US President Donald Trump is not necessarily known to be scarce, he recently spoke at a conference for more than two hours. His reaction to the report by FBI special investigator Robert Mueller was now unevenly shorter, although the studies have employed Trump like no other issue in his presidency. Just a Minute and 26 seconds Trump said on Sunday before his departure from Florida, where he had spent the weekend at his estate Mar-a-Lago. The core of his statement: After the end of Mueller’s investigation, Trump sees a “total discharge” of his Person.

In the centre of the Mueller-testing, two questions:

the Trump-election campaign camp Has made secret agreements with the representatives of Russia, the attempted to the satisfaction of the US safety authorities to influence the 2016 presidential election?And secondly: Has Trump obstructed justice when he dismissed FBI chief James Comey in may 2017?

for 22 months, gotten all of America to Mueller’s report Trumps the opponent, because they hoped that the end of his presidency would be ushered in. The Trump trailer, because they were convinced that Mueller would certify to the President the always-touted innocence.

special report

special report provides no evidence of collusion with Moscow – Trump gets thinner

DPA to The Mueller report, and the only four-page summary

For weeks, was would submit to speculation in US media that Mueller gave the Team almost two years in Washington very unusual way – his report now, but really soon. On Friday afternoon, when the US capital was for the first spring weekend, it was suddenly so far: Mueller handed over the confidential report to U.S. attorney General William Barr, the Trump Recently for the office nominated. Barr wrote a four-page summary for Congress, the US Parliament on Sunday afternoon.

The report itself is still not known, and it is unclear whether Barr will comply with the demand of the Democrats for a full release. In his summary, Barr writes, that Mueller had not come to the conclusion that there had been collusion between Trumps choice fight camp with representatives of Russia. So him and the no one’s interpretation as the interpretation of his own, quoted by Barr, the corresponding record from the Mueller report. There it is, the investigation had not revealed any conspiracy of the Trump camp “with the Russian government”.

What about Wiki-Leaks?

A Journalist of the Washington Post argued that the wording leave open the possibility, however, that there may have been collusion between the Trump camp and Wikileaks because Wikileaks at the point of the question. Wikileaks had published during the election campaign by hackers captured E-Mails of democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and her massive hurt. Mueller had stated in a bill of indictment against the long-Trump-Confidant Roger Stone, that his Team have evidence of a communication between Stone and Wikileaks.

As the Minister to the President “relieved”

Then there’s the second part of the study – to the question of whether Trump had hindered the course of justice. Barr writes to Congress, Mueller had called circumstantial evidence speak for it or against it. And then Barr quoted a sentence from the report – it is a phrase that is likely to provide a lot of discussion. “Although this report comes to the conclusion that the President has committed a crime, is not relieved him also,” writes Mueller. In fact, Minister of justice, Barr is not trying, but special investigator Mueller, to relieve the President on this point.

Barr writes, after Mueller pulled in this point, not a legal conclusion, it had been to him – Barr, to do the. He was together with his Deputy, Rod Rosenstein to the realization that Mueller’s investigations have not revealed any evidence to light that Trump would prove an obstruction of justice. This is the view Trumps this allegation also from the table – a view that does not share the Democrats.

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special report

Mueller report: Trump not guilty of the crime, but also not relieved

AFP criticism of the Democrats

The battle over the interpretation of the report should now start properly, and the deep divisions between the political Camps in the USA, he will not be bridged. The Democrats needed on Sunday, not long to switch to the attack mode. Do not criticize, for example, that a four-page letter was enough to create transparency about the investigation. The mighty Trump-opponent, Nancy Pelosi, and her party colleague, Chuck Schumer declared that Barr’s Writing will throw up more questions than it answered.

The two democratic leaders were in addition, Barr’s neutrality in doubt: The Minister of justice have commented in the past biased about Mueller’s investigations, that’s why he is not a neutral observer could draw any objective conclusions on the report, criticized it. The Democrats are disturbing, especially the fact that Barr has not decided within 48 hours that the evidence was not sufficient to Trump evidence when charges of obstruction of Justice a criminal Offense.

The end of the “Wild Anti-Trump hysteria”?

Trump himself has referred to Mueller’s investigation as a “witch-hunt”, Mueller and his Team he has attacked repeatedly. Than he made on Sunday in the airport of Palm Beach, his brief Statement, it seemed, as brodele still, the anger over the investigation into him. After all, Mueller’s have led investigations to indictments against six members of his entourage – including his former campaign Manager Paul Manafort, his longtime Confidant Roger Stone and his Ex-lawyer, Michael Cohen.


days long Twitter break since the Mueller Report: Trumps of Silence

By Malte Mansholt

Trump, the investigation on Sunday called an illegal attempt to force him from office. The investigators, he found that they were in a party. “It is a shame that our country had to go through this. To be honest, it is a shame that your President had to go through this,” he said. Trump’s spokeswoman Sarah Sanders wrote triumphant on Twitter: “After two years of wild Anti-Trump hysteria were the The President and his millions of supporters are fully confirmed.”

Also, if Trump looks completely exonerated of all charges, the debate on Mueller’s report now only really travel. The 74-year-old Ex-FBI chief Mueller to the for almost two years, the focus was on how few in the USA can now be done, but once to breathe, his work is. On Sunday visited Mueller worship in the St. Johns Church, located across from the White house and is called the “Church of the presidents”.

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