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Mourinho escapes in prison for tax evasion (13.31 PM)asylum applicant shot and killed – investigation (11.39 PM)Sweden: Stolen crown jewels back (10.47 PM)RTL wants Klinsmann as a TV expert (7.23 PM)the More extreme right-wing activities in the state of Brandenburg (6.04 PM)Insolvent: Germania a flight operation (2.30 PM)

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+++ 15.29 PM: Turkey will head to Greece escaped soldiers +++

Shortly before the arrival of the Greek Prime Minister, Alexis Tsipras, in Ankara, Turkey has a bounty on to Greece who fled alleged coup soldiers. For this purpose, the Turkish Ministry of the interior took the eight servicemen in the Red list of most wanted “terrorists,” as the state news Agency Anadolu reported. Per Person the reward for information leading to the seizure is four million Turkish Lira (circa 670,000 Euro).

the fate of the soldiers-a point of contention between Athens and Ankara and is expected to be a topic during the Meeting between Tsipras and President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in the afternoon for a long time. The soldiers had fled after the failed coup in July 2016 in Turkey with the helicopter to Greece and applied for asylum. Erdogan calls for their extradition. Athens refers to the independence of the judiciary. The Greek courts refused the application for extradition, with reference to the human rights situation in Turkey. Three servicemen has been granted asylum in the others it is expected.

+++ 14.48 PM: Two 19-Year-old stone-throwing sentenced on cars to arrest +++

After throwing stones at cars driving two 19-Year-old in the state of Schleswig sentenced-Holstein for attempted murder to a youth sentence of six years. A spokesman for the regional court of Flensburg said in connection to the non-public judgment. In the opinion of the court it was therefore only a coincidence that nobody was killed.

The two Germans had, according to the court together in the time of 11. February to 8. May 2018 in Flensburg and the surrounding area, not only stones, but also boulders and walkway plates to vehicles thrown. A car was injured rider hard. Several cars, trucks and a Bus were damaged.

+++ 14.44 PM: the authority is preparing “underwater Operation,” the wreck of Salas plane before +++

Two weeks after the crash of the Argentinian footballer Emiliano Sala over the English channel, the British authorities, according to the location of the aircraft wrecks to salvage. In the coming days, “underwater Operation will be launched” to the wreck at the bottom of the English channel, said a spokesman for the authority for the investigation of air-driving tion gaps. If the found wreckage could actually be lifted, not wanted to confirm the speaker. Currently, facts would be collected in the matter.

+++ 14.36 PM: dozens of bomb threats in Moscow – 30,000 people affected +++

After numerous anonymous bomb threats have been brought in the Russian capital of Moscow, more than 30,000 people to safety. In Moscow and in the countryside around 130 such messages had been received, informed the authorities of the Agency Tass. Among other things, were kindergartens, schools, government buildings and shopping centres affected. So far no bombs had been found in the buildings, it said.

For more than a year, a large number of messages in the whole of Russia on a regular basis about alleged bombs in public facilities. The Background is unclear. Russian media speculated initially about hacker attacks, or an Exercise of safety authorities. According to official data, the threats to come from abroad.

+++ 14.23 PM: Spanish police smash offshoot of the mafia organisation, the Camorra +++

The Spanish police have smashed a branch of the Italian mafia organisation, the Camorra. A total of 14 Suspects had been arrested, against seven other investigations, were the police informed. The branch of the Camorra, belonging to Marranella Clans had been smashed “in full”. The gang is said to have been, therefore, between Gibraltar and the southern Spanish Costa del Sol, active and hashish into Italy smuggled. According to the police, they captured the drug in Spain, often with “extreme violence” and was not afraid to kidnap at gunpoint a rival drug dealer.

The mafia group was directed according to the figures of a father and his two sons, belonging to the Marranella Clan of the Camorra. Among the 14 arrested Suspects from the UK, Italy, Spain, Romania and the Dominican Republic. In their homeland, some of them are wanted by the police.

+++ 13.31 PM: start Rainer Mourinho escapes in prison for tax evasion +++

football coach José Mourinho has escaped a trial for tax evasion in Spain, a prison sentence, but must pay two million Euro penalty. In an agreement with the Prosecutor’s office in Madrid, which is the news Agency AFP, accepted the Ex-coach of Manchester United a conviction to one year’s imprisonment, but was converted immediately into a fine of 182.500 euros. In addition, the 56-year-old Portuguese will have to pay 1.98 million Euro penalty. Prison sentences under two years are suspended in Spain, usually on parole.

Mourinho stood in front of the court, because he hinterzog in the years 2011 and 2012, he coached the Spanish Top club Real Madrid. At Manchester United, Mourinho was fired in December after a series of disappointing games.

+++ 13 p.m.: Dutch right-wing populist van Klaveren to Islam via +++

In the Netherlands, a companion of the anti-Islam politician is Geert Wilders converted to Islam. As the Newspapers “NRC” and “Algemeen Dagblad” (AD) reports, the former member of Parliament Joram van Klaveren, on 26. October 2018 to Islam. Van Klaveren, who sat for Wilders’ party for freedom PVV in Parliament, had there fights always Islam. The Boulevard newspaper “AD” describes him as a “Hardliner, who joined for a ban on burqas and minarets”.

associate of Geert Wilders

Dutch right-wing populist converts to Islam

not too long Ago, Joram van fought Klaveren, the Dutch Parliament is against Islam, and called for a ban on Burkas and minarets. Now he is a convert to Islam.

AFP +++ 12.45 PM: Shredded Banksy-work is met with large public interest +++

The deliberately smashnittene work “Girl with Balloon” by the Street Art artist Banksy in the Museum Frieder Burda in Baden-Baden for the number of visitors. “It is a great appetite of the audience as on this picture,” said a spokeswoman of the house. Many went straight through to the room in which the image will be presented today for the first time since the spectacular destruction of the Public.

“Girl with Balloon” had been shredded during an art auction last fall in front of everyone by using a built-in mechanism to half. Since then, it’s called “Love is in the Bin” (“love is in the bucket”). It still hangs up at the 3. March Baden in Baden-Baden. After that, it moves to the state gallery in Stuttgart.

+++ 12.24 PM: Seven accused, votes setting of Loveparade-process +++

In the Loveparade-the criminal process have agreed to seven of the ten defendants, a setting of the procedure, without edition. Previously, the Prosecutor’s office had endorsed the proposal by the court. Perhaps the court will announce tomorrow the recruitment of the proceedings against these seven defendants.

Three defendants, against whom the procedure should only be subject to certain conditions set refused to accept a setting. For one of them, the lawyer said: “He waives his right to be acquitted.” The three are employees of the love parade organisers Lopavent. A criminal case can only be set when the court, Prosecutor and defendant agree. The trial against the three will continue.

+++ 12.14 PM: After INF-retreat will be announced Russia’s new missile develop +++

After the withdrawal from the INF disarmament Treaty, Russia has the development of a land-based Version of a missile for the next two years. The Russian defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said that in this and in the coming year the country would be developed-based variant of the Russian Navy used to Cal-missile. The United States had declared at the end of last week their withdrawal from the INF agreement, and Russia has taken this step.

+++ 11.39 PM: Deadly Police shootings on asylum seekers – investigation +++ Fullscreen

bullet holes in the window of a bakery in Fulda (archive picture): A policeman was shot here in April 2018, a rioters

©Marius Auth Picture-Alliance

After the fatal shooting of an asylum seeker in the Hessian town of Fulda, the investigation against a police officer have been set. The weapons of the officials in the last year had been justified by self-defense, informed the public Prosecutor’s office in Fulda. To the elucidation of several forensic medical examinations, and shot expert opinions were used. Accordingly, four shots out of the gun met the 19-Year-old who died of massive blood loss.

According to investigators, the 19-Year-old had rioted in April, a delivery driver for a bakery and then a police patrol with a fist-sized stone attacked. He injured the driver and an officer. With a baton that he took from the COP, he has to want to flee. The COP shot three times but missed. According to prosecutors, the 19-Year-old attacked the officers with the baton. The officials had made in rapid succession eight more shots, two of which were fatal.

+++ 11.36 PM: a Dry summer potato harvest by almost a quarter dropped +++

Germany’s farmers have not harvested due to the very dry summer of 2018, so a few potatoes since the reunification. The amount decreased compared to the previous year by almost a quarter to 8.9 million tons, as the Federal Statistical office in Wiesbaden announced. This was significantly less than the average for the past six years (10.8 million tonnes) and reported a low level since the reunification.

Bad harvest

potato prices soar by more than half


the most Important potato-growing country with 113.900 acres of lower Saxony. Here is 4.2 million tonnes, or almost 47 percent of the total quantity harvested. Farmers in Bavaria, came to 1.5 million tonnes and in North Rhine-Westphalia 1.3 million tons of potatoes.

+++ 11.15 a.m.: investigators base to lift the international glass eel smuggler +++

The German authorities have discovered in a former Chinese Restaurant in the state of Hesse a vertex of an international glass eel-smuggling ring. In the building In Liederbach am Taunus, they came across four basins with 210,000 animals, such as customs and public Prosecutor’s office in Frankfurt said on the Main. In addition, they arrested three Suspects.

elvers are young, almost transparent European eels. The animals are threatened with extinction, trade is permitted only with official approval, to Export to third countries outside the EU is prohibited. In Asia, they are considered a delicacy, and partly as an aphrodisiac. They are sold to information from customs and animal right’s activists, according to prices from 3000 to 5000 euros per kilogram.

+++ 11.10 PM: number of dead in house fire in Paris rise of nine +++

The number of dead in the case of a serious fire in a Paris multi-family home has risen to nine. The fire brigade informed. The fire was in the night in a residential building in the 16th century. This hotel is located in the West of the French capital erupted. Up in the morning hours, the firemen fought against the flames. A resident was arrested, it is determined due to arson. The French President, Emmanuel Macron thanked the firefighters for their use. “Thoughts of the victims. Many thanks to the firefighters whose courage has saved many lives,” he wrote on Twitter.

+++ 11.08 am: cigarette for sale in Hawaii soon, only to a hundred-year-old? +++

A Deputy in Hawaii wants to continue to protect not only young people, but all under 100 years prior to the Smoking. His law proposal to increase the minimum age for purchase of cigarettes. In the end it should be 100 years. The Plan for a smoke-free life by Richard Creagan. He is a medical doctor and sits for the Democrats in the house of representatives of the U.S. state of Hawaii. Creagan wants to fight the proposal “the most deadly product in the history of mankind”, as the newspaper “Hawaii Tribune-Herald” said.

in Accordance with applicable law, may people in Hawaii from the 21st century. Age buy cigarettes. Creagans Plan is to increase this age limit until next year to 30 years. In 2021, you should then be further increased to 40 years 2022 50 2023 to 60. Starting in 2024, only people who have completed the hundredth year of age are likely to, buy cigarettes.

+++ 10.47 PM: Stolen crown jewels in Sweden may again. + + +

showed up After the theft of several historical jewels in the crown of a Swedish Cathedral, parts of the prey showed up. Prosecutor Reeva Devgun said the SVT, you have found certain items. However, it is still unclear whether there are, in fact, the crown jewels. The police said, all pointed to the fact that you’ve found the stolen goods. The trial against a young Sweden, must answer for itself because of the alleged theft before the district court in Eskilstuna, today should be according to the Devgun because of the messages interrupted. The defense agreed.

Mature Coup

thieves steal Swedish crown jewels in front of an audience and will disappear with a motor boat

The 22-year-old defendant had been arrested in September 2018 by the police. He is alleged to have by the end of July, together with another man three items from the Cathedral of Strängnäs, West of Stockholm stolen: the crown and the Orb of in 1611, died Charles IX. of Sweden, as well as the crown of his 1625 deceased wife, Queen Christine of Holstein-Gottorp. The jewels have an estimated value of the equivalent of 6.3 million Euro.

+++ 10.45 a.m.: Prosecutor agrees to the setting of Loveparade-process +++

In the criminal process of the Loveparade-tragedy has agreed to the Prosecutor’s office with the proposal of the court for the setting of the procedure. The prosecution believe that the proposal is “legally into the matter is reasonable and, ultimately, to be appropriate,” said a senior Prosecutor Uwe Mühlhoff. A decision was not, however, because for a setting, the defendant, the proposal must agree to. Their submissions will still be expected today.

in Düsseldorf negotiating the Duisburg regional court had proposed that the cases against all ten defendants – seven of the cases without, and in three cases, with money constraints. One of the defendants was, however, already in advance it clear that he rejects a procedural setting. In the process to answer since December of 2017, six officials of the city of Duisburg and four employees of the love parade organizers. In the case of the love parade in Duisburg on July 24. July 2010 there was a devastating scrum, in which 21 people were killed and more than 650 were injured.

+++ 10.36 PM: Four children die in house fire in England +++

in a fire In a house in the English Stafford, four children are killed. Two adults and another child had been taken to the hospital, informed the police of the County of Staffordshire in Central England. Their injuries were not life-threatening. The fire had broken out in the night. The forces were arrived there around 2.40 PM (local time). The terrain will now be investigated by the fire to determine the cause, reported to the police.

+++ 9.46 PM: Abgetauchte Chinese actress writes her Fans +++

The abgetauchte Chinese actress Fan Bingbing, who is accused of tax evasion, has spoken for the first Time in months back in social networks. In October it became known that you must pay because of tax evasion, the equivalent of more than 100 million euros. Fan Bingbing was for a long time, China’s highest paid actress and known from Hollywood films such as “the X-Man: days of future past” and “Iron Man 3”. In July 2018, it had disappeared under mysterious circumstances from the Public.

Fan Bingbing

it is China’s most beautiful actress – now Beijing made an example out of you

Now, you wrote on Facebook and Instagram: “I wish you all a happy and healthy new year!”. You love your followers. To do this, you published several photos, which you show in a red T-Shirt with small gold earrings. Where she is, left the 37-Year-old.

+++ 9.35 PM: car registration adjustment in three countries and in part unconstitutional +++

The automatic adjustment of number plates of all motorists with suspect data by the police in at least three States. The Federal constitutional court in Karlsruhe explained with two recently published decisions, the appropriate measures in Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg and Hessen to the part to be unconstitutional.

The license plate matching to avert danger to be captured with special equipment, number plates of all passing cars and briefly the place, date, time, and direction of travel. The automated adjustment with the Register results in no match, the data is immediately deleted again. According to the judgment, the balance is always in the fundamental right to informational self-determination. It was justified only in part. The reasons are different for each state. In Bavaria, the free state has to allow, for example, no legislative competence to the controls, as provided for there, immediately to the border guard. Baden-Württemberg and Hessen will in future have to narrow down the search data more closely, which is matched.

+++ 9.07 PM: Lufthansa announces special rates for Germania-passengers +++

After the bankruptcy filing of the airline Germania has announced the Lufthansa special conditions for the affected passengers of the Airline. The bankruptcy had occurred “once again a special situation for the air travel industry in Germany,” said the group’s justification. For the airlines Lufthansa, Swiss and Austrian Airlines concerned Germania-passengers to get discounted Tickets. The airlines want to offer the parties Concerned, therefore, with the availability for flights from and to Germany within Europe Tickets for 50 euros, plus taxes, for flights between Germany and the Middle East for 200 euros plus taxes. The exact procedure for booking these special rates will be informed “promptly” on the site .

Berlin Airline bankrupt

Germania is broke – the airline wants to help passengers


in Addition, offer the Lufthansa subsidiary, Eurowings currently abroad stranded Germania-passengers “with immediate effect heavily discounted rates for Incomeexcursions to Germany with Euro wings in time to the end of February 2019.” Concerned Germania-customers can book accordingly a new flight to Germany and get “in the Wake of a 50 per cent discount on the price, if they submit appropriate documents”.

+++ 8.49 PM: the 67-Year-old dies in accident with self-made snow-mobile +++

In Saxony, a man in an accident with a self-built snow came to mobile killed. The 67-Year-old victim told yesterday afternoon his vehicle with propeller drive on a snow field in Klipphausen, such as the police in Dresden now. He lost, therefore, the control and crashed into an excavator. The man died at the scene of the accident.

+++ 8.47 PM: police in Rhineland-Palatinate, hunt, young bull herd +++

On the hunt for a runaway young bull herd has made the police in the Rhineland-Palatinate, Hettenleidelheim. In the night, ten animals from their stables were broken out, as the officials said in Neustadt on the wine road. The herd fled, therefore, on the local main road in the direction of highway 6. Two patrol cars of the police and the highway police and a number of other helpers involved in the hunt to the young bulls. After about an hour and a half you could be on a Federal road and a truck captured. How you managed to escape is unclear.

+++ 8.41 PM: mass crowds at the first papal mass in the Arabic Peninsula +++

Pope Francis has celebrated during his visit to the United Arab Emirates, with more than 100,000 believers a fair. People from all over the Region came together in the stadium, Said Sports City in Abu Dhabi and cheered the Pontiff as he rode the popemobile through the crowd. During the trip, a girl from the crowd ran up to the Pope, to give him a paper, perhaps a picture or a letter. After security guards tried to stop them, stopped Francis, however, and turned to the girl.

It is the largest Christian mass ever celebrated in the Arabian Peninsula. According to the local Church more than 120,000 people in the Stadon and outside the Party pursued. According to the organizer, the Catholics were 100 different nationalities, and around 4,000 Muslims. Never before has a Catholic leader was visiting on the Arabian Peninsula, which is regarded as the cradle of Islam. Around 80 percent of the population of the Emirates are migrants. The majority of Catholics are from Asia, such as India or the Philippines.

+++ 8.31 PM: police suspect criminal Background of a house fire in Paris +++

In the case of the heavy Brand with several dead in a Paris apartment house, the investigators of a criminal Background. A woman who lived in the house, has been arrested, said the Paris Prosecutor Remy Heitz in the Morning. The number of deaths rose from seven to eight, around 30 people were injured.

The fire was in the house in the chic Paris 16. Located in one of the night erupted. The same Morning as the firefighters fought against the flames. The fire guards had to evacuate the eight-storey residential building. Also, several buildings in the neighborhood of the Rue Erlanger in the West of the city were cleared. According to the figures, approximately 200 fire fighters were in use.

+++ 8.28 PM: Turkish-born lawyer Basay-Yildiz again receives Drohfax +++

The Turkish-born Frankfurter, a lawyer Seda Basay-Yildiz has once again received a threatening letter. The fourth Letter of this kind have gone directly to the lawyer, said the spokeswoman for the Prosecutor’s office in Frankfurt, Nadja Sneezing. The Letter is in the presentation with the previous Letters from the same. These carried the signature “NSU 2.0”. Who put behind the faxes, is more unclear. “The investigations are ongoing,” said Niesen.


“You brain-dead fucking kebab”: NSU victims attorney receives new Drohfax


The lawyer Seda Basay-Yildiz had represented in the process by Beate Zschäpe and the terrorist group “national socialist underground” (NSU) victims, as well as in other procedures of alleged Islamist threat, defends. After the first Letter in August of 2018, had come out of that background knowledge about the lawyer from the police information system, a computer, an official of the 1. Station in Frankfurt queried. In the course of further investigation of an alleged right was uncovered extreme chat group in the Frankfurt police.

+++ 8.24 p.m.: Prosecutor asks for release of documents to trump’s presidential inauguration +++

New York prosecutors have asked according to media reports, the Committee planning the inauguration of President Donald Trump to release documents. Like the TV channel CNN reported, requested the Prosecutor’s office in Manhattan, among other things, documents relating to donations and donors. In addition, in other words, the participants in the events of the Committee, documents relating to the legal requirements for donations and potential donations from foreigners.

The station, which, according to its own information, a copy of the order, concludes that the prosecutors investigate a broad spectrum of possible offenses, including conspiracy, false statement, fraud, money laundering, violations of disclosure obligations and violations of the prohibition of donations from foreign States or on behalf of third parties. A spokeswoman for the inauguration Committee has confirmed to US media, the input of the arrangement.

+++ 7.54 PM: Boateng to the reservist role: “football is not always fair” +++

Jérôme Boateng with his current reservist role at FC Bayern München dissatisfied. “I was not in the starting lineup – that’s my claim,” said the football player to the TV-transmitter Nitro: “football is not always fair, but you have to fight your way out.” Boateng added: “I’ve gone from very different situations out of it.” The defensive player came in the three matches of the second round so far, only a short time.

+++ 7:23 PM: RTL wants Klinsmann as a TV-expert +++ Fullscreen

Jurgen Klinsmann is to be a TV pundit for the football coverage of the television channel RTL

©Soeren Stache, DPA,

Jurgen Klinsmann is to be a TV pundit for the football coverage at the TV station RTL. “We are in talks,” said RTL sports chief Manfred Loppe, the “image”. Klinsmann had most recently worked as head coach of the United States. The former national player and national coach, has already been analyzed in the case of foreign TV channels games.

3:0 win against Mainz

Finnbogason-Dreierpack makes Lehmann and Augsburg cheer


so Far, Jens Lehmann has worked as a RTL-expert. In spite of his new job as assistant coach of the Bundesliga soccer team FC Augsburg, he wants to continue as a TV expert, major, had he declared last week. The former national goalkeeper has spoken according to his own statement, already with RTL sports chief Loppe. The “nothing would stand in the way”, Lehmann stated in his presentation last Tuesday.

+++ 6:54 p.m.: Trump invites young namesake to speech in Congress is a +++

Joshua Trump has invited US President Donald Trump a young namesake of his speech on the state of the Nation – because the Boy will be bullied because of his last name in school. The sixth klässer from Wilmington in the US state of Delaware may science, art and history, writes the White house in a brief portrait of the boy. He love animals and would deal with it later professionally with animals. “Unfortunately, Joshua has been because of his last name in school being bullied,” it says in the description of the White house. “He and the First Lady and the family Trump is grateful for their support.”

Trump holds the night before the US Congress his much-anticipated speech on the state of the Nation. The President, the First Lady and members of Congress are allowed to invite to this occasion, the guests – often the selection includes an explicit political message.

+++ 6:04 PM: Again, more extreme right-wing activities in the state of Brandenburg +++

The number of right-wing extremist and racist activities to the Public in the state of Brandenburg increased again. In the year 2018, the authorities registered 116 rights demonstrations, rallies, vigils, or information stands, such as the Ministry of the interior reported on a request of the Left-members of Parliament Andrea Johlige. In the two previous years the Numbers were reduced. After a peak in 2015 with 202 of such activities, they went back in 2016 171 2017 to 99.

for the First time have been taken to fight back in the statistics for the second half of 2018, a total of 53 actions of so-called citizens, to which the extreme Right to specify, in the cities on your own for order. “Especially in Cottbus, the Barnim and Oberhavel, the extreme-right scene relies on this form of action,” explained Johlige. “This is a concern, because in this way the impression should be that the state cannot protect its citizens is sufficient and there is need for the extreme-Right, to close this gap.”

+++ 5:18 p.m.: at Least seven killed in major fire in Paris +++

In the case of a fire in a multi-family house, in Paris at least seven people have been killed. Another victim was injured in the accident in the heavy night, as the fire and rescue services. There were, therefore, many slightly injured. The fire guards had to the eight-storey residential building in the 16th century. Arrondissement of the French capital spaces. They fought even in the early Morning against the flames. Also, several buildings in the neighborhood of the Rue Erlanger in the West of the city were cleared. According to the figures, approximately 200 fire fighters were in use. The cause of the fire is still unclear. 16. District is a wealthy district, where many museums and Restaurants.

+++ 5:09 p.m.: the Senate is against trump’s plans for a withdrawal of troops from Syria and Afghanistan +++

The U.S. Senate has, by a large majority against the plans of President Donald Trump for a troop withdrawal from Syria and Afghanistan. A Republican majority leader Mitch McConnell filed a Resolution has been arrived at by a majority of 70 to 26 vote. According to the Text, a “precipitous withdrawal of U.S. troops could jeopardize” of the two countries, “the hard-won achievements and the national security of the United States”.

Trump had announced in December, to around 2000 in Syria used US soldiers to pull it off. The justification for the US President, said that the jihadists militia of the Islamic state is defeated. Later, he added this statement. Trump wants to remove in addition, around half of the 14,000 stationed in Afghanistan US soldiers. The plans of the President clashed, in view of the poor security situation in both countries in allies in the United States to sharp criticism.

+++ 3.37 PM: New York to the beach on the Hudson River arise get +++

not far from the skyscrapers and the popular High Park the High Line in New York’s borough of Manhattan as of next year a beach. With 2.2 hectares of public beach on the Hudson River should be about as big as three football fields, announced the developer. The area on the Bank of the river in the southwest of Manhattan is located just a few minutes from the Whitney Museum and other attractions. The opening of the 900 million dollars (about 786 million Euro), expensive project is scheduled for 2022.

On a beach, swimmers are not able to hope. The water quality in the Hudson River has improved in recent years. Also, the recovery of the oyster stocks – New York was to the 19th century. Century as one of the most important places for oysters around the world – suggests that, increasingly, clean water. Due to strong currents, but seems to be still questionable whether Swimming in the Hudson River would be approved by the beach.

+++ 2:30: Germania filed for bankruptcy, and provides flight operations, a +++

The airline Germania, has filed for bankruptcy and with immediate effect for flight operations. The bankruptcy petition was yesterday at the local court of Berlin-Charlottenburg filed, the company said in the night. “The flight will be operating on the night of 4. on the 5. February, 2019.”

Berlin Airline bankrupt

Germania is broke – the airline wants to help passengers

for Germania: The ailing airline has filed for bankruptcy, the machines stay on the floor. While the employees face an uncertain future, there is hope for the customers.

DPA +++ 2:10 PM: US special envoy traveling to North Korea +++

The U.S. special envoy for North Korea, Stephen Biegun, will tomorrow travel to the isolated country, to a new summit between U.S. President Donald Trump, and North Korea’s commander-in-chief Kim Jong-Un makes prepare. The US informed the Ministry of foreign Affairs. In the capital, Pyongyang Biegun wants to meet North Korean negotiator Kim Hyok Chol.

The summit between Trump and Kim is to take place at the end of the month. The exact date and place will be announced Trump this week. The US President had met in 2018 for the first Time with the North Korean rulers. Kim stressed his willingness to “coma complete denuclearization”. However, there were no concrete Commitments until when the Communist ruled and internationally largely isolated North Korea of its nuclear weapons Arsenal wants to disarm and how the services of the United States might look like. The last progress in the talks, were hardly known.

+++ 1:39 p.m.: First Patriots-professionals want to be explained on a visit at Trump +++

the First football professionals of the New England Patriots waive after the Super Bowl victory to their waiver of a possible visit to the White house. In the case of an invitation by US President Donald Trump, he would not join the Team, said defender Devin McCourty (31) at a ceremony in Foxborough. His twin brother, Jason, tends to a cancellation. Defensive player Duron Harmon stated that he would turn down an invitation, he’d like it but, if the Patriots like the last of the NBA champion Golden State Warriors would instead visit the Ex-President is Barack Obama.

NFL Finale

Tom Brady takes his Patriots to the Super Bowl-record


The Patriots had with the 13:3-victory in the NFL final over the Los Angeles Rams on Sunday in Atlanta for the sixth Time won the Super Bowl. It is Tradition that the US President is inviting the most teams in the major sports to the White house. As the Patriots were last brought in two seasons ago, had justified some of the players Lack of with the policy Trumps. Also, Star Quarterback Tom Brady, is actually a good friend of the President, had not been with them and had cited personal reasons. Last year, Trump had to load the NFL champion Philadelphia Eagles, because many players wanted to stay away.

+++ 1:24 PM: Von der Leyen insists on increase in their budget +++

the German defence Minister Ursula von der Leyen (CDU) insists in the face of the Finance Minister, Olaf Scholz (SPD) announced austerity measures to an increase in their budgets. It is the “clear political agreement,” defense spending by 2025 to 1.5 percent of gross domestic product increase, the CDU-politician said during a visit to the Latvian capital of Riga. “There are clear stipulations in the coalition agreement.” The are the “framework” for the budget negotiations. The Minister stressed at the same time, she was not able to analyze the new budget figures. “We are just at the beginning of the negotiations for the basic parameters of decision that will be the end of March, then in the Cabinet.”

Scholz prepares the ministries currently in the face of falling tax revenue on a saving course. The “Bild”newspaper, according to the Minister of Finance warned the other departments that are to be expected with nearly 25 billion euros less by the year 2023.

+++ 0:36 watch: Liam Neeson has wanted to taken care of years ago, out of revenge for a Black to kill +++

movie star Liam Neeson, with statements concerning previous desire for revenge and murder against Black outrage. The British newspaper “The Independent” reported the 66-Year-old (“Schindler’s list”, “Star Wars”), he was drawn to the rape of a girlfriend for days through the streets to take on a Black and kill him. After the rape he asked the girlfriend whether she knew who had committed the deed. As you have answered in the negative, he asked you, according to the skin color of the perpetrators. “You said it was Black.”

In the Interview, Neeson distanced himself from his previous behavior. He is “ashamed” and have drawn a lesson from the incident. “It was terrible, terrible, when I think back, that I have done. And I have admitted to it, never.” The “need for revenge” he met while Growing up during the Northern Ireland conflict.

Sensational confession

“It was terrible, terrible,”: Liam Neeson wanted to revenge a Black kill

In his new Film, Liam Neeson plays a father who wants revenge for the murder of his son. In real life the actor had cravings, according to his own statement, once a serious revenge – with dramatic consequences.

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