Donald Trump and George Washington have in common not only that they are both heads of state of the United States, or goods, but also that they both grew up with real estate Empire. May be first U.S. President was even the richest Americans of his time, experts are not sure. But: This note have aufzumerken brought the current incumbent, after all, about how the US magazine “Politico” of a tour Trumps on Washington’s estate reported. It must have been, according to witnesses, a slightly bizarre visit.

George Washington, real-estate Mogul

The Board of Directors of the historic town of Mount Vernon personally guided Tour took place about a year ago. To was a guest in the USA, the French President, Emmanuel Macron at the time. He and his wife seemed considerably more knowledge about Washington to have at home than the 45. The US head of state, quoted by “Politico” a not further referred to the participants of the tour. Only as a Mount-Vernon-in-chief Doug Bradburn Trump told that George Washington a “real estate Mogul in the 18th century. Century” was the reason and ground have obsessed over Virginia, responded to Trump on his, to him.

“If he’d been smart, he would have written his name on it. You had to write your name on the stuff no one else remembers you,” said the President to the present. On the response of Bradburn, the capital of the United States, the name Washington Trump have to wear laughing with “a Good note”, he replied. Most, if not all of the real estate of Donald Trump’s the name of their owner.

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