Donald Trump seems to have a new favorite theme for his election campaign found: The States in democratically governed American cities. After the President had last weekend, Baltimore via Twitter as a “disgusting, rats and rodents, contaminated muck hole” and the “most dangerous” place in the United States, referred to in the “no human beings” wanted to live, he has attacked the East coast metropolis is now re – arming, and other U.S. cities braced.

Trump speaks of “disgusting” conditions in the L. A.

“no one has paid a higher price for the destructive Agenda of the extreme Left, as an American living in the inner cities of our Nation,” Trump said at a rally in Cincinnati, Ohio. “You have paid dearly for it.” The government had sent to the cities of “billions and billions and billions and billions” of Federal funds, and the funds were “stolen” and “waste” have been wasted.

See you in the Video, such as the US President, his Twitter rants justifies:

For 100 years, would be in control of Democrats, the cities, claimed by the Republicans. “We can name one after the other, but I’m not going to do it, because I don’t want to be argumentative.” In the course of his 80-minute speech, he called, but several prominent cities, criticized the conditions there, and gave their democratic Leaders to blame.

scandal to President-Tweets

How hypocritical the White house is defending the Baltimore-bashing of Donald Trump

By Marc Drewello

“Almost half of all homeless people living on the streets of America, happen to live in the state of California”, called to Trump his 17,000 followers in the US Bank Arena. “What did the Democrats with the state of “shame” for the United States. “Look at Los Angeles with the […] terrible, terrible, disgusting terms. San Francisco look at you, look at some of Your other cities.”

Donald Trump is attacking his host,

, And Baltimore got away again to be fat: The murder rate in the city was “much higher than in El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala,” said Trump. “I think it is higher than …” – he then asked his audience for a further comparison of the proposals: “Call me a place you think is pretty bad!”, asked the President the amount. “Afghanistan” called to him, someone answered and Trump: “I think it is higher than in Afghanistan. In our country, imagine that. We will check the Numbers. If we are mistaken, will you tell us tomorrow. The headlines will read: ‘Trump has exaggerated!’ I think the Rate is higher than in Afghanistan.”

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in The end Trump even shared yet, against his hosts: After protesters broke his speech for about three minutes and a Banner with the inscription “immigrants waving America is set up”, before they were removed by security personnel, quipped the President, the protesters, the leadership of the city would reflect. “Cincinnati, you have a democratic mayor?”, he asked the audience, which answered in the affirmative. “Now this is what happens.”

sources: NBC News; “The Hill”; “the Huffington Post”; New York Times; “Deadline”

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