The U.S. government no longer wants to publish the number of civilian casualties in CIA drone attacks on terrorists outside war zones in the future.

President, Donald Trump picked an arrangement of his democratic predecessor, Barack Obama, according to the U.S. intelligence services each year, up to 1. May have to publish the number of attacks against terrorists outside of war zones, as well as the number of killed terrorists and civilians. A reason was not called.

The US secret service, the CIA relies on, among other things, in Pakistan, armed drones against leaders of the Taliban and the terrorist network Al-Qaeda. Since 2004, ongoing program in the North-West of the country due to civilian casualties again and again in the criticism. Be criticized the attacks because it Suspects without a court process killed. The “Long war Journal”, the relevant statistics registered in the past year, four CIA drone strikes in Pakistan. The climax of the campaign in the year 2010, there were 117 such attacks in the South Asian country.

The U.S. civil rights movement, the ACLU complained: “Trump has canceled an arrangement for the transparency that is an incomplete, but nevertheless important official balance sheet, supplied by the military, and – crucially – by the CIA caused the dead.” To Trump weakness in the rules to avoid civilian casualties in the “illegal and immoral” program, in the case of the Suspicious locations would not be killed, “to which we are at war”.

last year, the U.S. government had not issued a corresponding report. Unaffected by the new regulation, the obligation of the Pentagon, to the Congress each year until 1. May an Overview of the civilian deaths in military operations. This report should be published in principle. The Minister of defence. the publication, but with reference to the national security under say

Since the beginning of the U.S. drone war in Pakistan in 2004, were killed, according to their own statistics, of the Bureau of Investigative journalism, between 2515 and 4026 people. Including between 424 and 969 were civilians. Among these civilians between 172 and 207 children were according to the statistics. According to the Bureau, with headquarters in London, the CIA also uses in Yemen, in Somalia and in Afghanistan, unmanned, armed aircraft.