US President Donald Trump has made a statement on sanctions against North Korea for confusion. Trump wrote on Friday on Twitter: “The U.S. Treasury Department today announced that additional extensive penalties will be added to the already existing sanctions against North Korea.” He had arranged this Friday, these additional sanctions to take back, re-wrote Trump. It was the first, but it is not clear what the President was referring to exactly.

The U.S. Department of the Treasury had not imposed on Friday, but a day earlier, on Thursday, imposed sanctions on two Chinese shipping companies, which North Korea is supposed to have assisted in the circumvention of international sanctions. Observers evaluated these sanctions are not as extensive in comparison to the punitive measures against North Korea in force.

Donald Trump: What he means, said it remains unclear however, these indirect –

Whether Trump North Korea-sanctions from the previous day, was initially unclear. The U.S. Treasury Department has not responded to a request. A statement from the White house brought no clarity: spokeswoman Sarah Sanders simply said that the US President may be the North Korean ruler Kim Jong-Un, and was not of the opinion that “such sanctions” were necessary. The U.S. television network CNN reported, several employees of the White house have their surprise about the Tweet made known to, and were unsure what was meant by that.

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at the end of February, a second summit meeting between Kim and Trump in Vietnam went surprisingly without a Declaration of intent at the end. The sanctions announced by the US Treasury on Thursday, were the first U.S. criminal to take measures with a view to North Korea, since that failed.

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