“What is domestic violence?” Under this Heading, the justice has tried to the Ministry of U.S. President Barack Obama (2009 to 2017), to give concrete answers. To just under 2700 characters such as “sexual abuse”, “emotional abuse” “economic abuse” – for example, by Creating financial dependencies and “psychological abuse” as a domestic violence defined. A specification and comprehensive extension which has been developed according to “The Independent”, in co-operation with experts and organisations. To protect, among other things, the rights of women and minorities in a more effective and stronger.


“What is domestic violence?”: The Department of justice under Barack Obama used the term

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Now were thrown in the United States, “women’s rights back 50 years,” argue the experts. Because the Ministry of justice of Donald Trump follows a different, much leaner Definition and stomps the Declaration by the Obama administration to just under 900 characters.


“What is domestic violence?”: The Ministry of justice defined under Donald Trump used the term

©Screenshot: justice.gov “We are literally back in the’ 70s,”

“I was massively surprised and really shocked,” says Holly Taylor-Dunn the “Independent”. The lecturer at the UK’s University of Worcester has been working for 17 years in the field of sexual and domestic violence and considers it “creepy, how quiet” this Change was made.

Because Trumps, the Ministry of justice has recognised, according to “the Independent” in April of 2018, the red pencil. Has noticed it however, hardly anyone. The Change has not been communicated officially and in public. Until today.

“We are literally back in the’ 70s,” says Taylor-Dunn. The Definition of domestic violence only to physical Suffering, to break down, would be “completely undermined, what does domestic violence really is.”

The direct comparison shows that a lot is missing

if one compares the texts, you will find, in fact: emotional, sexual, economic violence are no longer part of the current Definition. Domestic violence is Trumps government, only of a purely physical nature. Even the Obama-paper, that domestic violence can affect anyone, regardless of origin, skin color, and Religion – is no longer found in the new Version.

Here you can get to the Definition of Barack Obama’s Department of justice …… and here to the Definition of the Ministry of justice Donald Trump.

“it is Clear that this seemingly semantic changes, even if you are not yet enshrined in formal law or policy, are part of a broader trend towards the devaluation of women by this government and this President,” analyzes the women’s rights expert Natalie Nanasi in an article for the American Online magazine “Slate”. The Changes could restrict the rights of women victims of sexual and domestic violence and will be.

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