After the devastating shooting attacks in El Paso and Dayton, the pressure on US President Donald Trump to bring a tightening of the gun laws in the country on the path to grow.

When Visiting the President in the two cities on Wednesday (local time) called for politicians to urge strict background checks for gun buyers and a ban on assault rifles in the country. Trump expressed openness for background checks for gun owners, but left open to what extent. The Call for a ban on rapid-fire weapons, he rejected as not supported by a majority. Trump met in Dayton and El Paso with the Victims and the helpers. His visits were accompanied by protests.

In El Paso, on the border with Mexico had fired a gunman on Saturday in a shopping center to. A total of 22 people have been killed, including several Mexicans and a German came. The investigators expect from a racist Background. The alleged offender, a 21-year-old White, surrendered to police and is in custody. In the night of Sunday, another shooter had killed in the Dayton nine people. The subject of the 24-year-old offender is, as yet, unclear. The man was shot and killed by the police.

In Dayton, the US President attended together with his wife, Melania, a hospital and met according to the White house injured, relatives of the victims, rescue workers and police officers. Media were not allowed. Trump refrained from demonstrative to publicly perform or to visit the quarters of the city, in the bloody attack had happened. From the White house it was said that the victim should stand in the foreground.

The mayor of Dayton, said Democrat Nan Whaley, it was a good decision Trumps that he had not gone to the place of action. In the municipality there is a lot of anger, that it had come to be fact. Whaley said the victims and rescue workers would have been happy about Trumps visit. You said but also with a view to the President: “His way of talking, can be very divisive. And that’s the last thing we need here.”

In El Paso, visited Trump and the First Lady on Wednesday afternoon (local time) is also a hospital and spoke – again behind closed doors, with Victims of the attack. They also met with police officers who were involved in the attack in use. There they were accompanied by journalists.

In both cities, there were protests against the visit from the White house. Protesters in El Paso accused Trump on signs, among other things, racism. In Dayton protesters, they left behind the oversized Baby-Trump-balloon.

Daytons mayor Whaley said that she had called Trump during his visit urgently a tightening of gun laws to initiate. Weapons such as those of Protecting Dayton would have to be banned. The shooter had used an assault rifle. These can be purchased in many U.S. States is easy to be used elsewhere, but almost only by the military. Whaley warned, if anything happens, it’ll probably be very soon, the next bloodbath.

The democratic Senator from Ohio, Sherrod Brown, said he had called Trump on Rounds, for a special session of the Republican-dominated Senate to approve the introduction of strict background checks for gun buyers.

the Democrat-dominated house of representatives had already approved in February a draft law to do so. The Democrats accuse the Senate majority leader, Republican Mitch McConnell, to block a vote in the chamber, however.

Trump said, background checks for gun owners be important. There are in Congress in both parties, great support. It remained unclear, however, is whether Trump supported the draft of the Democrats, or just Checks in to a lesser extent, in favour. “I want to give mentally unstable people have no weapons, or people with anger and hatred, or sick people,” he said. Further steps such as a ban on assault rifles had no support, he said.

critics accuse the President also fire, with its rhetoric of anti-immigrant racism in the country. You see, therefore, a complicity Trumps in the racially motivated attack of El Paso. The alleged perpetrator should have known his attack “as a response to the Hispanic Invasion of Texas”. Trump had made the containment of illegal immigration across the border with Mexico to its priority, and even more often of the “Invasion” spoken of.

Ex-US Vice President Biden accused Trump, he befeuere with its language of the right-wing of White in the country. Trump the moral authority to lead the country, lacked Biden said during an appearance in the US state of Iowa. Biden is so far the most promising candidate of the Democrats for the presidential nomination of his party for 2020. Trump wants to compete in the election for a further term of office.

for days, Trump is faced with such allegations. He rejected these accusations. Prior to his departure for Dayton and El Paso Trump said to journalists ‘ questions, he believe that his words racism and violence promoted. “I think my rhetoric brings people together,” said Trump. Trump said his critics just wanted to score points politically. Out of such clashes, he said.

at the same time, Trump responded on Wednesday with a variety of counter attacks to the criticism from the ranks of the Democrats, including Whaley and Biden. He complained the Democrats were the reactions to his visit to Dayton and El Paso incorrectly. He was there met with a lot of love and respect for the presidency.

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