If you’re black in America, then may it happen always and everywhere. The D’Arreion Toles is clear. But in spite of everything, in spite of a President who normalizes racist slogans, in spite of Charlottesville and “Black Lives Matter” – this he has not expected.

It is late in the office this Friday evening. Toles, 24, is on the way to his apartment, it is located only two blocks from his office located in the center of St. Louis, 703 North 13th Street. Who lives here, pays 2000 dollars a month for a two-bedroom apartment and for the Prestige to live in one of the more exclusive apartment buildings in the city. The “Elder Shirt Lofts called” Toles his home, since he moved two years ago from Chicago here. The good address gives him the feeling to have done it.


Unpatriotic. Full Of Hate. A danger to the United States. So Trump raged against the Congress of deputies Ilhan Omar, of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Tlaib, and Ayanna Pressley (v. l. n. r.). Black, Muslim or Hispanic Background to understand the Democrats as the representatives of a progressive America.

©Brendan Smialowski/AFP Potential Criminal

If you’re black in America, white Toles, then you accompany these small vibrations in everyday life, such as a persistent cough after a cold. The shop owners follow you around the Store, as if you were a Kleptomaniac. The taxi drivers who switch off the light signal, if they see you, as you were an armed robber. The police officers get in the car to stop, as if you were a potential Criminal. You’re used to that. But sometimes, says Toles, can open up all of a sudden cracks in your world, and you know that the coughing will never stop. That you’ll never belong.

A blonde woman with a small dog on a leash in the half-open glass door to the Lobby. Toles wanted to let the woman through, but she departed from the place. Blocked the entrance.


D’Arreion Toles filmed this white woman (R.) in his apartment house, as she wanted him access to his own apartment deny. She called the police, although she saw, as he opened with a key to the front door. Since then, he feels like a Stranger.

©Wayne Lawrence/NYT/Redux/Laif

“you Can go, please?”, Toles said.

“I Can. You live here?” the woman said.

He made a half-step on the woman. “Excuse me, please.”

The woman did not stir. She said: “If you want to come into my building …”

“This is my building. You are not the owner,” said Toles, still polite.

“Okay. Then you show me your apartment number,” said the woman. Toles had enough, he tried to look at the woman to push. “Go now, please get out of the way.”

“no. Can you show me your key card?”

“you don’t belong to the security personnel. I have to show you anything.” Toles pushed his way past the woman. She followed him. In the Lobby, in the Elevator to the fourth floor, in the hallway in front of his apartment. Toles to lock his apartment door, said: “Do you Ma never again’. I wish a good night. My Name is Mr. Toles.” Then he shut the door behind him.

Ugly America in times by Trump

half An hour later there was a knock. Toles opened the door and looked into the faces of two police officers. The men crowded into his apartment. They wanted to see his rental agreement.

If you’re black in America, says Toles today, then you know the gritty Foundation of this society, about which hardly anyone wants to talk. Toles stands in front of the apartment building, suit, blue tie, polished leather shoes. He says he’s felt since that night as his home. At that time, in that night, typed it, still completely shaken up, in a Facebook entry: “So it is to be a black man in America and to come home. I’ve never really believed that I would happen to what once was.” To this end, he introduced the shaky Video of his encounter with the woman, which he had recorded with his cell phone camera. 4:30-too-American minutes, as of today, about 20 million Times viewed.

“The phone I whipped out immediately in order to protect myself. So the woman starts to lie and claimed that I would have choked, or worse,” says Toles. The films, he had the habit, whenever he from the police at a street control is stopped. This happens quite often as a black man, he says. “If I didn’t have the camera, would run really bad. The camera is my shield.”


In Oakland, a woman calls the police because a black family in a Park, grilled

©BBQ Becky/youtube

So how Toles there are many African-Americans. And what captured their cameras in the past few months, added together of a video stream of the ugly America in times of Donald Trump’s wool. This Stream shows a society under pressure, divided and insecure. He opens the eyes to what happens when right-wing populism disinhibited parts of a society and the rules of decency and kindness are broken in Public. He shifted a but, especially in the perspective of the victims, unfiltered, unedited.

The reason: their skin color,

your cameras to capture how a white woman in San Francisco, takes out her mobile phone and calls the police because a black girl, eight years old, sold on the sidewalk in front of his parents ‘ house with water bottles. The girl dreams of Disneyland and want to earn the money for the trip. In the Video you can see the woman in the listener say: “The girl has no permission.”

A Video shows, how a white woman in Oakland calls the police because a black family barbecue in a Park with charcoal.

another Donisha Prendergast, the granddaughter of Reggae-legend Bob Marley records, in a district in the East of Los Angeles. You and your Girlfriends have rented a cottage in a white neighborhood and are just going to load your bags into the car, as seven police suddenly stopped the car in the driveway.

hands up, call the police. A helicopter circled above them. A neighbor had called the police, the women would not have looked friendly and waved. Therefore, she had assumed that they were burglars.

In the country, the Reality has invented TV, now penetrate recordings to the Public, the map is actually truthfulness. Not the contrived and distorted, which led to a Reality TV Star to the presidency. It is disturbing shots are one of subliminal racism everyday. And a strengthening of the recovery, always undisguised pompous sense of Superiority, the breaks themselves in the most ridiculous situations Bahn.


In New York, accused the woman on the left in the picture a nine-year-old black boy to have you sexually harassed. In Summerville, South Carolina, was struck a 15-Year-old from the woman to the right in the picture, because she wanted to have no Black at the Pool.


White to call the police, when black women play slow Golf. If a black student in a residence room at the University of Yale is nodding. If a black hotel guest on the phone in the Lobby. If you spot an eleven-year-old black boy in your neighborhood, the Newspapers hosting. If a twelve-year-old black Boy caught accidentally a small strip of your lawn with the lawn mower.

And when something like that happens, it usually doesn’t take long, and the incident ends up in Shaun King in Brooklyn. King, 39, was long something of a chronicler of racism and police violence in the United States.

Today, he says, are no longer sufficient to collect incidents. Today, he is on the hunt. For his hunting, he needs only his Laptop. Plus the help of some of the more than one Million people follow him on Twitter.

Before King was an activist, he worked for a time as Pastor, and still the preacher seems to be stuck in it. He speaks slowly and quietly and is grateful for every question you ask him. The Internet, however, he is loud and angry.

government is fuelling racism

As a militant racists two years ago in Charlottesville brutally against the protesters began, he discovered a photo of the five men in a Black with metal rods struck together. He wrote on Twitter: Who are these men? Him, many people that offered him help answered to find the perpetrators. Students, librarians, computer scientists were looking for clues, examined the shoes, pants, necklaces on the photo. Were able to identify a Suspect on the basis of a Kurt-Cobain-quote on the back of the head. Four of the perpetrators, thanks to the hints in prison.

Since then, Shaun King hunts for racists. He shared, for example, on Twitter, a Video, and wrote: “This is Flowood, Mississippi. After this man has abused the service in this Diner, he called the woman ‘nigger’. We need his full identity and his employer.”

It took just eight hours, because the King was able to announce: “Kyle Thomas, a radiology technician at Mississippi Baptist Medical Center, has been fired. Listen to me, well, racist white people, Your President may get away with it, that he says whatever he wants. But this does not apply to you. We will find you accountable.”


The Ex-Pastor and activist Shaun King addiction says about Tweets clues to the identity of alleged racists

©Vino Wong/AP

Shaun King, he knew that he could not re-educate people. “My hope is that people see that their behavior has consequences for you. You are discouraged to behave in such a way. I don’t know if I’ll ever have success with it. It happens each and every day.”

When asked about the dangers of his own justice, whether he could exclude the possibility that his Internet campaign costs once the Wrong Job and Reputation, he remains unimpressed. “We will examine carefully. And we have to do. What else should we do? Go to the police? Most Black people are afraid of the police. It is 21 Times more likely that a Black man dies by a police bullet than a White man. And our government is fuelling the racism, instead of fighting him.”

your Fears: political capital

brought The Trump Era has latent fantasies of a threatened hegemony of the White to the fore. It exposes how the United States divided, and still are, the presidency of Barack Obama has not change much. To deep prejudices and Fears are rooted, especially in front of the black man. In one study, the majority of white men reported that they had the impression to be in the Public as the “cute guys” with “nice Smile” to be perceived. Black men have not had this experience. No matter how you dress, no matter how much you smile – you feel that they are too often perceived as a potential threat.

This is only a Symptom of a “White Panic,” the fear of White, to be due to the demographic change of a minority and lose their supremacy in the country. Studies predict that White people will make up in the year 2045, only 49.7 per cent of the population, 24.6 percent of Latin American origins, and 13.1 percent Black will be.

America is arguing fiercely about whether monuments are to remain for racist civil war generals are, whether the border should be made to Mexico dense. It will be right to be appointed-heavy judge (of which the majority are white men), and the right to abortion is obstructed. All of this fueled by the “White Panic”.


Roberts, he found several of the men in Charlottesville who had beaten a black protesters in the hospital. They were accused of.

©Zach D. Roberts/AP

The President is making an effort to capitalize on white Fears of political capital, because his presidency is, to a large part of it. Last week, he raged against four colored democratic members of Congress, you should go back to where you actually came from. The four women have all of the American citizenship to all born in the United States. Since then, the Trumps will find open racism imitators, such as in the cashier, in Illinois, the customer insulted with “in your country” and threatened to call the immigration police. Or in the Burger King customer, approached the restaurant Manager with “Go back to Mexico”, because this Spanish language.

In a survey, almost half of the respondents Trump pendant, African-Americans are “violent” and “criminal” than whites. Trump together with his dehumanizing rhetoric against immigrants and Muslims in his base.

And his words have consequences. In the 275 counties in which he held in 2016, an election campaign event, then increased the number of racist and hate-motivated actions by 260 per cent, an analysis of the “Washington Post”. Other studies found that people were encouraged to Write hate comments in the Internet after they had seen a speech from Trump or read.

When Trump speaks, that you the country back, get will, feel some of the White empowered him in the Small nachzueifern by to call the police, and as high-spirited pocket Trumps the street, the Park, the swimming pool to retrieve.

As a weapon: your mobile phone

“Trump is not the sole cause of the rise in open racism in the United States. He is the Symptom of deeper social developments,” said Shaun King. If the police are called against Black, is anchored deep in the Psyche of white America, writes the sociologist Robin DiAngelo. Hardly the slavery was abolished, invented by politicians in the southern States, laws against rogue vagrancy, which they brought with them many black men and women to jail and unpaid work. Slavery lived behind bars.

And this image of the criminal Black continues to this day. Just like the idea that there is white quarters, streets, and shops, in which Blacks have nothing to do. In many cities in the South of the USA it was forbidden for them in the 50s, to enter at night the centre. After the dishes were repealed in the 60s, racial segregation, fled a lot of White in the suburbs, in order to remain among themselves. Now you don’t soft. There are mobile phones. And the emergency number for the police is the weapon in the struggle for Power.

“you call the police, not to scare Black folks from places where you mean, maybe just subconsciously, that we had no business there,” says Robert Burton-Harris. “Of course, this works only once ridiculous and that is why these people get on the Internet nicknames. For example, ‘Barbecue’ Becky, the woman who called the police, because the Black in the Park during the barbecue. But the consequences are not funny,” he says.


Marc Peeples (R) to put on a vacant plot of land in Detroit in a garden. The neighbors like Deborah Nash didn’t like. She began to complain to the police about Peeples: He’s threatening you. The case came to trial, despite the acquittal, Peeples lost his Job.

©Wayne Lawrence/NYT/Redux/Laif

Robert Burton-Harris is a lawyer in Detroit. One of his clients ended up almost in jail. Marc Peeples alleged crime: He gärtnerte and is black.

Peeples had founded a community garden in a poor suburb of Detroit. Had spinach and Radishes planted and the neighbors invited to Participate. The Trouble began in the summer of 2017 with the colors Red, Black and Green. He had painted a tree and a porch of an abandoned house in the garden in these colors, in honor of the African freedom movement. Three women in the neighbourhood wanted to have recognized the colors of a Gang. It wasn’t long before they called the police. Peeples handled with a gun in the garden. The police arrived with three cars and drove after you had established that Peeples had a rake in Hand, to rid the flower beds of Leaves.

Anti-racism Training

But the women chanted again and again by the police. Peeples would you pursue and threaten. Their homes he wanted to burn down. And as he planted with school children carrots, don’t handle one of the women to the handset, whether you know that Peeples is a pedophile?

“The women saw the police, their henchmen, a black man to get rid of,” says the lawyer, Burton-Harris. “And you seemed to have success: Marc Peeples was arrested on charges of Stalkings and threats of murder feast.”

in The process, the lie structure of the women broke apart quickly. And yet, says Burton-Harris, Marc Peeples had gone through hell. He has lost his Job and his garden, he had to find the money to defend themselves.

that is Why Burton-Harris had filed a charge on behalf of his client against the three women. In it, he requested damages in the amount of $ 300,000. “People have less inhibitions, to put your racism on open Display. In this political Situation, it is important for you to view. Because we have laws that point you in the barriers,” he says. He hopes that many of those Affected are to follow his example. It is not sufficient to provide the police caller on the Internet in the pillory.


In the past year the number of employees called in of a Starbucks in Philadelphia the police because two black men were waiting there, without ordering a coffee. It loud protests followed, as here, also in Philadelphia. The coffee chain apologized.

©Mark Makela/

And yet the Videos of the racist can make a difference between cases a lot. The woman in San Francisco who called the police because a girl sold water, have lost your Job.

And after employees in a Starbucks store in Philadelphia called the police because two black men drank no coffee, while waiting for a business partner, started a debate, in the course of Starbucks castle thousands of stores for an Anti-racism Training of the employees.

At the end is missing: satisfaction

In other cases, fear the racist caller, no consequences. And black men and women remains only a feeling of powerlessness. You have been a victim of a new Form of symbolic racism. A form of racism aimed at black people, because they behave quite normal, and at the same time black, as sociologist Elijah Anderson formulated. A racism that can have deadly consequences. A black man died in Ohio, after someone had called the police. He stood in the supermarket, had a toy gun in the Hand. The police opened fire and killed him.

In St. Louis is D’Arreion Toles in front of the apartment house, in the him his neighbor not in, just wanted to let. After he had put the Video on Facebook, he says, have not stood in his phone still. Even on TV, and he was invited. The woman who had molested him, has now lost the Job. Your employer distanced itself publicly from her and her behavior, says Toles. The woman said after the incident, you did nothing wrong. Today, you will not want to talk with journalists.

And yet, Toles feels no satisfaction. He looks up to the Windows on the fourth floor. Up in his apartment he can no longer go. Three days ago, he made the key and moved out. “I don’t have to keep it in the house, in which I have my existence had to justify,” he says.

There are no winners in this divided America.

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