turning in the event of the new year’s eve shootings of mother night in a Kiel suburb After investigators were initially a targeted shot on the 39-Year-old is conceivable, go out now, rather of an accident. The Kiel Prosecutor Axel Biel said in an interview with the star. “In the framework of the investigation, we were unable to establish any Motive for intentional homicide.” In the centre of the further investigation, two probable scenarios for a negligent killing, therefore, “now,” said Bieler.

It could have a shot held, have to be missed actually goal, for example, a traffic sign,. A similar case in 2012, a Federal road in the state of Schleswig-Holstein, Bieler. “Possibly someone, however, has shot into the air and the woman was hit by the falling projectile, and fatally injured.” The public Prosecutor announced that forensic investigations.

schöneberg mayor appeals to Protect

As reported, sagged the 39-Year-old in the new year’s eve, between 0 a.m. and 0.30 a.m. in front of the eyes of her husband and their three children to celebrate Outdoors with a blood of a head wound and died a little later in the hospital. At the autopsy of the corpse discovered, coroner of the parts of a small-calibre projectile in the head of the dead.

new year’s eve tragedy in Kiel

the mother of Three children died “with high probability” by a gunshot wound

By Daniel Wüstenberg

Multiple officers from advanced then in the past couple of weeks in the beautiful Berger terraced house settlement, in order to secure with great effort tracks and to interview local residents. A hot track is not revealed, however.

the mayor of The 6000-resident community on the Baltic sea has meanwhile called on the shooter to contact police. “It would be for the affected family, but also to learn for all the people in the village is important, what is really happening,” Peter Kokocinski in the “Kieler Nachrichten”. “The uncertainty is awful.”

the police and the public Prosecutor’s office in Kiel and are looking for more witnesses, spent the new year’s eve night in Schoenberg, and something suspicious. Number: (0431) 1603333 a note phone is switched on. On the Internet, the investigators have set up an upload portal for Video and photo recordings. It is a reward of 3000 Euro for clues to the perpetrators is exposed to.

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