US President Donald Trump has advocated that the United States recognize the sovereignty of Israel since 1967, the occupied Golan heights.

After 52 years for the United States at the time, wrote Trump on Thursday on Twitter. Next week, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s visit to Washington shortly before the parliamentary elections in Israel on March 9. April.

Trump said in an Interview, he had been thinking for a long time about the step. The bar with the thrust of the election campaign help for Netanyahu, rejected the US President. “I wouldn’t know about it something,” said Trump to the channel Fox Business. “I don’t know if it’s running just great for him, but I hear that he’s doing okay,” he added, with a view to Netanyahu.

The Israeli Prime Minister thanked Trump for his foray. “In response to a time, in the Iran of Syria as a platform for destruction using Israel, accepts President Trump brave of Israel sovereignty over the Golan heights,” wrote Netanyahu on Twitter. “Thank You, President Trump!” Israel had annexed the Golan heights in 1981, which has not been recognized internationally but. Under international law, territories are considered Israeli-occupied territory of Syria.

criticism of the thrust of Trumps came immediately from the Arabiscne League. “Reconsider this faulty Situation and think deeply about the immediate and later consequences,” wrote the League’s Secretary – General Ahmed Aboul Gheit in a Friday night statement published. Any recognition of Israeli sovereignty over the Golan heights would have “a serious impact on the US Position in the Arab-Israeli conflict in General”, especially after the “tremendous return the U.S. government in the Palestinian-shock” question.

The Golan heights are a strategically important rocky plateau above the lake of Galilee with the city of Tiberias, and densely populated areas in the North of Israel. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is trying again and again to a recognition of the Golan heights as Israeli. “The Golan is part of Israel, the Golan must remain part of Israel,” he said recently.

recently, the US state Department had changed its word choice to the Status of the Golan heights. In a report on the human rights situation in Israel, the Ministry referred to the territories as “Israeli-controlled”. In the past year, both the Golan heights, as well as the also in 1967 conquered territories of the West Bank and the Gaza strip had been referred to as Israel’s “occupied”.

US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo said on Thursday during a visit to Jerusalem, the new wording in the report was not an error, but very deliberately chosen.

Trump receives Netanyahu in the coming week in the White house. Trumps policy in the middle East receives in the right-wing conservative government in Israel, a lot of applause. Netanyahu praises about the decision of the relocation of the U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, as well as the withdrawal of the USA from the nuclear deal with Iran.

Netanyahu is the annual conference of the American-Israeli lobby organization Aipac in Washington, where he will hold a speech. In the White house, the two men want to discuss “common interests and actions of both countries in the Middle East”. After the parliamentary election in Israel is expected with the release of trump’s long-announced peace plan for the Region.

The former CIA chief and US Secretary of defense Leon Panetta told the TV channel CNN, Trump proclaim the was once more voted via Twitter to a foreign political step, with the international partners. This will cause problems. Panetta said it was completely clear that this is part of trump’s support for Netanyahu in the upcoming election in Israel.

Pompeo visited on Thursday, together with Netanyahu, the wailing wall in Jerusalem. He is the highest-ranking U.S. representative was accompanied during a visit to the wailing wall by Israeli government representatives. Trump and Vice-President Mike Pence visited the Holy place without any such accompaniment private.

The wailing wall is a Remnant of the attachment of the second Jerusalem temple. It is located at the foot of the temple mount (Al-Haram al-Sharif/The noble sanctuary), the Jews and Muslims is sacred. An official of the US-visit can be regarded as recognition of Israeli sovereignty over the old city.

Pompeo said before the visit to the wailing wall in front of journalists: “I think it is symbolic that a high-ranking US representative to go down there with the Israeli head of government.” In the Morning, Pompeo had confirmed during a Meeting with President Reuven Rivlin, the commitment of his country to ensure Israel’s security.

Then the US Minister of foreign Affairs in Jerusalem, visited the new Embassy of his country. Trump had acknowledged in December 2017, Jerusalem one-sided as Israel’s capital. In may of last year, he left the U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem route.

The step that triggered bloody riots upset the Palestinians. The Palestinians, boycott the US government since then, and explain, the United States would have been disqualified as a neutral mediator in their conflict with Israel.