And again, a book of a human being from the Trump-Orbit, the witness wants to – this time: Chris Christie, a heavyweight from the extended President’s environment. The Ex-Governor and candidate for the U.S. presidency is likely to have some noticed. What counts is not, however, be understandings with the Russians. “The campaign team was disorganized and decimated, to an Operation à la Tom Clancy to pull through,” he said in an Interview with the “New York Times” about his book.

Donald Trump is simply haphazard?

Evil formulated could be Christie’s statement also summarized in the following way: Trump and his people were simply haphazard. Similarly, the Republicans also commented on the channel ABC about a different topic. Asked how he Trumps role in the budget dispute and the government still judge, he said: “The President sometimes acts impulsively, and has not always a concept.” Christie’s judgments again confirm the picture that has floated since the arrival of Trump around: that both in the campaign headquarters as well as in the White house, the pure Chaos prevails.

it is not so, that Christie, as a friend of the White house, would have written “Let me finish” a settlement. His book feels more like the report of a management consultant. In addition to some blasphemy. Maybe he meant his Comments-even positive – as the flattering insult: Should evidence arise that Trump and his Team have worked together in some Form with Russia, that would be a criminal offence. But if the current US President and his people should simply have been capable of this kind of cooperation could go the Cup to them but not over.

Kushner and Trump, at least, naive

seen that Chris Christie would have done to his former companions, even a Favor. All Trumps son Donald Jr. and son-in-law Jared Kushner, who were in a controversial Meeting with representatives of Russia present and which, therefore, may be an indictment looming. That Kushner and Trump are political, at least naively, to be a anecdote close, the Christie tells in his book.

election interference?

“witch hunt” before the end of: U.S. special investigator Mueller includes Russia-studies


The whole Russia affair came, as it became known, that Trumps the first security consultant Michael Flynn about a Meeting with a Russian Ambassador had lied. Since the new government was not yet a month in office. Just three days after learning of the allegations, Flynn resigned, or was dismissed by Trump as it is, Christie is in his book. According to him, the theme of “Russia had been done arrangements” for Trump.

Literally, Christie cited the following Dialog:

Trump: “The Russia thing is over. I fired Flynn.”Christie laughs at this remark: “The matter is far from over.”The US President: “What do you mean? Flynn met with the Russians, that was the Problem. I fired Flynn, now it’s over.”Kushner adds: “this is how it looks. The dismissal of Flynn has finished the Problem.”The Russia-affair is not over,

How now, two years later, it is clear, was the Russia thing with the dismissal of Flynn all over. On The Contrary. Only a little later, Donald Trump, FBI Director James Comey threw due to these investigations out, and Robert Mueller was appointed as special investigators. The presents in brief, after a 20-month investigation, its final report. As always, the is true, Trump, himself, was of the view that Christie’s innocent. “Too often Trump found himself surrounded by a mob,” he writes in his book, literally. What the President need is now, was “quality”. “Donald should surround yourself urgently with the right people and a solid structure.”

sources: real clear politics, CNN, NPR, “New York Times”