US President Donald Trump has taken on the first day of the shutdown of the government in the White house with some of the leading politicians for lunch, such as “BuzzFeed News” reported. The special feature of this Lunch: Trump had only invited Republicans – and thus the crucial guests is obviously not in the table asked.

The lunch was scheduled after the Senate majority leader, Mitch McConnell, had said, Trump and the Democrats must agree to end the Shutdown. McConnell announced that the Senate is not in front of the 27. December is days.

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standstill before Christmas – What is the “Shutdown” in the USA means


Invited to lunch in the senators, Mike Lee, Lindsey Graham and Richard Shelby and the members of the house of representatives Mark Meadows, Jim Jordan, Matt Gaetz and Andy Biggs, according to the report. In addition, Vice-President Mike Pence, the new acting chief of staff of the White house, Mick Mulvaney, as well as the adviser to the White house, and trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, are present.

Donald Trump announces food on Twitter

Trump, the Meeting in a Tweet announced, however, left open who would be there. The Democrats, Nancy Pelosi, who is running as a candidate after the election victory of the Democrats for the office of the speaker of the house of representatives, and Chuck Schumer, majority leader in the Senate, were not invited.

Reporter asked why no Democrat was invited, from wich an employee of the Trump government to “BuzzFeed News”: “The President has many kinds of talks and Meetings. That doesn’t change from day to day. In this Situation, it is important that the Democrats in the Senate propose options.”


Washington is paralyzed, because Trump wants to extort money for the building of the Berlin wall


The Democrats had submitted proposals to prevent a Shutdown, including the offer to a billion dollars in border protection flow. But they did not want to use tax money to build a wall – because a Central election pledge of Trump stating that this would be funded by Mexico.

Meeting of the Pence, and Schumer will remain without a result,

After lunch, the Vice President of Pence went to the Capitol to meet with Schumer. The Meeting, however, remained without appreciable result. Schumer had previously sent a message to Trump: “If you wish to cancel the Shutdown, you will need to abandon the wall.”

In the night to Saturday a household appeared to lock parts of the government in power, because up to this time, no new budget law had been adopted for several Federal ministries. Trump had refused to be a of the budget act of signing, if not provided therein, also money for the long-requested border wall Mexico.

Specifically, this has the consequence that a number of government officials will now be sent to the forced leave or without salary, must work. Also, if not fast a solution is found, some Offices, and other public institutions are closed.

source: “BuzzFeed News”


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