The location of the approximately 800,000 “Shutdown”victims in the United States is becoming more dramatic. For the past four weeks, parts of the government stand still apparatus, so that the employees of nine ministries and numerous agencies get no salary. For many Sufferers the Situation is now so dramatic that you don’t need to turn to Food pantries, because you have enough money for food.

Wilbur Ross recommends Affected borrowing

The trade Ministers of the US President, Donald Trump, Wilbur Ross, can’t understand this: “I know that you do, and I really don’t understand why,” replied the multi-millionaire, as he was raised in the US channel CNBC said that government employees food of tables and shelters for the Homeless. Ross advised the Affected, low-interest loans to bridge the time until you get back content.

“are The basically state-guaranteed loans, because the government has committed that these people will get their money retroactively, as soon as this thing,” said Ross, whose fortune is estimated according to the U.S. news site “The Hill” at around 700 million dollars. “So there really is no good excuse as to why we should now, indeed, a liquidity crisis.” It is certainly true that people “may have to pay a bit of interest,” the Minister explained. But the idea that there is only the choice between a paycheck and no money, was not particularly relevant.

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How “Shutdown”is Concerned, try to keep yourself without a salary above the water

By Marc Drewello

in fact, there are various reasons why loans for many of those affected Federal employees are not an Option, in order to keep above water. Not a few of them have already borrowed money with Relatives and friends. And not everyone does his banking with an institution that the government offers to employees special loans. Many Federal employees, the need for bridging loans, would have to rely on your credit card – reported an annual rate of 17 percent or more, as the “New York Intelligencer”. And many of those Affected have no credit cards, or a low credit line on it. And even if you have sufficient credit, you may make the prospect of further debt fear, in a time in which you do not know exactly when you will get back in salary.

a Violent wind for his statements Ross got from the spokesperson of the National Federation of Federal employees, Brittany Holder. Your organization have the feeling that the trade Minister had lost any reference to the everyday challenges of working people, said Holder, the U.S. news website “Politico”. Many government employees mortgage payments to come next week and the loan would rates of interest which could provide many of those Affected in spite of salary back payments. It is offensive and unrealistic to expect that 800,000 Federal employees apply for easy loans, said Holder. “He will pay the interest we have to pay back?”

Donald Trump is trying to explain to Ross’ Statement

Self-Wilbur Ross’ boss Donald Trump sees the comments of his trade Minister, critical. He didn’t hear his statements, replied the President at the White house on the question of a reporter. “But I’ve heard that he should have maybe say otherwise.” Then, Trump described his own idea of the everyday life of unpaid Federal employees life: “The Locals know who you are, if you buy food and everything else. And, I think, to say what Wilbur is likely that you will work together with you,” said Trump. He knew that banks work together with the parties Concerned. “If you have a mortgage, the Mortgage lender, the people who collect the interest, and all of these things work with you.”

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“I’m going to Buy medications or food?” Government closure has faith dramatic consequences

By Marc Drewello

Trump notes that “workers who need food, can simply go to the grocery store in your town, where the compassionate food vendors from the neighborhood – a pillar of the community, to have a personal relationship waiting to let government employees cover letter”, commented on the “New York Intelligencer,” the opinion of the President. While it is true that there are food shops, which worked because of the “shutdown” with local Food kitchens for the needy and for example, food or vouchers donated. But that does not mean to pay-hungry workers in need of a few litres of milk, just in a local Shop popping up, and could promise your purchases later.

“We don’t live in the world of ‘little house on the Prairie'”, writes the magazine, referring to the US series about the family Ingalls from the 70s and 80s. “Three-cheese-High-can’t go to the grocery store for a dozen eggs, a credit, until the father begins to Farm that money.”

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