Israel on 9. April, a new Parliament, and the most beautiful of the election campaign gift to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu got less than three weeks before: U.S. President Donald Trump spoke out on Twitter to put the current U.S. policy on the head of Israel sovereignty over the occupied Golan heights, to recognize. To Trump Netanyahu has rolled out already before the latter’s trip to Washington on the red carpet. The guest will be received on Monday and Tuesday, equal to two Times of the Trump in the White house, also designed in Israel as support for Netanyahu. May need help: He’s fighting for his political Survival.

Would win Netanyahu the election in April, he would begin his fifth term in office. Could fail to the allegations of corruption, which put the Prime Minister under pressure. It’s hardly surprising that Netanyahu reacted to the help from the White house now downright enthusiastic. “I’m so excited,” he said at a press conference with US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo, who was in Jerusalem to visit. Israel is deeply grateful for the “incredible and unparalleled support” of the United States.

criticism from Russia

“President Trump has just made history,” said Netanyahu. “He has done it again.” What Netanyahu said: by the end of 2017 Trump had recognized the unilaterally Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. In may of last year, he left the U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem route. Also in may, Trump announced the exit from the after Netanyahu’s words, “catastrophic” nuclear agreement with Iran – and he put hard sanctions against the arch-enemy of Israel.

“Now he has made something of equal historical importance,” said Netanyahu. “He has recognized Israel’s sovereignty over the Golan heights.” A formal recognition of trump’s tweets are not, the President writes there only for the US, it was time for such a step – but these are subtleties that may go in the election campaign. From the point of view of Russia it is at best an “idea” Trumps. “We hope to keep it that way,” said Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov. “An idea can contribute in any way to a secure peace in the Middle East.”

German-Israeli relations

Germany has a special responsibility, but …

DPA USA with recognition against the UN Resolution failed

The Golan heights, a 1150-square-mile Plateau, not even half as large as the Saarland, but of considerable strategic importance. In the six-day war in 1967, Israel had conquered the land of Syria, from the Syrian army previously regularly targets in Northern Israel with artillery had fired. From the Plateau you can see the Syrian capital, Damascus, lies only about 60 km away. In 1981, Israel annexed the Golan heights – what has not been recognized internationally. Until recently, the United States also referred to the Golan heights as “occupied”.

Would recognize the United States formally that the Golan heights belong to Israel, you would be in breach of a UN security Council resolution which they had adopted in 1981. Unanimously, the UN had declared to be a body, the Israeli annexation at that time, null and void. For Trump the power of his contempt for the United Nations and for multilateralism no secret of it – is likely to be but hardly a deal-breaker. His foreign Minister Pompeo put on Friday once again: It was “appropriate” that the Golan heights were part of Israel, he wrote on Twitter.


The Golan heights were annexed by Israel – internationally, this is not recognized but.

©Thomas Coex AFP Trump intends to present a peace plan

The Arab world to see the nature differently. The Arab League warned that any recognition of Israeli sovereignty over the Golan heights would have “a serious impact on the US Position in the Arab-Israeli conflict in General”, especially after the “huge setbacks” in the Palestinian issue. Since the recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel Trump the Palestinians can no longer recognize the United States as a mediator.

Trump may be the actually indifferent. For his possibly most ambitious foreign policy project, he needs the Palestinians and the support of Arab States: He wants to present a peace plan to end the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians. “There is a Chance for peace between Israel and the Palestinians”, Trump said last month. “I’d like to be able to make this come about.”

“dream gift”

A foreign policy success, Trump would be extremely located: Only in February, his summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un failed, the goal of nuclear disarmament on the Korean Peninsula is once again receded into the distant future. Trump should reach the end of the middle East conflict, it would be a spectacular success. However, others have the teeth bite, which was commonly attributed to the more diplomatic skill than Trump. In Israel is expected after the election with the publication of the long-announced “century Deals” to a solution to the conflict.

For Trump Israel is also a topic with which he hopes to score at home – where he sees himself, quite similar to Netanyahu, with various allegations and problems. Controversial statements made by the Muslim members of the Congress Ilhan Omar took Trump to the Democratic party as a whole Israel-Gypsyism and anti-Semitism. Only on Friday, the Republican President said, the Democrats were “totally against Israel. Open said I think you are anti-Jewish.”

The “Jerusalem Post” called Trumps Expression to the Golan heights for a “dream gift” for Netanyahu, the President enlists in the election campaign, with his good relationship to the US. Huge posters of the conservative ruling party, the Likud, to show him and Trump in the hand with a wide Smile. “Netanyahu – a different League”, is the Hebrew lettering. Also, Netanyahu’s main Challenger in the election, Ex-military chief Benny Ganz, is next week in Washington. Both hold a speech at a conference of the American-Israeli lobby organization Aipac. A Meeting Trumps with nothing, however, is known.