US President Donald Trump has candidate taken care of with Remarks about a possible Nato-Brazil irritations among the Alliance partners.

In the Headquarters of the military Alliance in Brussels, it was pointed out that the North Atlantic Treaty provides for the inclusion of additional non-European countries. In addition, the obligation to provide assistance in the case was limited to armed attacks geographically, it said. It applied only to areas above the Northern tropic, and Brazil was far below it.

Trump had brought on Tuesday at a Meeting with the Brazilian President, Jair Bolsonaro, a recording of Brazil into the game. He intended the South American country officially as important allies outside of Nato (the”Major non-Nato ally”), announced Trump at a joint press conference with Bolsonaro. There may also be a Nato-membership would be conceivable. To do this, many conversations are still necessary.

A Nato spokeswoman would not comment on the Comments Trumps. In the Alliance was, however, pointed out that the Alliance have already today partnerships with numerous countries in circles. This also includes Colombia, belong to the example. To even closer cooperation with Brazil to be ready if the country have an interest, it said. That the North Atlantic would be amended Treaty, to be able to Brazil, to the member, however, is extremely unlikely. That would require a unanimous decision by all Alliance partners.

About the Status of important allies outside of Nato (the”Major non-NATO ally”) could be involved in Brazil, for example, officially on the development of defence technologies. It also allows, for example, joint Exercises and access to funding for military equipment.

Bolsonaro referred to in the press conference with Trump the fact that the military cooperation with the United States had already been developed. Trump also mentioned a launch site for space rockets in Brazil. Since the country lies on the Equator, require launches of geostationary satellites, there is less energy than the equator, more distant areas such as Florida, with the U.S. launch site at Cape Canaveral. The Europeans, therefore, have your launch site in French Guiana, bordering Brazil.

Trump and Bolsonaro are both populists on the right political edge. You want to take advantage of the situation and the relations between their two countries on a new footing. In the recent time had been in Brazil governments in Power that were set in the USA to critical.