In the UK, the farmers take the love life of your cows and bulls into their own hands. With the Dating App “Tudder” do you want to fix up their cattle. Basically a Tinder for cattle. Not only that, the farmers to select the Partner.

And it works almost exactly like the Version for people. You can give through the offering of cows and bulls, swipe your thumb up and down. For example, for the 24-month-old “Pedigree Beef Shorthorn”, a bull for breeding from Essex who lives in the local wood hatch Farm. Here is what you are looking for: find Large bulls, small cows, from organic farms or regular farms, short-haired, long-haired, old and young. Anywhere in the UK. Overall, the cattle-Dating-App (derived from the word “Udder lists” to English: the udder), around 42,000 Profiles.


“Tudder” is the Tinder for cattle. To is romance but tend to be less. The App is a relief for growers in the UK.

©Screenshot YouTube “Tudder” is a Tinder lookalike

it Has been found, then, his desire-a-cops, or his desire cow, you give him or her a thumbs up, or clicking on the Button between the thumb, a cow confined in a bull – which is roughly modeled after the “Super Like” from Tinder. Then you will be redirected to a page to find more information. Everything is just so important in the Breed of cattle: to contact the owner, information about the family tree, the potential for Calving, or the market value of the offspring.

Behind the App, the English Start-Up Hectare. Its managing Director, said the Agency “Bloomberg”, that the breeding of sheep is similar to data-driven – and that this could therefore represent the next Version of the App.

The application is not, however, meant that cow and bull fall in love forever. To facilitate the breeders of the Breed. Because farmers often live widely scattered and not fixed so much choice, how would you like to have. Although there is actually a Glut, just poorly distributed. “Tudder” to facilitate this process.

source: “Süddeutsche Zeitung”, the “Augsburger Allgemeine”