US President Donald Trump wants to end the political cooperation with the Democrats, not should abandon further investigation to the report of special investigator Robert Mueller.

“In the meantime, we do great work without them,” said Trump on Wednesday in the rose garden of the White house in Washington. “Let them play their games. Let it be done”, said the President.

Previously, the Chairman of the house of representatives, the Democrat Nancy Pelosi had accused Trump cover-up. “I think he is involved in a cover-up action,” said Pelosi. That’s why he resist, if the Democrats wanted to hear in the house of representatives about government employees.

The Statements made Pelosi just before they met in the White house with Trump, on an infrastructure initiative to share. The conversation failed.

Trump accuses the Democrats to the Russia-investigations on the influence of the presidential election in 2016, triggered to overthrow him. “The whole thing was an overthrow attempt,” the President said. He was probably the most transparent President in the history of the United States, said Trump.

The President but did not specify how he thinks the political Action in the future. The Democrats have a majority in the house of representatives. Without it, he can hard-to-policy initiatives through press.

When the Democrats had multiplied earlier voices calling for impeachment proceedings against Trump. Pelosi is against it, because they feared that the Republicans would allow such a procedure, with its majority in the Senate before the next election in the upcoming year fail, and the Democrats a sensitive Broke in the middle of the election campaign can inflict.