After the publication of his not overly-full schedules in American media, US President, Donald Trump is fighting against the impression that he neglects his Job.

“I work probably more hours than almost all previous presidents,” wrote Trump on Sunday on Twitter. On Monday, he added: “No President has ever worked harder than I have to (clean up the mess that I inherited)!”

The news page, Axios had recently released internal schedules Trumps from the past three months, which it had been from a source in the White house. Around 60 percent of the recorded time, according to Axios information unstructured “Executive Time”, so in your free time.

Axios also reported, Trumps first date was on most days until around 11.00 PM or 11.30 PM. The schedules provided particularly in the case of Trump-critical of the media for ridicule. The channel CNN, for example, raised with a view to the hairstyle and the complexion of the President, the question of whether Trump cook in the hours before the first appointment to be a hair or tanning cream orders. If Trump was not traveling, had the schedules “less full than that of a first grader,” said the broadcaster.

“Executive Time” is, mutatis mutandis, with “Chief” or “lead time” to translate and is, as a presidential agenda item, an invention of Trumps White house. Trump said on Sunday that the media should not have negative but positive reports about his schedules. “If the term “Executive Time” is used, not from the work I usually do and have a rest.” Because of the chaotic condition of the country when he took office he had no other choice to work as much.

Axios had reported, the early risers Trump is often before 6: 00 am Wake up. In the schedules is usually listed the time till 11.00 o’clock as the “Executive Time”, the Trump, therefore, in the Oval Office. Trump was, according to six sources in this time, but never in his office. Instead, he was in the residence watching television and reading Newspapers. Then he reacts to what he see and read, and to call on such as a consultant, friends, or members of Congress. Often Trump sends in the Morning, also Twitter messages in the world.

trump’s unconventional style of government makes it difficult to define where the boundary between leisure and work. With his Tweets, for example, he makes in any case policy, also in the “Executive Time”. Nevertheless, it appears very questionable whether Trump – as he claims – is really more work than its predecessors. Known Trumps is Exaggerations of the slope and to the self-praise. He also claims that his government had achieved in the first two years, more than any previously.

Axios reported that the schedule of President George W. Bush had been fully booked for months. Also, Bush was always starting at 6.45 PM in the office. The schedule of his father and predecessor in office, George H. W. Bush, was clocked in Ten-minute intervals. Trumps predecessor Barack Obama have had on a typical working day six Meetings.

That the internal deadline got plans to the Public, made in the U.S. for headlines. Trumps the acting chief of staff, Mick Mulvaney played on Sunday. The contents are not already “been confidential,” he told the TV station Fox News. About 400 people had access to the plans. Nevertheless, the search for the Person that you’ve collected and passed on, said Mulvaney. “I hope that we will have this week a solution.”