With his decision for a troop withdrawal from Syria pushes US President Donald Trump to criticism and lack of understanding of one’s own party. Several Republican senators, and deputies described the move as a serious mistake and warned of the evil consequences of a hasty retreat for the safety of the United States. Of the Democrats ‘ criticism came also. The Russian government welcomed trump’s decision.

The US government had announced on Wednesday a surprise military withdrawal. You have already begun, soldiers from Syria to deduct, according to the White house. The United States had defeated the “territorial Caliphate” of the terrorist militia Islamic state (IS). This does not mean that the global coalition was terminated in the fight against the IS or your campaign. Now the next Phase of this operation is to begin.

Donald Trump: “We have struck the IS”

Trump wrote on Twitter: “We have struck the IS in Syria, that was the only reason, to be the Trump presidency.” In a video message on Twitter, he defended his actions on Wednesday evening: “We have won against the IS,” he said. “Now it is time for our soldiers to come home.” You are a hero.

The television channel CNN reported, Trump had included in its decision, neither the foreign Minister, Mike Pompeo to the Minister of defense, James Mattis. The “New York Times” wrote that representatives of the Pentagon had tried to the last in vain, Trump of his decision to dissuade. Government representatives declared to Inquiries from journalists, the timetable for withdrawal will be developed. Also other questions they left unanswered.

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The US have in Syria about 2000 soldiers officially troops to training and advising the Syrian Opposition.

South Carolina’s Republican Senator Lindsey Graham – the last actually a zealous defender Trumps – defendant in various Tweets about the President’s decision. The IS is not defeated. A withdrawal of U.S. troops is a big “Obama is a moderate error,” and help the IS in its desire in the Region to re-expand.

Marco Rubio: Terrible error

The Republican Senator from Florida, Marco Rubio, spoke of a hasty withdrawal and a terrible mistake that will follow the country for years to come. The decision was against the advice of the military and will have serious consequences for the United States. Colorado’s Republican Senator Cory Gardner called on Trump to his decision to move away. Also, Republicans in the house of representatives expressed concern and irritation.

The front woman of the Democrats in the chamber, Nancy Pelosi, described it as premature to declare a victory over the IS and the US-troops from Syria to deduct. Also, various security experts talked of a hasty and reckless step, of the games the still not defeated IS in the hands of the government of the Syrian ruler Bashar al-Assad, Iran and Russia.

praise for Trump from Moscow

From Moscow praise for trump’s decision came promptly. A spokesman for the Russian foreign Ministry said according to media, now there is a real prospect for a political agreement. The American troops had been in Syria without a corresponding request of the Syrian government without a UN mandate.

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The United States are at the forefront of an international coalition, which is fighting in Syria with the IS. Your most important ally is the Kurdish militia, YPG, which is leading the Syrian Democratic forces (SDF). For a long time, the Kurdish fighters were considered to be for the West to have reliable ground forces in Syria – and thus as an exception.

The SDF forces have taken much of the former territory of the IS, and in the East of the country against the jihadists. For weeks, the border to the neighboring country of Iraq, run close to fighting one of the last IS-bastions in the country. The United States supports the SDF-fighters with air strikes. Experts, however, continue to assume that thousands of IS fighters in Syria, including in hard-to-reach desert areas. A spokesman for the US state Department had said on Tuesday, although there had been great progress, but “the Job is not yet done”.

New military offensive by Turkey?

The jihadists dominate in Syria, although only a small area, but they are still active. IS cells focus on attacks.

After a withdrawal of U.S. troops could clear the way for a new military offensive by Turkey. The government in Ankara is threatening for a long time already with a further Operation against the YPG. The Turkey looks to be an offshoot of the outlawed Kurdish workers ‘ party PKK and fight them.

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