuringian Saale-Orla-Kreis, nearly 20 kilometers from Peggy’s hometown of Lichtenberg in upper Franconia.

41-Year-old had admitted in interrogation to have dead Peggy in the woods

The 41-Year-old had admitted to three months ago, in a hearing that he had brought the dead Peggy in may of 2001 with his car in the forest. He denied, however, to have the girl killed. The lifeless child, he was then taken over by a well-Known at a bus stop. He had tried to ventilate the nine-year-old – but she is in a blanket Packed and in the trunk of his car. The satchel and the jacket of Peggy wants to have burned the 41-Year-old days later at home.

lawyer of Manuel S.

turning in the murder of Peggy collects suspect serious allegations against the police


After the hearing, in September, the 41-Year-old was initially free the come. Investigators suspected him to be a perpetrator or accomplice. May be – the presumption – should be covered with the murder of a previously committed criminal Offence, suspected you. Essential information the man had not been in accordance with the determination results, it was two weeks ago.

the mortal Remains of the girl, investigators discovered microscopic microscopic Pollen, which they identified as components of peat – this is a reference to planting, the work of the man on the Day. In addition, officials found the bone remains of paint, as they occur in the renovation waste. “The investigators, it was known that the now Accused, at the time, extensive renovation was done,” it said in September. In addition, an alleged Alibi of the man blurted out: Contrary to his information, he was on 7. May 2001 in Berlin-Lichtenberg on-the-go, such as video recordings of a Bank branch.

murder case Peggy: Several Suspects in the course of the investigation

over the years, the investigation of several Suspects. The most known is the case of a mentally disabled man, a court in 2004 sentenced as Peggy’s killer, but was spoken ten years later in a retrial. In addition, investigators discovered at the site of Peggy’s skeleton DNA evidence of the NSU terrorists Uwe Böhnhardt. This turned out to be later, but as a pollution of a device forensics.

In the past year had turned a group of citizens from Lichtenberg to the Public. The eleven signatories accused the investigation authorities of serious errors and sloppiness. You spoke of a “police and judicial scandal” and one-sided investigation. A lot of information from the public had been ignored, and witness statements from the files disappeared. The signatories included the mayor Holger stick and several councilors. The chief state’s attorney Herbert Potzel rejected the allegations.

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