US President Donald Trump wants to visit on Monday, the Texan city of El Paso on the border with Mexico, in order to make electoral campaign for the presidential election of 2020, and to advertise for the construction of a wall. Prior to his planned speech in front of about 6000 people in the El Paso County Coliseum with passion and care, the Republicans have demonstrated their support for trump’s border security plans. Only a few kilometers away from the venue, they formed on Saturday in a human chain that was supposed to symbolize a wall.

dozens of Protesters demand wall

The demonstrators had gathered in Sunland Park, Northwest of El Paso, in an open section of the border. They wore hats with trump’s campaign slogan “Make America Great Again”, waved U.S. flags and chanted “Build a wall”. According to the US-station KFOX14 dozens “of protesters were there” at the end, at the end of the border fence, keep files, order to extend this as a “human wall”.


a bit of a gap in The chain of the supporters of Donald trump’s border security plans

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One of the protesters, Anthony Aguero said, according to the U.S. news site “Huffington Post”, that migrants would have to “find another place” to go to in the USA. “We are here to draw attention to the fact that there is no wall.”

fact check

state of the Nation: In these points, Trump has not told the truth


Trump had claimed last Tuesday in his state of the Union speech in the US Congress, El Paso is one of the most dangerous cities in the United States have been and after the construction of border fences one of the safest cities. In fact, the crime rate in El Paso, but its peak in the 1990s, and fell until 2006. had With the construction of the border security measures was started in 2008. Since then, there was again an increase, as local media reported, citing FBI data. The station KTSM quoted the Sheriff of El Paso, Richard Wiles, with the words: “I don’t think anyone, not even the President, can say that a wall in El Paso that was what made the crime rate drop.”

mayor would see Donald Trump contradict

the Republican mayor of the city. He had not made it clear since Tuesday repeated publicly, that Trumps voice statement about the crime in El Paso, said Dee Margo in the U.S. broadcaster CNN and was even a little warning to the US President to follow: He would correct Trump in any case, should this repeat during his election campaign rally for his incorrect statement.

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