A Hamburg-based theatre Director has been refused after an hour-long interrogation at the airport of Izmir is the port of entry in Turkey.

He had been questioned for eight hours by changing groups, said Mahmut Canbay, in Hamburg, the courage! Theater, guides on Friday the German press Agency. Then you have him on a plane to Cologne.

Canbay, according to “Hamburger Abendblatt” German-Turk of Kurdish descent, and wanted to participate with a youth group at a theater festival in the Western Turkish city of Izmir. Canbay said the dpa, you have taken it at the port of entry on Thursday. A lawyer, he was denied. The security people would have told him that they could do with him as a terrorist suspect everything. They would have interviewed him, including: “What do you think about the Syrian war?” They had laid him on the floor, to him and took his mobile phone and e-Mails, contacts and chat checked. Against 22.30 o’clock, he was finally placed in a machine to Cologne, said Canbay in the Morning.

It was already the fourth case of a German conflict with the Turkish judiciary, has, within only a week. Blow emerged from Tuesday, new cases – it almost seemed like during the High-times of the German-Turkish crisis, when Turkey detained a number of German citizens.

A case related to a in the Turkey detained German soldiers, according to dpa-information since Friday morning, also in Germany. The soldiers had first reported the “oberhessische Presse”. The man, a member of the Rapid reaction force Division in Stadtallendorf, was privately traveled to Istanbul. There he was then, according to the Hessischem broadcasting on Tuesday with the justice in conflict, because he had taken the wrong place for a Selfie-Video.

He had shot the Video on the shopping street Istiklal, reported HR. Plainclothes policemen would have asked him to delete it – the young man (21) I refused, and was taken therefore. Why is his Selfie-Video fell the police officer miss, it remained initially unclear. In the road every few hundred meters heavy police and sometimes military vehicles parked. To have you in the picture, is prohibited. After dpa information the soldier had to report regularly to the police, a formal exit barrier there was. After three days he traveled.

a bit different in the case of a 43-year-old social worker from Bremen, will be denied for about three weeks to leave the country after Germany. The man obviously has Turkish roots, before throwing the authorities to be as a musician in a club occurred, the Turkey terror accused support. The regional magazine “buten and the internal” learned but in the middle of the week, that he can leave the Turkey next week.

The hardest hit a 36-year-old man from Hesse, Germany with Turkish roots, who had already been at the end of July at the port of entry in the Turkish seaside resort of Antalya, was detained. On Tuesday it was reported that the man because of risk of flight must remain in custody. The authorities accuse him of, according to the WDR, NDR and the “süddeutsche Zeitung” “terrorist propaganda” on Facebook. Until Wednesday, the Foreign office had been able to establish no contact.

the Background of the cases is likely to be a policy formulated by the Minister of the interior Süleyman Soylu in the spring, according to the state news Agency Anadolu as: “there are those who participate in Europe, and in Germany to the events of the terrorist organization, and then in Antalya, Bodrum and Mugla holidays.” With “the terrorist organization,” he said of the forbidden Kurdish workers ‘ party PKK. “You should come here but to and from the airports to enter the country. We take them and go!” had said the interior Minister at the time.

In a deliberate escalation of the relations of the new cases tend not to close. The accumulation in August, goes back probably to the main travel time and the fact that currently, very much more German for a vacation in the Turkey traveled. All in All, there has been more of a slight relaxation. 2017 had participated in a series of solid German state led to citizens out of “political reasons,” a serious crisis between Berlin and Ankara. Most of the time fixed Germans are free again.

politicians on both sides stress that they want to normalise the relationship “”. Turkey hopes given the poor economic situation on investment from Germany. Three years after the coup attempt of 2016, the Turkey, however, is a permanent threat and takes action against people they consider a security risk.

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