5. February: Donald trump’s request-Minister of the interior, encounters resistance: “a threat for animals and nature”

With the nomination of former Oil lobbyist David Bernhardt for the Post of U.S. Minister of the interior, has thrown President Donald Trump’s massive Protest. The head of the opposition Democrats in the Senate, Chuck Schumer, called Bernhardt on Monday evening as a “serious threat to state lands, animal life and natural resources” of the country. Also environmentalists turned sharply against Bernhardt’s nomination.

The 49-year-old lawyer is currently Deputy Minister of the interior. Earlier, he worked for leading Oil and gas companies in the country. Bernhardt will compete in the inter peak, the successor to Ryan Zinke, who resigned after a series of scandals. To the Ministerial posts, take, needs Bernhardt, the consent of the Senate.

report of the U.S. authority NCA

“I do not Believe” – Trump presents study of the impact of climate change question

The environmental organization Greenpeace warned, a representative of the Oil and gas industry “should not be for the protection of the state land and water of the United States” responsible.

31. January: White house spokesperson: Trumps electoral victory was as God intended

The spokesperson of the White house, Sarah Sanders, sees the election victory of her boss Donald Trump as God wanted. “I think God calls us all to different roles at different times, and I think he wanted Donald Trump President,” said the 36-Year-old in an Interview with the Christian broadcaster CBN published on Wednesday in advance excerpts.

Sanders is the daughter of TV Pastor, Mike Huckabee. The Ex-Governor of Arkansas, is an Idol of the religious Right. Evangelical believers are an important group of voters for the President, who was not a part of until his election in November 2016 just to their typical clientele. The devout Christians come about against gay marriage and against the right to abortion is a

28. January: Trump holds a speech to the Nation on 5. February

Donald Trump is his because of the budget freeze suspended state of the Union speech now on 5. February keep. This is the Chairman of the house of representatives, Nancy Pelosi announced on Monday in Washington. Originally the speech of the President in the Congress had been scheduled for this Tuesday, Pelosi had denied in the course of the conflict to the budget of the President’s performance, however, citing her property rights.

28. January: More new “Shutdown” as the agreement in the wall to the dispute, believes Trump

US President, Trump doesn’t believe in the dispute over the financing of a border wall with Mexico, according to his own words, to an acceptable agreement. In an Interview with the “Wall Street journal” estimated the chances that a newly-established group of 17 members of Congress come to a timely agreement, as a low. At the same time, he did not rule out emergency use of powers of attorney, in order to build the border plant. Another government standstill, Trump did not want to exclude. “That’s certainly a possibility,” he said.

“personally, I see the below 50-50,” said Trump on the question of the chances of an agreement. Trump had refused in December, a budget law for several ministries and their subordinate authorities to sign, if not $ 5.7 billion (5 billion euros) for the construction of a border wall would be scheduled. Asked whether he would accept no less than 5.7 billion dollars, Trump said: “I doubt it. I have to do.”

The construction of a border wall, one of trump’s Central election promise of a fight. Asked whether he would accept another Form of border fortification as a wall, he said: “I need to see. As long as it stops criminals, Gangs, traffickers and drugs, I’m open to anything. But the only thing that works, barrier is a very strong Form of physical.”

24. January: trump’s Ex-lawyer Cohen in the February statements

Michael Cohen, the former lawyer of the US President, Donald Trump, will have to testify contrary to his request, probably already in the near future in the Congress. Cohen, a binding subpoena – although he recently had to tell, he did not want to appear initially in the Congress. This, he reasoned with the explosive allegation that his family was exposed to “threats” by the President. Cohen’s the summons by the house intelligence Committee is given in the Form of a so-called “Subpoena”. These type of subpoenas. “Of course he will comply with the Subpoena,” said the lawyer, Davis. According to information from the American media, Cohen is scheduled to appear in mid-February in front of the body. Of Cohen’s questioning, observers expect a possible new explosive revelations about the President and the Trump group.

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