With sharp words, has demanded that the Turkish government of China, the closure of the re-education camps for Uighurs in the Western province of Xinjiang. The Forced internment of the Muslim minority was a “disgrace to humanity”.

“It’s no secret that more than a Million Uighurs have been arbitrarily arrested, that they torture camps, in prisons and concentration and political brain-washing be subjected to.”, foreign Ministry spokesman Hami Aksoy.

The Uighurs are a Muslim Turkic people native to the former Eastern Turkestan. After your power in 1949, taking over in Beijing, the Communists assimilated the Region of the people’s Republic. Today, it is because of the tensions between Uighurs and Han Chinese, as a source of conflict. The Uighurs complain of violent suppression, while the Chinese are accused of separatism.

had Long denied China’s leadership, the existence of reeducation camps for Muslims in Xinjiang, in October, they were legalized by the law retrospectively. Thus, the detention is allowed a suspect without a court procedure, as well as “ideological education against extremism, psychological treatment and behavior corrections”.

Official Figures, there is not, according to unconfirmed Reports, but hundreds of thousands of members of the Turkic people in detention are to be stored tight. Beijing justifies its actions with the extremist currents in Xinjiang and makes the Uighurs for bloody riots and terrorist attacks.