Before the anniversary of the Nato celebrations in Washington, US President, Donald Trump has been spending a new attack against Germany in the dispute over the defence out.

Germany does not pay within Nato to take its fair share, Trump said on Tuesday at a Meeting with Nato Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg at the White house in Washington. The United States paid a large share, was “very unfair,” he added.

“I have great feelings for Germany, but they don’t pay, you have to pay,” said Trump. The Republicans stated in this connection that his father had been German. This is not true, however: His grandfather came from Germany, his father was born in New York. It is not the first Time that Trump this blunder.

Nato wants to today and on Thursday in Washington, the 70. Anniversary of its founding celebration. Germany’s foreign Minister, Heiko Maas will attend the Meeting.

Trump complained for a long time an unfair burden-sharing in Nato and attacked in Germany, in particular, again and again, because of the relatively low proportion of its defence expenditure on the Federal budget. At a Nato summit meeting last summer in Brussels, Trump had not even excluded the possibility of an exit of the USA from the Alliance, should not spend all of the Alliance partners immediately, two percent of their gross domestic product for defense.

According to the most recent Nato annual report, the German level of spending in the past year, with 1.23 percent. The medium-term plan, according to information from the Ministry of defence, 1.26 percent for the year 2023.

Thus, the defense would have to be increased spending by 2023 to 2024 by a two-digit billion amount, if the objective is to be achieved. This had caused a new displeasure from the US government. The United States was a value from 3.39 percent.

Trump also brought again an increase of the objective to the game. In the short or long it has to rise, he said. At the summit in Brussels, he had spoken for a basis of four per cent.

Before the start of the Nato anniversary Stoltenberg will hold a meeting first of all, a speech at a joint session of both chambers of the U.S. Congress. It is the first speech of a representative of an international organization. In the evening, a festive reception is being planned. The dispute over the defence expenditure to be at the Thursday theme. In addition, the tensions with Russia and Afghanistan.